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– Eddie Kingston, Penta El Zero Miedo and Alex Abrahantes are backstage. Eddie notes that he and Penta were the first tag team to beat the Young Bucks in over a year but still got screwed over. Eddie and Penta send a warning to their opponents tonight, The Wingmen.

– Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Tony Schiavone and Paul Wight welcome us to AEW Dark: Elevation.

Lance Archer vs. Zachariah

As Justin Roberts is making his ring announcement, Archer chucks Zachariah out of the entrance ramp and drags him to the ring. He sets him up on the top rope and hits a lariat on the back of his head. Archer hits two chokeslams. Archer sets up Zachariah on the top rope and wins with the Blackout as he quickly makes his way to the back.

Winner: Lance Archer

– Back to just Schiavone and Wight on commentary.

Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy (w/ Kris Statlander & Wheeler Yuta) vs. Chaos Project (Luther & Serpentico)

Chuck and Serpentico start off this tag match. Serpentico tries for a quick single-leg takedown, but Chuck brushes it off and hits a shoulder block off the push off from a side headlock and then hits an arm drag to follow. As Chuck was going to tag in Orange, Serpentico breaks free and tags in Luther. Chuck tags in Orange as he prepares to put his hands in his pockets. Luther cuts him off and applies a waistlock.

Luther tries to put his hands in Orange’s pockets, but Orange cuts him off. Orange throws out his shoulder but finds some distance and puts his hands in his pockets. After taking a footstomp, Orange hits a dropkick and hits a back body drop on Serpentico who tagged in and charged at Orange. Chuck tags in and as Serpentico set up for a Hart Attack. Orange delays his run to the ropes and simply pushes Serpentico down.

Luther tags in and slows down Chuck. Serpentico tags in, and Luther drop toeholds him onto Chuck and slams Serpentico onto Chuck for a two count. Serpentico tags in Luther, but Luther quickly tags back in Serpentico. Serpentico gives Orange a thumbs down as Luther whips Serpentico onto Chuck in the corner and provides an assist on the DDT for a two count. Luther tags back in as Serpentico whips Luther into the corner, but Chuck evades and hits an exploder on Serpentico onto Luther.

Orange tags in and hits big low kicks. He ducks a few lariats then the twisting DDT, cover 1-2-Serpentico breaks it up! Serpentico drags Luther back to his corner runs into a Beach Break attempt, but Serpentico dodges it and hits a thrust kick. Chuck tags in as Luther instructs Serpentico up top. Chuck hits a high knee on Luther and throws Serpentico to Luther.

Luther uses Serpentico as a battering ram and almost tags out referee Aubrey Edwards. Orange comes in and hits the Orange Punch on Luther! Luther collapses and hits a powerslam on Serpentico. Orange and Chuck sit on Luther for the win.

Winners: Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy

– Post-match: Best Friends, Statlander and Yuta give the people what they want! Blade’s music plays as he and The Bunny stare down Best Friends in anticipation for his match against Orange this Wed.

Hikaru Shida vs. Dulce Tormenta

Shida and Tormenta at and early stand-still as they feel each other out exchanging wrist locks. Shida and Tormenta go face-to-face. Shida pushes off and tries to push the pace. Shida and Tormenta match each other counter for counter. Shida hits a high knee in the corner. Tormenta reverses a hammer throw into one of her own. Tormenta goes over the top and hits a high kick. She goes up top and hits an arm drag sending Shida outside.

Tormenta tries for a tope, but Shida runs in and hits a step-up enzuigiri. Shida rolls through and hits a double knee strike. Tormenta ducks a Katana and sets up Shida for a pinning combination for a two count. Tormenta tries for a double knee strike in the corner, but Shida ducks it and ducks another kick. She gets hit with a back elbow, but Shida hits a running knee then hits a stalling facebuster, cover 1-2-no! Shida signals for the Katana and hits it for the win.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

– “Smart” Mark Sterling and Jade Cargill are in the locker room. Sterling notes that his plan is to take Jade to Hollywood, and he introduces her to a producer. The producer talks to her about the process. Sterling gives the guy his card, and they shake hands in hopes for a bright future.

