AEW Dark: Elevation Results: PAC Vs. Chuck Taylor, Lee Johnson Vs. Luther

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- Tony Schiavone, Paul Wight and special guest Eddie Kingston welcome us to a packed episode of Elevation.

Jungle Boy (w/ Jurassic Express) vs. Marq Quen (w/ HFO)

Quen and Jungle Boy feeling each other out as Quen escapes a side headlock attempt. Jungle Boy knocks Quen down with a shoulder tackle and then gets a schoolboy for a one count and goes back to the side headlock. Jungle Boy with a wristlock, slap to the chest, working the ropes for an arm drag, but Quen turns it around and flips to a standing position. Jungle Boy responds with a dropkick. Jungle Boy keeping the pressure on Quen.

Isiah Kassidy interferes and tries for a Silly String, but Jungle Boy turns it around and knocks Kassidy off the apron. Jungle Boy hits a few chops, but Quen bounces back in and turns it around on Jungle Boy. HFO get involved causing Jurassic Express to confront them. Quen keeping the pressure on Jungle Boy. Quen hits a Side Effect but takes time to get fanned by Kassidy. Quen calls for the Twist of Fate, but Jungle Boy counters it.

Jungle Boy hits a flurry of strikes then trips up Quen followed up by a huge lariat. Jungle Boy elevates Quen on the outside apron, hits a back elbow followed up by a tope suicida and then another on Kassidy! Quen responds with an Asai moonsault knocking Luchasaurus down as well! Quen and Jungle Boy manage to avoid the 10-count just in time. Jungle Boy ducks a lariat and hits a thrust kick. He gets elevated over the tope and hits a back elbow.

Quen responds with a Pele kick. Quen and Jungle Boy up top, but Quen gets pushes down. Quen says he has something in his eyes. Kassidy runs in causing Marko Stunt to run in. Kassidy takes advantage, and Private Party hit Gin & Juice, cover 1-2-no! Quen goes up for a Shooting Star, but Jungle Boy avoids it, and he applies the Snare Trap and taps out Quen.

Winner: Jungle Boy

Yuka Sakazaki vs. Amber Nova

Yuka and Nova exchange snapmares and pin attempts. Nova with a hammer throw in the corner, but Yuka turns it around and hits a hip toss followed up by a dropkick. Nova catches Yuka with a neckbreaker for a two count. Nova hits some hard shots on Yuka. She takes Yuka to the corner and lights her up with a series of strikes. Nova takes time to take out her mechanic rag and smothers it in Yuka's face.

Nova catches a punch and hits a northern lights suplex, bridge but only a two count. Yuka hangs onto the ropes off a hammer throw attempt and goes on the offensive. She hits a high knee then a second-rope back elbow. Yuka goes up top and hits a missile dropkick for a two count. Yuka hits a suplex and signals for the Magical Girl Splash, but Nova got the knees up, cover but only a two count. Yuka catches Nova with a dew forearm shots then a rolling elbow. Yuka hooks Nova in a hammerlock, airplane spin for the win.

Winner: Yuka Sakazaki

Thunder Rosa vs. Myka Madrid

Rosa in control early on, but Madrid hits a body shot. Rosa responds with her own as she maintains wrist control. Rosa and Madrid exchange arm drags. Rosa sends Madrid tot he corner, but Madrid gets an elbow up and tries for a second-rope cross body, but Rosa counters with a dropkick.

Rosa wrenches her knee on Madrid on the ropes. Rosa pressuring Madrid in the corner. She charges in, but Madrid counters into a Tarantula. Madrid tries a leg drop, but Rosa evades and hits a corner clothesline, double knee strike then a running dropkick. Rosa looking for a Thunder Driver but doesn't get it. Rosa hits a dropkick then applies the Peruvian necktie and taps out Madrid.

Winner: Thunder Rosa

Luchasaurus vs. Jora Johl (w/ HFO)

Angelico tries to provide a distraction, but Luchasaurus hits a chop. Johl gets a boot up in the corner and then hits a thrust kick. Luchasaurus throws Johl in the corner, hits a strike and then hits a release German suplex. Luchasaurus chokeslams Angelico on HFO! Luchasaurus hits a hook kick and then covers him with one hand for the win.

Winner: Luchasaurus

Scorpio Sky vs. Fuego Del Sol

Sky and Fuego go face-to-face. Fuego with a push as he locks up with Sky. Sky sends Fuego to the corner and tries to take a shot off the break, but Fuego avoids it as he takes in the crowd support. Sky hits a back elbow off the waistlock and takes control. Fuego flips over a back drop suplex attempt and hits an arm drag takedown. Sky catches Fuego with a knee then hits an axehandle to halt Fuego's momentum.

