The models used for segments with MVP and WWE Champion Bobby Lashley on last night’s RAW were the same women booked for the segments the week before.

The five fitness models and coaches booked as “Lashley’s Ladies” on last night’s RAW and RAW Talk were Kelsey Heather, Mia Lanz (Mia Motivation), Yesi Mena, Alicia Jewels, and Monique.

It’s interesting to note that Heather, seen in the first Instagram embed below, is also a pro wrestler, currently working the Florida indie scene. She has been wrestling since 2019 and mainly competes for Coastal Championship Wrestling. Heather also currently works as a cheerleader for the NBA’s Orlando Magic, and as a coach for the University of Tampa Cheerleaders. She is also a former NHL and NFL cheerleader, and was a guest at WrestleMania 37 in April.

Stay tuned for more. Below are a few related shots, plus video of Lashley’s Ladies on RAW Talk:

(H/T to @LocalCompWWE)