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Andy Shepherd and Niguel McGuinness welcome fans to WWE NXT UK! We kick things off with a violent clash between Ilja Dragunov and Noam Dar!

Ilja Dragunov vs. Noam Dar

Noam Dar lands a kick to the hamstring just after the bell rings. Ilja Dragunov focuses on Dar’s legs for a takedown. Dar turns it around before both men rise to their feet and reset. Dragunov teases his big elbow strike offense. Dar blocks his head. Dragunov turns it into a nice body scissors/front facelock takeover. Dar pushes Dragunov up towards the ropes and hits a few slaps. Dragunov starts to lose it and lands several big elbow strikes. Dar reverses with a rollup. Dragunov kicks out.

Dragunov’s left knee gives out, which helps Dar toss The Mad Russian out of the ring. Dar throws Dragunov back into the ring and looks for a second cover. Dragunov kicks out. Dar snapmares Dragunov up against the ropes. Dragunov misses a maneuver and Dar counters with a back kick to the knee. Dragunov hits multiple stiff chops between the shoulder blades of Dar. Dar creates some space with several kicks up towards the chin of Dragunov.

Dragunov plants a suplex and hangs on. Dar lands two big back elbows, but it isn’t enough as he’s hoisted up into another low German Suplex. Dragunov continues hitting more suplexes with a Gotch Lift Suplex special. Dar lands combat kicks, while Dragunov answers back with more stiff chops and a dropkick! Dragunov was seconds away from winning the match after hitting the Constantine Special, but Dar spoils his victory with a kick out!

Dar avoids Dragunov from off the top rope. Dragunov lands on his bad knee. Dragunov corners Dar with his lethal elbow strikes. Dar holds on and refuses to give up. Dragunov finds strength as both men trade heavy palm strikes. The Mad Russian dumps Dar onto the mat. Cover. Dar kicks out! Dragunov crashes into Dar with his Torpedo Moscow for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Ilja Dragunov

– Aoife Valkyrie continues to push herself and is ready to show the NXT UK Universe just what she’s made of.

– Jordan Devlin is back and has certain demands for Sid Scala to abide by. One of them happens to be a guest spot on Noam Dar’s “Supernova Sessions.”

Up next, we’ll find out of Pretty Deadly will defend their NXT UK Tag Team Titles!

NXT UK Tag Team Championship: Pretty Deadly (c) vs. Jack Starz & Nathan Frazer

It looks like Jack Starz found a partner in Nathan Frazer.

Sam Stoker is having a great time taunting Jack Starz at the beginning of the match. Starz turns things around with a well-executed dropkick. Stoker sizes Starz up for Lewis Howley before tagging him in. Howley and Starz slug it out with back and forth forearms. Starz stacks Howley up. Howley pops his shoulder up. Starz leaps over and makes a tag to Nathan Frazer.

Frazer outmaneuvers Howley when they first begin to tangle. Howley catches Frazer with a side headlock. Stoker makes a blind tag. Howley helps Stoker out by throwing Frazer around on the outside. Stoker makes a legal tag to Howley. Howley makes a quick appearance in the ring by rolling Frazer up back into the ring. Stoker is back in and continues the beatdown, softening Frazer up. Stoker and Starz find themselves in the ring as the legal men.

Starz explodes in the ring with a slam and brainbuster! Frazer hits a perfect moonsault from off the apron on Howley. Back in the ring, Starz looks for a cover on Stoker. Stoker kicks out. Starz is in disbelief. Howley runs in and helps Stoker hit Spilled Milk for the pinfall victory.

Winners & Still NXT UK Tag Team Champions: Pretty Deadly

– The new Heritage Cup Champion Tyler Bate prepares himself for his next big adventure through meditation and mindfulness.

Flash Morgan Webster vs. Joseph Conners (w/Jinny)

Joseph Conners violently keeps on top of Flash Morgan Webster as the match begins. Conners dumps Webster on his chin. Cover. Webster kicks out. Conners smashes Webster’s face towards the turnbuckles. Webster blocks a hit and chops away on Conners. Conners returns the favor but eats two big clotheslines in the center of the ring!

Webster comes crashing on top of Conners with a perfect springboard moonsault. Webster keeps on Conners with a dropkick, sending his challenger to the outside. Webster doesn’t stop there! He hits a senton before both men make their way back into the ring. Jinny throws in Webster’s helmet for Conners to use. The referee catches it. Webster hits a big boot to the chin. Jinny comes to Conners aid again and helps him pick up a big win over Webster.

Winner: Joseph Conners

Post-Match: Dani Luna and Mark Andrews come out to even the odds for Flash Morgan Webster.

Next week:

*  The NXT UK Champion WALTER will return

* Kay Lee Ray and Meiko Satomura will clash in their highly anticipated rematch for the NXT UK Women’s Championship

And now, the main event!

Rampage Brown vs. Joe Coffey

Two of NXT UK’s most hard-hitting players pull out all the stops right away! Joe Coffey avoids a dropkick in the ring but hits one himself against Rampage Brown on the outside. Coffey throws Brown into the corner before taking him out with a massive slam. Coffey with a cover. Brown kicks out.

Coffey rains down a flurry of elbows before latching on Brown with a tight waistlock. Brown hits two right hands. Coffey responds with a belly-to-belly suplex! Coffey lands a huge splash from off the top! Cover. No! Brown stays alive at two. Coffey continues the beatdown with more forearm strikes in the corner. Both men are up on No Man’s Land. Brown pushes Coffey up and soars down with dive!

Both men trade gladiator punches. Coffey misses a crossbody from off the top. Coffey and Brown spill to the outside. Coffey drives himself into Brown with a Glasgow Sendoff! Back in the ring, Coffey lands a splash in the corner that positions Brown for a Northern Suplex bridge. Brown stays alive again with a two count.

Brown tries to set Coffey up with Doctor Bomb. Coffey escapes and lands another Glasgow Sendoff. Coffey gets the final say in the match with his discus lariat finisher for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Joe Coffey

Post-Match: Both men come to truces with a handshake. Then, Ilja Dragunov’s music hits and he stands at the top of the ramp. He stares both men down just as the show comes to an end.

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!