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Andy Shepherd and Niguel McGuinness welcome fans to WWE NXT UK! We kick things off with a slugfest between Sam Gradwell and Wolfgang!

Sam Gradwell vs. Wolfgang

Coming down to the ring, Sam Gradwell has a microphone in hand and compares himself to one of the three little pigs whose house was built of bricks. He says Wolfgang won’t be able to blow his house down in this matchup today.

The bell rings. Wolfgang puts Sam Gradwell in a tight headlock. They reset. Gradwell turns the tables with a side headlock of his own. Wolfgang chops Gradwell down with a nice clothesline before tossing him into the corner. Gradwell pushes Wolfgang out of the ring. Gradwell dives toward Wolfgang with a flying forearm on the outside. He rolls him in for a cover. Wolfgang kicks out at two.

Gradwell lands a shoulder tackle and continues to torque Wolfgang’s neck. Wolfgang picks himself back up and hits a double axe handle from off the top rope! Wolfgang hooks the leg on Gradwell. Gradwell kicks out. Gradwell awakes the beast in Wolfgang as he smacks Wolfgang on the back. Gradwell escapes out of the ring. Wolfgang chases after and connects a nasty headbutt. Wolfgang splits Gradwell in half with a massive spear for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Wolfgang

– A new era for the women’s division has begun after Meiko Satomura dethroned the longest reigning women’s champion, Kay Lee Ray. Several female wrestlers from NXT UK and NXT applaud The Final Boss’ efforts and look forward to seeing who she puts the title on the line for in the future.

Backstage: The NXT UK Tag Team Champions, Pretty Deadly, interrupt Subculture and Jinny & Joseph Conners’ exchange.

Kenny Williams vs. Danny Jones

Danny Jones gets a great takedown in as the match begins. Kenny Williams breaks his momentum by trying to grind him. Williams punches Jones in the kidneys, sending Jones down on his knees. Williams looks for a cover. Jones kicks out at two. Williams clubs Jones on the side of his face before shoving his boot towards the side of his neck. Jones creates some space with an enziguri. Then, Jones manhandles Williams by tossing him towards two corners. Jones hooks the leg. Williams pops up at two. Williams ducks the line and takes Jones down with a leg whip. Williams hits his new finisher called Bad Luck (facebuster) for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Kenny Williams

– It’s announced that Rampage Brown, Joe Coffey and Ilja Dragunov will clash in a triple threat match next week! All three men sit down together and talk a little smack.

Up next, Noam Dar hosts “Supernova Sessions.” His guest this week is The Irish Ace, Jordan Devlin.

“Supernova Sessions” Segment: 

Before bringing Jordan Devlin on, Noam Dar shows off his new haircut and wardrobe. He also announces that he has a new t-shirt out that fans can purchase on WWE Shop. Then, he welcomes on The Irish Ace.

Dar is very impressed with Devlin’s new look. They talk about their fashion sense for a moment before Dar gives Devlin his newly designed t-shirt. On serious matters, Dar asks Devlin how it was going to the United States. Devlin said he was honored to appear on NXT, but he’s so happy to be back in the UK. Dar believes Devlin was cheated from his NXT Cruiserweight Championship. Devlin agrees by saying he’ll be back for the title again soon.

Devlin takes over the show by announcing an exclusive message. Devlin tells everyone in the back if they have the guts to fight him, all they have to do is go looking for his dressing room. Devlin thanks Dar for having him on, and he leaves. Dar promotes his new t-shirt before his segment ends.

– Also set for next week, Teoman will square off against Oliver Carter.

– At the UK Performance Center, Dave Mastiff is talking to the production crew while watching the Heritage Cup Champion Tyler Bate and Jack Starz practice in the ring. Bate offers to put his title on the line for Starz. Starz politely declines the offer at the moment, thinking he isn’t fully ready for it yet. Mastiff tells Starz to rethink that decision.

Nathan Frazer vs. Rohan Raja

Both men go straight for a collar and elbow tie-up. Rohan Raja drops Nathan Frazer face-first onto the mat. Raja rolls Frazer up for a pin. Frazer kicks out at two. Frazer comes flying off the ropes with a sling blade! Raja stops Frazer in his tracks with a big slam for a near-fall count. Raja throws Frazer over towards the corner and tries to work him with a waistlock. Frazer escapes and rolls Raja up. Raja kicks out. Raja turns it around with another massive slam for a two count.

Frazer slams Raja face-first into the middle turnbuckle. Frazer lands a heavy crossbody from off the ropes! Frazer takes down Raja with a swinging neckbreaker. He climbs to the top and misses a moonsault. Frazer floats over and lands a standing moonsault instead for another near-fall! Raja tries to put Frazer in an armbar. Frazer escapes but smashes down on the mat with a pop-up powerbomb from Raja! Cover. No! Frazer kicks out. Frazer dumps Raja with a suplex for another near-fall.

Frazer climbs the ropes again and pushes Raja off of him. Frazer lands a frog splash! Cover. 1-2-3. Frazer prevails with the pinfall victory.

Winner: Nathan Frazer

Post-Match: An eye appears on the screen, indicating someone new is watching Nathan Frazer’s every move. Could it be Teoman?

Backstage: Jordan Devlin is furious that A-Kid is in his room.

And now, the main event!

SUBCULTURE (Flash Morgan Webster & Dani Luna) vs. Joseph Conners & Jinny

The NXT UK Tag Team Champions, Pretty Deadly, join on commentary. Joseph Conners keeps Flash Morgan Webster down during their first clashing in the match. Both women are tagged in. Dani Luna puts Jinny in a waistlock. Conners runs in and hits an enziguri on Webster. Jinny slides out of the ring and talks to Conners briefly before sliding back in.

Jinny lands a flurry of stomps of Luna in corner. Jinny locks in a standing iron octopus. Luna throws Jinny off of her. Jinny charges back towards Luna and climbs on top of her. Luna hits a powerslam and makes a tag to Webster. Webster takes Conners out of the ring with a flying dropkick! Webster makes a tag back to Luna. Luna keeps Jinny grounded with several Saito suplexes. Luna hooks the leg. Conners comes in to break up the pin. Jinny finds her footing with a DDT on Luna. Cover. Luna kicks out.

Jinny clocks Webster. Luna and Conners exchange shots before Conners is tossed out of the ring. Jinny capitalizes with a shot and then a pin. Luna kicks out. Now, Conners and Webster are back in the ring. Webster rolls Conners through. Conners shoves Webster towards the ropes. Jinny plants a kick on Webster. Luna stalks Jinny around the ring. Jinny runs in and gets into it with the referee. Luna tosses Conners off of Webster with a powerbomb! Webster hits a beautiful 450 Splash for the pinfall victory!


Post-Match: Subculture and Pretty Deadly have a staredown. Pretty Deadly hold their tag team titles high just as the show concludes.

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!