Powerhouse Hobbs (w/ Ricky Starks & Hook) vs. Lucas Chase

Hobbs and Chase stare each other down. They lock up, but Hobbs over powers Chase. Chase gets a boot up but runs right into Hobbs and gets knocked down. Hobbs hits a spinebuster for the win.

Winner: Powerhouse Hobbs

Frankie Kazarian vs. Baron Black

The crowd starts a “Frankie” chant as Kazarian gets off a side headlock right away then a shoulder block after Black pushes off, and Kazarian goes back to the side headlock. Kazarian flips over a suplex, Black avoids a victory roll, but Kazarian goes back to the side headlock. Black sends Kazarian to the corner and takes a shot at him after he ref calls for a break. Black lights up Kazarian in the corner and then hits a discus lariat, then a double-arm suplex for a one count.

Kazarian catches Black with a chop and hits another. Black hits an atomic drop into a backstabber. Black sizes up Kazarian in the corner. Kazarian reverses it into a sunset flip pin for two. Kazarian goes in on forearm chops. Kazarian dodges another discus lariat in the corner and hits a powerful lariat of his own. Kazarian taps out Black with the chicken wing.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian

– Post-match: Brandon Cutler runs in and tries to catch Kazarian with the cold spray. Cutler gets in the ring and trips knocking the spray cans out of his hands. Kazarian throws a right hand at Cutler. He grabs the cold spray, lifts Cutler’s face mask and sprays the cold spray on Cutler’s face! The crowd wants one more, and Kazarian obliges. Kazarian knocks Cutler down with a lariat. Doc Gallows catches Kazarian with a pump kick. Gallows hits a double-arm chokeslam sending a message to Kazarian before their Wed. night clash.

– Hobbs is backstage. He calls new FTW World Champion Ricky Starks a “leader” and a “team player”. Hobbs tells Brian Cage to stay home and don’t come back or what happened in the title match will happen again.

Jungle Boy (w/ Luchasaurus) vs. Angelico (w/ Private Party)

Jungle Boy and Angelico feel each other out, and Jungle Boy tries to apply the Snare Trap, but Angelico reaches the ropes. Luchasaurus talks trash to Private Party causing a “Luchasaurus” chant to break out as Angelico works his way into an arm drag as he poses in front of Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy and Angelico exchange wrist locks. Jungle Boy works the ropes and hits an arm drag into a dropkick as the crowd erupts.

Angelico with a palm strike to the body. Jungle Boy evades Angelico. Angelico puts on the brakes on the ropes and hits a dropkick on Jungle Boy’s knees as he tries to springboard in. Angelico puts the pressure on Jungle Boy on the outside as Jungle Boy favors his knee. Angelico protests Luchasaurus’ involvement allowing Private Party to get some extra shots in. Luchasaurus runs off Private Party as Jungle Boy hits a few chops, but Angelico absorbs it and hits a knee lift.

Luchasaurus keeps Private Party honest as Jungle Boy slowly makes his way back into the ring. Jungle Boy catches Angelico with a schoolboy for a two count, and Angelico quickly hits an elbow knocking Jungle Boy down. Jungle Boy goes back to the chops, but Angelico hits a back elbow, cover, but Jungle Boy kicks out at two. Angelico applies a figure-four variation. Jungle Boy barely reaches the ropes as Angelico hangs on just before the count of five.

Jungle Boy lights up Angelico with a flurry of strikes. Jungle Boy hits a low dropkick then a big running lariat! Angelico blocks a hammer throw, but Jungle Boy catches him with a Death Valley Driver, cover 1-2-no! Angelico blocks Jungle Boy in the corner, rolls him through into a Gedo Clutch 1-2-no! Jungle Boy stuns Angelico and gets him caught in the corner. He hits an enzuigiri and sets him up in the Tree of Woe, and he hits a dropkick and taps out Angelico with the Snare Trap.

Winner: Jungle Boy

Red Velvet vs. Julia Hart (w/ Varsity Blonds)

Red Velvet and Hart exchange wristlocks with each using their athleticism on each counter. Hart applies a side headlock and hits a shoulder block. Red Velvet and Hart hit the splits to avoids each other. They each go for a dropkick then hits the splits again as they miss. A share of sportsmanship, but Hart is playing to the crowd too much allowing Red Velvet to gain control. Hart hits a back elbow as the pace picks up with Red Velvet hitting a leg lariat.