Sky slowing things down, but Fuego fighting back. Sky hits a kick to the gut and then a backbreaker. Sky going for the mask. The referee stops Sky, and Fuego hits a boot then a second-rope dropkick. Fuego backflips and then hits an enzuigiri. Fuego hits a corner spear and tries for a splash, but Sky avoids it and tries for a TKO. Fuego escapes and forces Sky outside. Fuego hits a moonsault off a springboard from in the ring! Fuego going for the tornado DDT, but Sky pushes off and hits a big boot. Sky gives Fuego a kiss and hits the TKO for the win.

Winner: Scorpio Sky

Marko Stunt vs. Angelico

Angelico looks down on Marko and can't believe he's his opponent. The crowd is behing Marko as he applies a side headlock and keeps it in as Angelico tries to escape. Marko snaps Angelico over and applies a front chancery. Marko then hits an arm drag. Angelico catches Marko with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Angelico grabs Marko's hair and then hits a stomp. Marko hits a few body shots, but Angelico cuts him down.

Angelico sets Marko up and sets up Marko in a hammerlock, twists his legs and grabs Marko's hair forcing a break. Marko hangs onto the ropes and rolls around Angelico. Marko kicks the second rope to cut off Angelico. Marko with a flurry of strikes, a dropkick then a running knee.

Marko slides under, trips Angelico and hits a springboard crossbody and another springboard into a rana. Angelico rolls outside to regroup. Marko topes into a DDT! Marko goes up top and hits an elbow drop on the back of Angelico. Angelico cuts off Marko with a big boot. Angelico ties up Marko and gets him in a torture rack and taps out Marko.

Winner: Angelico

Post-match: Angelico gets some extra shots in on Marko.

- We get a recap of The Bunny – Kris Statlander feud. Alex Marvez is backstage with The Bunny. Marvez notes its been tough times for HFO and asks Bunny about her match tonight. Bunny asks if Marvez thinks she and Blade are losers. Marvez says no. Bunny asks Marvez if he's ever had the urge to rip someone's face off because that's what she wants to do. She asks if that sounds like fun, and Marvez hesitantly agrees.

Kris Statlander and Tay Conti vs. The Bunny and Madi Wrenkowski

Bunny and Statlander look to start this match off, but Bunny tags in Wrenkowski who runs into a few arm drags. Conti tags in and keeps up the pressure on Wrenkowski. Conti hits a spinning slam for a one count. Conti tags in Statlander, and the two spin Wrenkowski down. Statlander sets up Wrenkowski by twisting her arms to her head, and Conti boops Statlander and hits a thrust kick on Wrenkowski.

Bunny hits a kick on Conti while she bounces off the ropes. Wrenkowski takes advantage of the distraction and tags in Bunny. Bunny throws Conti across tot  the corner and hits a sliding forearm for a two count. Bunny tags in Wrenkowski as she keeps up the pressure. Conti turns it around and smashes Wrenkowski's head on her knee. Wrenkowski escapes a ripcord, and they each hit a boot. Statlander and Bunny tag in and brawl.

Statlander with a kick, but Bunny reverses an uppercut. The two trade strikes, but Statlander gets the better of it. She hits a high kick then a Michinoku Driver. Statlander going for a Big Bang Theory, but Bunny counters it into a roll up for a two count. Bunny with a hard strike for another two count. Statlander forces a tag out and hits Wrenkowski with a powerslam, cover, but Bunny breaks it up. Conti runs in and Statlander and Conti run around and hit multiple knee strikes. Bunny is taken out, Conti hits a high kick and Statlander hits the Big Bang Theory for the win.

Winners: Kris Statlander and Tay Conti

- Eddie Kingston is off commentary, and Jake Hager comes in to replace him.

Wardlow vs. Bear Bronson

Wardlow flips the bird to Hager as he and Bronson stare each other down before the lock up. They match each other in strength as they continue to fight in the collar-and-elbow tie up. Wardlow gets off a takedown, but Bronson responds with an elbow. Bronson hits a few more elbows as he and Wardlow trade shots. Wardlow gaining momentum, but Bronson answers back with a big forearm. Wardlow counters a powerslam attempt and hits a big German suplex.

Wardlow tosses Bronson aside and gets him up in a fireman's carry. Bronson escapes, but Wardlow gains back control. Bronson hits a back drop off the powerbomb and just sits on Wardlow for a two count. Bronson sizes up Wardlow and clubs Wardlow on his back and chest. Wardlow counters a lariat attempt with a big one of his own. Wardlow getting angry as he charges Bronson in the corner and lights him up. Wardlow picks up Bronson and hits a spinebuster. Wardlow looking for his corner knee KO, and he hits it.

Winner: Wardlow via referee stoppage

Post-match: Wardlow and Hager stare each other down.

