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Andy Shepherd and Niguel McGuinness welcome fans to WWE NXT UK! We kick things off with the NXT UK Champion, WALTER!

WALTER’s In-Ring Segment:

WALTER talks about his most recent title defenses – one of them being at NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver against Tommaso Ciampa. With an 800+ day reign, WALTER guarantees that he’ll forever be the NXT UK Champion. He looks to continue to bring honor to the title and the promotion.

Up next, “The Irish Ace” Jordan Devlin will make his in-ring return!

– Next week, Flash Morgan Webster and Dani Luna of SUBCULTURE will look to take on Joseph Conners and Jinny.

 Jordan Devlin vs. Saxton Huxley

Saxton Huxley taunts Jordan Devlin and throws him into the corner. Devlin turns it around and rains down shots on Huxley. Huxley continues to take it to the Irish Ace with a deep side headlock. Devlin breaks free with a massive chop but gets clobbered coming off the ropes. Huxley looks for the first pin in the match. Devlin kicks out. Devlin drops the top rope down, and Huxley flies out of the ring. Huxley drags Devlin to the outside.

On the outside now, Huxley tosses Devlin over the guardrail before smashing him on top of another. Huxley rolls Devlin back in by the 8th count. Huxley rolls in with a head of steam with a boot wash and hip attack in the corner. Huxley continues the onslaught with a big boot to the face. Devlin leapfrogs off the ropes. Huxley drops on top with a Lou Thesz press. Huxley looks for another pin. Devlin kicks out. Devlin hits a perfect springboard cutter to break up the momentum.

Devlin clocks Huxley on the chin. Huxley tries to avoid the Devlin Side. Huxley turns it around with a powerslam for another near-fall! Devlin escapes Huxley’s control with a nasty headbutt, giving the Irish Ace a chance to land the Devlin Side for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Jordan Devlin

After, the NXT UK Champions, Pretty Deadly, come out to join Andy Shepherd and Niguel McGuinness on commentary for the tag team bout set to take place next.

Symbiosis (Primate and Tyson T-Bone) (w/Eddie Dennis) vs. Dan Moloney and Andy Wild

Primate and Dan Moloney square off at the beginning of the match. Primate keeps on top of Moloney. Moloney throws Primate off to make a tag to Andy Wild. Wild keeps Primate grounded in the corner for a while before Primate picks Wild up and throws him into the corner. Wild gets on top of Primate and looks for the first cover. Primate kicks out at two.

Tyson T-Bone and Moloney are both tagged in by their partners. T-Bone lands a big strike to the spin of Moloney. Primate flies in following the tag. Primate lands a heavy forearm to the side of Moloney’s face. Symbiosis joins forces and smashes Moloney in the corner. T-Bone is back in as the legal man and looks for the cover. Moloney kicks out again. Primate hits a massive spear in the corner. Moloney gets caught mid-air but recovers with a dropkick in the center of the ring. Andy Wild is tagged in. Wild tries to take on Symbiosis with back and forth shots.

Primate hoists Wild up with an exploder suplex. T-Bone is tagged in. T-Bone drives Wild into the mat with a powerslam as Primate flies off the top with a nasty headbutt. Cover. 1-2-3. Symbiosis prevails.

Winner: Symbiosis

Next week:

* Joseph Conners and Jinny will take on Flash Morgan Webster and Dani Luna of SUBCULTURE

* Sam Gradwell vs. Wolfgang

And now, the main event! Can the “Forever Champion” retain, or will “The Final Boss” prevail?

NXT UK Women’s Championship: Kay Lee Ray (c) vs. Meiko Satomura

Kay Lee Ray taunts Meiko Satomura but misses a hit in the corner. Satomura lands a series of stiff kicks, rocking KLR in the corner. KLR looks for the Gory Bomb. Satomura escapes. Satomura stays on top of the champion on the outside with more stiff kicks. Ray is back in the ring and lands a superkick on Satomura on the apron. Ray looks for the first cover. The Final Boss kicks out.

Satomura holds on to the ropes and sneaks in another stiff kick. Satomura goes for a cover. Ray kicks out. KLR keeps Satomura grounded with a heavy chop and basement kick for another two count. Continuing the onslaught, KLR plants a clothesline and facebuster for another two count. Satomura traps KLR with an STF in the center of the ring. The champion drags herself over to the bottom rope for a break. KLR drags Satomura to the apron and lands a shot.

KLR comes back into the ring with a vicious knee drop for another near-fall. KLR applies an abdominal stretch before smashing Satomura’s head into the mat. KLR looks for the Gory Bomb again. Satomura hoists the champion up. KLR rolls through and pins Satomura’s shoulders to the mat. Satomura pops free. Satomura hits a DDT. KLR avoids a cartwheel knee drop. KLR applies Satomura’s Death Valley Bomb! Satomura returns the favor by using KLR’s Gory Bomb on her! Satomura gets pumped up after taking another superkick to the face.

Both women exchange forearm shots. Satomura clocks KLR with a European uppercut, giving her the edge to hit a cartwheel knee drop! A tornado DDT follows. KLR turns it around with a two back-to-back superkicks. Satomura gets back up every time! KLR hits another. Satomura hits her Death Valley Bomb for a near-fall count!

Satomura eats another superkick. KLR sets The Final Boss up for another Gory Bomb. KLR heads to the top and hits a senton. Cover. 1-2- Satomura stays alive with a pop-up! KLR is shocked. KLR finds her title and tries to hit Satomura with it. Satomura ducks and hits another big Death Valley Bomb. KLR rolls back to the outside. KLR throws Satomura out. KLR lands a Gory Bomb on the side of the ring! KLR hooks on another pin. Satomura kicks out. KLR is in disbelief!

Satomura keeps KLR down with a big stomp. KLR meets Satomura up on the top rope. Satomura triest to fight her off. Satomura sends KLR crashing with an avalanche sunset bomb! Cover. KLR kicks out! Satomura puts KLR in a sleeper. KLR escapes. Satomura traps her in it again. KLR finds the ropes for a break. Satomura decks KLR on the side of her face. KLR locks Satomura up. Satomura drives KLR’s shoulders into the mat. KLR kicks out!

Satomura drives KLR into the canvas again. Satomura gets ready for Scorpio Rising. She hits it. Cover. 1-2-3. The Final Boss has dominated the longest-reigning champion!

Winner & New NXT UK Women’s Champion: Meiko Satomura

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!