Hart hits a chinbuster then cartwheels to the corner into a lariat. She hits a running back elbow then a bulldog into the splits. She hits a standing moonsault for a one count. Hart with a front facelock. Hart cuts off Red Velvet, but Red Velvet hits a back elbow out of the corner and explodes with a series of lariats. Red Velvet baits Hart outside as Hart falls out. Red Velvet hits a tope suicida on Brian Pillman Jr.!

Red Velvet gets Hart back in and covers her for a two count. Hart with a thrust kick out of the corner. She goes up top and hits a twisting dive into a cover, but Red Velvet kicks out at two. Red Velvet rocks Hart with a forearm. Red Velvet with wrist control hits a leg drop neckbreaker for the win.

Winner: Red Velvet

Gunn Club (Billy & Colten Gunn) vs. Brock Anderson and Lee Johnson

Colten and Johnson start off this tag match. A strong lock up as Colten sends Johnson to the corner and shoots a playful gun at him. Johnson sends Colten to the corner and sends some gun shots Colten’s way. The pace picks up as Colten gets off a side headlock takeover, but Johnson works his way into one of his own. Johnson elevates over the corner as they trade arm drags. A show of sportsmanship as they go at again. Brock tags in, and Colten tells his fellow second-generation wrestler to bring it.

Brock catches Colten with a hip toss as Billy tags himself in as the crowd gets going. Brock and Billy trade wristlocks. Brock applies a hammerlock, but Billy pushes off and rocks Brocks with a lariat. Colten tags in and pressures Brock in the corner. Colten hits a snap suplex for a two count. Billy tags in and hits a backbreaker. Billy with a hammer throw, but Brock counters him in the corner.

Colten and Johnson tag in as Johnson hits a flurry of offense into a neckbreaker. Johnson hits Billy with dropkick then goes outside and hits a Gamengiri into a springboard missile dropkick. Colten tries for a Colt 45, but Johnson rolls up Colten into a small package. They trade small package pins, and Colten wins the exchange by pulling on Johnson’s tights for the win.

Winners: Gunn Club (Billy & Colten Gunn)

Luchasaurus (w/ Jungle Boy) vs. Fuego del Sol

The crowd starts a “Fuego” chant as Fuego uses his agility to go around Luchasaurus, but Luchasaurus absorbs his chop and sends him to the corner. A “lets go Fuego” chant breaks out as Luchasaurus catches a springboard attempt. Fuego escapes the Gorilla Press, and Fuego tries for a tornado DDT. Luchasaurus blocks it and hits a twisting GTS for the win as Jungle Boy goes to check if Fuego is still alive… He is.

Winner: Luchasaurus

– Footage of QT Marshall’s interview with Schiavone from last week’s Dynamite is shown, and Schiavone apologizes that everyone had to see that as Wight voices his displeasure.

Dante Martin vs. Shawn Dean

Dean applies a front wristlock. Martin uses the ropes to escape and runs past Dean and hits a springboard crossbody for two. Dean sends Martin to the corner, hits a chop, hammer throw to the opposite corner and hits a corner spear. Dean follows up with a back body drop then a senton for two.

Dean works a rear chinlock. Dean tries to get more leverage, but Martin sends Dean to the corner. He hits a big right hands after catching a kick. He follows with a forearm. He baits Dean into the corner and hits a double springboard moonsault for two! Dean lights up Martin with a flurry of strikes. Dean hits a Tiger Suplex for two.

Dean sizes up Martin in the corner, but Martin evades. He comes in and rolls through Dean and sets him up on the top rope and hits a high-angle suplex for two. Dean back to the double underhooks, but Martin escapes. Dean hangs onto the ropes. Martin creates some distance and hits the overhead Stunner for the win.

Winner: Dante Martin

Tay Conti and Serena Deeb vs. Vertvixen and Jazmin Allure

Conti gets the crowd going as Vertvixen and Deeb start this match. Deeb with the Roman knucklelock as she gains control and tags in Conti. Conti with a bridging roll up for two. Vertvixen hammer throw, but Conti gets a boot up and applies a crucifix cover for two. Conti with a schoolgirl for two into a triangle sleeper attempt.