- Alex Marvez is backstage with a fan who won an Elite GM contest. He gets to pick Lee Johnson's opponent and the winner will receive a TNT Title shot against Miro on Aug. 4 in Jacksonville. The fan picks Luther as Johnson's opponent. Aubrey Edwards comes in and awards the fan a custom belt.

- Eddie Kingston back on commentary.

Luther (w/ Serpentico) vs. Lee Johnson (w/ Dustin Rhodes)

Johnson using his athleticism to get Luther in an arm drag takedown. Luther reverses it and gets his own arm lock. Johnson sent into the corner as Luther hits a chop and sends him to the opposite corner. Johnson escapes and hits a rana then a dropkick followed up by an arm drag takedown. Luther reverses a hammer throw and trips up Johnson while also hitting a kick to the back of the head. Luther sends Johnson outside, distracts the ref and Serpentico throws Johnson to the barricade.

Luther hits a cannonball senton on Johnson as Rhodes drops Serpentico. Luther sends Johnson back to the barricade and high-fives the Elite GM fan, James. Luther gives James a spot, and he goes back to the ring and hits a powerslam for a two count. Luther hits a bodyslam and tries for a senton, but Johnson rolls out. Luther grabs Serpentico and tries to bodyslam him on Johnson but misses two times.

Serpentico sent into the corner, but Johnson sends him outside for Rhodes to deal with. Johnson on a flurry of offense hitting a few thrust kick, a body slam then another thrust kick for a two count. Johnson hits a few punches, but Luther responds with a pump kick, cover, but Johnson kicks out at two.

Serpentico signals for Luther to go up top. Luther trying to go up top, but Johnson cuts him off and sends Luther into Serpentico outside. Johnson hits a tope con hilo on Chaos Project! Johnson hits a springboard dropkick. He goes up top and hits a spinning splash for the win.

Winner: Lee Johnson

Post-match: Miro's music plays, and he comes out with a mic. Miro says, "Your last opponent was picked by the fans, but your next opponent was picked by God." Miro sends Johnson a warning ahead of Homecoming on Aug. 4.

- Eddie Kingston off commentary because his match is next!

Eddie Kingston vs. Serpentico

Serpentico charges in and hits a few dropkicks. Serpentico hits a few forearms then a chop, but Kingston absorbs the chop and knocks Serpentico down with his own chop and then again with another. Kingston flips Serpentico inside out with a knee lift as he rolls outside. Kingston sends Serpentico flying to the barricade. He then does so again on the opposite barricade and one more for good measure.

He then sends Serpentico on the side railings. Serpentico cuts off Kingston as he was trying to get back in the ring. Serpentico going after Kingston's left leg as he puts more pressure on him in the corner. His own headbutt stuns and makes Kingston angry, but Serpentico using his agility to get the better of Kingston. Serpentico going up top, but Kingston catches him for a fall-a-way slam, back drop suplex then a spinning back fist for the win.

Winner: Eddie Kingston

- Eddie Kingston back on commentary.

- Jade Cargill and "Smart" Mark Sterling head to the ring. Sterling does a "yee-ha" as he introduces himself and Cargill to the audience. Sterling says Texas BBQ sucks and says he prefers vegan BBQ and tells everyone he should try it. "I'm just saying, maybe you'll like it." Sterling says they've been successful in Hollywood, but they had to fly in for an opportunity. "This is for the people at home in smart states like NY and places like that."

He says they are looking for "the next great partner for the #JadeBrand." He encourages everyone to send out applications or call him. He says why wouldn't a brand want to partner with Cargill, and unlike Texas that was shut down after two weeks of snow, the Jade Brand can't be shut down. Sterling says brands should sign with Cargill because, as Cargill finishes, "I'm that b**ch."

- Eddie Kingston off commentary.

Lucha Bros (Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix) (w/ Alex Abrahantes) vs. Dark Order's Alan "5" Angels and 10

Fenix and 5 start off this tag match as they feel each other out. 5 with a quick roll up for two, and then an inside cradle pin for a two count and then a sunset flip pin for two. Fenix flips over the ropes as 10 and Penta tag in. The crowd is behind Penta as 10 holds up the Dark Order sign. Penta takes his glove off and tosses it to Abrahantes, and he catches it! Penta tells 10 "Zero Miedo" as 10 sends Penta to the corner.

Penta responds to 10's chops with chops of his own. 10 hits a lariat in the corner, but Penta turns it around into an enzuigiri. 10 hits a pump kick, Penta hits a thrust kick. Fenix hits a thrust kick, 5 hits a combo of strikes and Penta hits a slingblade. Penta tells 10 to bring it. 10 piefaces him, and Penta hits a kick to knee. Fenix hits a chop. Lucha Bros. combine for a pump kick, 619, backbreaker and stomp to the back for a two count.

