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Andy Shepherd and Niguel McGuinness welcome fans to WWE NXT UK! We kick things off with a big hoss match!

Mark Coffey vs. Sha Samuels

Both men begin with a collar and elbow tie-up. Mark Coffey puts his hands on Sha Samuels. Samuels pulls Coffey in with a tight side headlock. Coffey escapes by running the ropes and takes Samuels off his feet. Coffey continues to stay on top of Samuels with an arm lock. Samuels finds a way out by turning Coffey inside out with a massive lariat! Samuels looks for a lateral press. Coffey escapes at two.

Coffey fights for his life with two European uppercuts. Samuels picks Coffey up and slams him down on his hip! Samuels clobbers Coffey with a big clothesline and hooks the leg for another near-fall. Coffey hoists Samuels up and slams him down on the mat, back-first. Both men trade shots. Coffey connects two clotheslines. He heads to the middle rope and hits a high bulldog! Cover. Samuels kicks out.

Coffey slams Samuels into the mat again. Coffey hooks the leg. Will this be enough? No! Samuels kicks out again. Samuels catches Coffey with a huge spinebuster! Cover. Coffey pops out at two! Coffey escapes out of Samuels submission with a cutter from off the ropes! Coffey crashes into Samuels and sends him away with a knee to the stomach and a low clothesline.

Winner: Mark Coffey

Backstage: Emilia McKenzie tells a reporter how excited she is for Meiko Satomura, who now reigns as the new NXT UK Women’s Champion. Isla Dawn comes into the frame and informs McKenzie that she has some unfinished business with her.

At the UK Performance Center: Mila Smidt wants to face Aoife Valkyrie. Jinny thinks Smidt is pathetic.

Backstage: It looks like SUBCULTURE wants a shot at becoming the two-time NXT Tag Team Champions.

Laura Di Matteo vs. Stevie Turner

Both women to straight into a lockup. Stevie Turner pushes Laura Di Matteo towards the corner. Coming out of the corner, Turner shifts her focus with a series of stomps. Back on her feet, Matteo puts Turner in a snug wristlock. Turner throws Matteo over towards the ropes and lands a heavy boot on the spine of Matteo. Turner slides out of the ring and has a quick laugh at Matteo before coming back in and landing a basement clothesline. Cover. Matteo kicks out.

Turner hits a well-executed pump kick for another near-fall attempt. Turner continues the onslaught with a straitjacket hold. Matteo finds a way to escape and sends Turner in the corner with a low dropkick! Turner turns it around with a swinging neckbreaker and a flatliner from off the ropes. Cover. 1-2-3. Stevie Turner conquers Laura Di Matteo.

Winner: Stevie Turner

Backstage: Wolfgang and Mark Coffey come over and wish Joe Coffey luck ahead of his Triple Threat matchup later on.

At the Performance Center: Kenny Williams tries to intimidate Nathan Frazer.

– It’s been announced that Blair Davenport is making their way to NXT UK!

– Tyler Bate explains why he asked Jack Starz to be his first opponent for the NXT Heritage Cup Championship. Honored by his request, Starz is prepping for this highly anticipated matchup. Their title match will take place next week!

Oliver Carter vs. Teoman

Oliver Carter tries to gain the upper hand by sneaking behind and applying a strong waistlock. Teoman turns it around briefly with a few shots. Carter catches The Eye of NXT with tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Their fight spills to the outside.

Carter throws Teoman face-first towards the steel stairs. Teoman recovers and tosses Carter arm-first up near the same steel stairs where his body crashed into moments ago. Back in the ring now, Teoman keeps on top of Carter with a stomp. Carter gets up on his feet and pounds Teoman down with a few back shots. Carter finds the bottom rope in time before Teoman can fully lock in his crossface finisher.

Teoman misses a springboard back elbow. Carter utilizes this opening with a springboard maneuver. Carter lands a perfect superkick. Carter hooks the leg! Cover. Teoman kicks out. Carter lands a high scissors kick. Will this be enough? No! Teoman escapes out of the cover. Teoman tosses Carter off the ropes and plants a flying DDT. Cover. Carter kicks out. Teoman traps Carter with another crossface. This time, it sticks. Carter taps out. Teoman comes out of this wild brawl victorious.

Winner: Teoman

Post-Match: Rohan Raja runs in to save Oliver Carter, or so we think. Raja and Teoman exchange a glance before Raja attacks Carter.

– A-Kid is ready to knock respect back into Jordan Devlin next week!

Next week:

* NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship: Tyler Bate (c) vs. Jack Starz

* Jordan Devlin vs. A-Kid

* NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura will begin her golden reign

And now, the main event! Which top-tier star will get a rematch opportunity against WALTER for the NXT UK Championship?

Ilja Dragunov vs. Joe Coffey vs.  Rampage Brown

Joe Coffey knocks Ilja Dragunov off his feet with a powerful headbutt. Coffey and Rampage Brown focus on each other for a moment until Dragunov gets back on his feet. Coffey catches Dragunov mid-air with an explosive uppercut! Dragunov returns the favor with a jumping knee in the corner. Brown scoops Dragunov up. Dragunov reverses with a leg sweep and hits Brown with several big elbows. Dragunov gets tossed out of the ring.

Coffey puts Brown in a painful Boston Crab. The Mad Russian slides back in and lands a chop and a boot onto Coffey, who breaks the hold off on Brown. Coffey connects shoulder tackles, while Dragunov responds with a flurry of stiff chops. Brown breaks it up by slamming both men on the mat! Coffey sends Brown up and over the top rope. Dragunov tries to grind down Coffey with a waistlock before applying a Gotch lift! Dragunov floats over with a bridge pin. Coffey pops out at two.

Coffey meets Dragunov up near No Man’s Land territory. Brown comes in and dumps Coffey. Dragunov soars off the top with a double stomp onto Coffey! Brown picks Dragunov up and throws him on top of Coffey. Brown looks for a pin on Coffey. Coffey escapes. As Coffey gasps for air, Brown and Dragunov trade punches. Dragunov flies off the ropes with a perfect clothesline on Brown! Dragunov lands a well-targeted dropkick on Brown! Coffey heads to the top and plants a big crossbody from off the top, crashing onto Brown and Dragunov.

Coffey folds Dragunov in half and looks for a cover. The Mad Russian kicks out. Dragunov takes Coffey off his feet with an enziguri. Blow for blow, Coffey knocks Dragunov down with his signature discus lariat from off the ropes. Brown slides back into the ring and spears Coffey out of the ring! Brown shifts his focus on Dragunov, who’s still in the ring.

Dragunov catches some steam and throws the big man over his head with a bridging suplex! And he hits another one! Brown gets free by pushing Dragunov into the corner. Coffey runs back in. Brown dumps Dragunov and Coffey with a double suplex! Brown plants Coffey with a massive Doctor Bomb. Cover. Dragunov breaks it up. Dragunov slips out of a Doctor Bomb and turns it into his Torpedo Moscow finisher. Dragunov covers Brown. 1-2-3. The Mad Russian has a date with WALTER for a second time very soon!

Winner: Ilja Dragunov

Post-Match: WALTER comes out and walks into the ring. Ilja Dragunov and WALTER exchange words before the champion slap The Mad Russian down to the mat. WALTER then puts him in a Gojira Clutch. Dragunov fades. WALTER lets go of him and stands tall over him with his title in hand.

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!