Conti hits a flurry of judo throws then a thrust kick. Vertvixen sends Conti into the corner. She lights up Conti until the ref breaks it up. Allure grabs the hair, but Conti knocks her down. Vertvixen grabs Conti’s hair and gains control. Allure tags in and continues the double team offense. Allure does too much trash talking and hits Vertvixen instead of Conti.

Allure fails in holding back Conti as Deeb tags in and lights up Allure with uppercuts. Vertvixen with a kick to the back, but Deeb hits her with a Dragon Screw. Deeb with a chop block. She goes for a Serenity Lock, but Vertvixen runs in. She hits Vertvixen with a suplex while in the Serentity Lock position! Deeb smashes Allure’s knee before tapping her out with the Serenity Lock.

Winners: Tay Conti and Serena Deeb

– Cezar Bononi comes out during the entrance with a mic. He blames the city for not delaying Ryan Nemeth and Peter Avalon’s flights. “How are we supposed to give you a makeover?” Drake takes the mic and says, “We might not be able to make you pretty, but we can make you ugly!”

Penta El Zero Miedo and Eddie Kingston (w/ Alex Abrahantes) vs. JD Drake and Cezar Bononi

The crowd and Eddie chant “Zero Miedo” as Penta and Drake start off this tag match. An “Eddie” chant breaks out as Eddie notes he has no control over anything. Penta takes off his glove and tosses it to Alex, but Alex botches the catch. They try again, and Alex botches the catch again! Penta tries for a third time, and third time’s the charm. Penta tells Drake “Zero Miedo”. Drake responds with a chop.

Penta takes down Drake’s singlet to expose his chest and hits a chop. Drake hits a few of his own chops but runs into a thrust kick. Penta hits a springboard crossbody, a huricanranna then rags in Eddie. Drake ducks a strike as he tags in Bononi. Eddie hits a few chops, but Bononi absorbs them and sends Eddie to the corner. Eddie hits a few more chops, but Bononi absorbs them and sends Eddie to the ropes into a Drake kick.

Drake tags in and hits a reverse atomic drop into a Bononi boot. An “Eddie Kingston” chant breaks out as Drake works a chinlock. Drake drops Eddie as Eddie tries to escape. Drake with a hammer throw and a tag to Bononi. Bononi clubs Eddie and wears him down. Bononi with a knee lift and a hammer throw into the corner as he tags in Drake. Bononi smothers Eddie on the ropes with the assistance from Drake.

Drake hits an elbow then a chop. Eddie tries to fight through it, and he responds with a few chops Drake gouges Eddie’s eyes. Eddie with a hammer throw into a leg trip lariat. Penta and Bononi tag in as Penta hits slingbaldes on The Wingmen. Penta hits a kick to the gut and bounces off Bononi into a DDT on Drake. Penta with a thrust kick on Bononi. Eddie tags in. Penta drop toe hold into an Eddie Camel Clutch into a Penta thrust kick.

Eddie and Penta hit Total Domination. Bononi tries to run in, but referee Bryce Remsburg holds him off. Eddie and Penta hit a “What’s up!” on Drake. Eddie deals with Bononi on the outside. Drake dodges a Fear Factor and tries to use the ropes as leverage for the roll up, but Remsburg sees it. Drake misses a moonsault. He hits a superkick and a back fist. Penta snaps Drake’s arm for the win.

Winners: Penta El Zero Miedo and Eddie Kingston

– Post-match: Eddie has a mic, but Penta wants it instead. Penta taps the mic signaling for the crowd to chant “Zero Miedo”. Penta speaks Spanish and ends saying, “I love you guys. Thank you so much.” Alex translates and says Penta says it’s great to be back in Austin, TX. “We cannot wait to come back here and have another AEW Dynamite with each and every one of you. We love you Austin.” The crowd chants “Eddie” as Eddie takes the mic.

“Last time I talked s**t, I got in trouble. I’ll try to be good.” Eddie says it feels good to see everyone. Eddie thanks the crowd for their energy. “AEW took a chance on me. AEW takes a chance on all of us. That’s why I talk my s**t, and I say AEW forever.” An AEW chant breaks out. “So in closing, if you ain’t with AEW, then you ain’t s**t.” Eddie says his NY catchphrase and thanks the crowd again.