This week’s WWE NXT episode featured new teasers that have fans speculation on another potential reveal.

WWE aired three brief graphics of what looked to be a mobile phone battery charging. The first graphic had the battery at 1%, while the second graphic went from 10% to 11%, and the third graphic went from 20% to 21%.

WWE tweeted the 10% graphic with “charging.” as the caption, and tweeted the 20% graphic with “booting up.” as the caption.

There could potentially be a full battery at 100% with the July 6 NXT episode if they keep airing three graphics per episode for the next few weeks. July 6 is the date for the Great American Bash edition of NXT on the USA Network.

Fans on social media are speculating that these new battery teaser graphics could be for a returning NXT Superstar, everyone from Tegan Knox to Roderick Strong, or that they could be for the arrival of a brand new NXT Superstar.

WWE has not made any mention or reference to the battery teasers besides the tweets seen below.

Stay tuned for updates.

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