Fenix, now legal, looks for a suplex. 10 escapes and tags in 5. 5 hits a diving crossbody. He then takes out Penta with a tope suicida! 5 hits an enzuigiri. Fenix flips 5 overm, and Penta hits a thrust kick, and the Lucha Bros. hit stereo thrust kicks. The crowd is hot for the Lucha Bros. as Fenix hits an open-hand chop. 5 escapes a fireman's carry and tags in 10 who takes out the Lucha Bros. with lariats. He hits pump kicks on them and an elevated spinebuster.

10 going for a powerbomb, but Fenix reverses it and hits a few chops. 10 catches a rana attempt and hits a powerbomb. 5 tags in and hits a double jump moonsault, cover, but Penta breaks it up. 10 sent outside. Lucha Bros. going for the finish, but 10 cuts it off and hits a spear on Penta. 5 going for a Spanish Fly, but Fenix escapes. 5 hits a Gamengiri and gets off the Spanish Fly, cover 1-2-no! 5 tags in 10 as they look to finish things off.

5 hits It's Gonna Suck, and 10 locks in the full nelson. Fenix goes to the ropes, and Penta hits a Gamengiri. Fenix hits Rolling Thunder. 5 tags in, but Fenix hits a spinning heel kick. Penta tags in and stomps on 5's crotch. Lucha Bros.' hit a Fear Factor / stomp combo for the win as Fenix hits a tope con hilo for good measure on 10.

Winners: Lucha Bros. (Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix)

Gunn Club (Billy and Colten Gunn) & Brock Anderson vs. Chandler Hopkins, Cameron Cole and Izzy James

Hopkins and Anderson start off this trios match. Anderson gets control right away as Gunn Club and Anderson go back and forth on tags. Anderson hits a back elbow then an elbow drop for a one count. Billy tags in as he keeps control for his team. Billy is about to tell Hopkins to "suck it", but Hopkins escapes and tags in James. James tries a few chops, but Billy is unfazed and hits a knee lift. Anderson tags in and hits a lariat of the knee strike from Billy, cover, but James kicks out at two.

James escapes and tags in Cole as he hits an axehandle for a one count. Cole sends Anderson to the corner as James tags in and keeps Anderson in the corner. Anderson kept in the corner as Hopkins tells Gunn Club to "suck it". That allows Anderson to escape and tag in Colten. Colten going to work. Billy hits a Famasser allowing opportunity for Colten to hit Colt 45 for the win.

Winners: Gunn Club (Billy and Colten Gunn) & Brock Anderson

Chuck Taylor (w/ Orange Cassidy & Wheeler Yuta) vs. PAC (w/ Lucha Bros. & Alex Abrahantes)

PAC putting the pressure on Chuck early on as he matches Chuck counter for counter. Chuck takes PAC down off the wristlock, and PAC collects himself in the corner. PAC applies a side headlock and then a shoulder block off the escape. PAC hangs onto the ropes off the dropkick attempt, but Chuck sends PAC outside and hits a plancha. Lucha Bros. and Orange and Yuta keep each other honest. Chuck and PAC back inside as Chuck escapes a back suplex and hits a Michinoku Driver for a one count.

Chuck looking to keep the pressure on PAC, but PAC stumbles Chuck and hits a pump kick. PAC sends Chuck outside as he sends him to the railing. PAC slams Chuck's head on the apron before sending back to the ring. PAC keeps the pressure on Chuck. PAC taking his time in dealing punishment to Chuck. PAC hits a missile dropkick from the top and kips back up as he continues to stalk Chuck. PAC looking to go up top again, but Chuck avoids it and hits a lariat.

PAC and Chuck get back up and trade forearm shots. PAC on a roll with consecutive shots, but Chuck hits Soul Food. PAC responds with a few spin kicks, but Chuck responds to that with a sit-out powerbomb for two. Chuck going up top, but PAC tries to cut him off. Chuck blows him down, but PAC goes up for a step-up enzuigiri. PAC meets Chuck up top and hits the superplex, cover 1-2-no!

PAC setting up Chuck for the Black Arrow. Chuck gets up, but PAC cuts him off. Chuck gets a knee up and hits a piledriver, cover 1-2-no! PAC flips over Chuck, avoids him in the corner and hits a thrust kick off the counter. PAC going for the Black Arrow again, and he hits it for the win.

Winner: PAC

- Death Triangle and Best Friends stare each other down, but Best Friends leave the ring to allow Death Triangle to celebrate. Andrade El Idolo is out with his group including Chavo Guerrero! Andrade signals he wants to fight, but Chavo tells him to relax and wait for the right time. Death Triangle tell him to come to the ring, but Andrade leaves as that closes out this week's episode of Dark: Elevation.