AEW Dark Results: Eddie Kingston And Penta, Kris Statlander, More In Action

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- Excalibur and Taz welcome to us to a packed episode of Dark as Excalibur hypes up AEW's return to touring tomorrow. They take it to Justin Roberts to our first of 17 matches.

- Jake "The Snake" Roberts joins commentary.

Lance Archer vs. Ryan Mantell

Archer is ready to go and takes out Mantell as he enters the ring. Mantell ducks a lariat and hits a few dropkicks. Mantell tries for a lariat / bulldog out of he corner, but Archer counters it into a pounce! Archer now in control over Mantell as he hits a snap suplex. Archer keeps the pressure on Mantell much to the delight of Roberts.

Archer clubs Mantell as he stares daggers at the camera. Mantell lays in some chops, but Archer pops up Mantell and hits an elbow strike. Archer sets up Mantell on top for the Black Out. Mantell escapes ribbing Taz and Roberts. Mantell lights up Archer in the corner. Archer absorbs a lariat and responds with a boot. He hits a full-nelson slam, 1-2-no! Archer says "everybody dies" as he hits the Hellacoaster for the win.

Winner: Lance Archer

- Ricky Starks now joins commentary.

QT Marshall & Aaron Solow (w/ Nick Comoroto) vs. Terrell & Terrence Hughes

QT takes Terrance lightly as he has his way with him. TNT fighting back as they hit a bodyslam then Terrance takes his brother and DVD's him on QT for two. Terrell taken to the corner as Solow tags in and keeps control for The Factory. Terrell reverses a suplex into one of his own. TNT combine to take turns on Solow. Terrance hits an over-head belly-to-belly.

Solow distracts the ref allowing QT to take a cheap shot, and Starks approves. QT fires in an elbow for a two count. Terrance catches QT with a jawbreaker and tries to go for a tag. QT cuts him off, and The Factory hit a back suplex / neckbreaker combo, cover, but Terrell breaks up the pin.

Terrance avoids Solow in the corner. Comoroto confronts Terrance. The ref takes him away as we get a little bit of twin magic with Terrell taking his brother's place! Terrell catches Solow with a flurry of offense as he drops QT. Terrance tags in as Terrell calls for the "What's Up!" TNT hits it on Solow. QT sent outside as TNT call for the end. QT cuts off the 3D, and Solow stack pins for 3. Solow hits a corkscrew kick, and QT hits the Diamond Cutter for the win.

Winners: QT Marshall & Aaron Solow

Post-match: QT hits another Diamond Cutter on the other Hughes brother sending a message to Cody Rhodes before their South Beach Strap Match.

- Rebel (not Reba) introduces AEW Women's World Champion Britt Baker for another episode of "The Waiting Room". Baker expresses her excitement for AEW in Miami. Baker makes a BDSM joke on Cody in reference to his strap match tomorrow. Baker hypes up AEW's arrival to "Brittsburgh". Baker introduces her "absolute favorite mid-carders" Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss.

Janela compliments Baker. "It's an absolute honor and privilege to be in your presence." Janela is excited to be Baker's patient. "I'm going to have the most succulent mouth." Baker asks what's going on between Janela and Kiss. Janela says he's frustrated and tries to go for a hug, but Kiss slaps Janela.

Janela is on his knees as Kiss says, "It was me who helped you remember who the Bad Boy really was." He notes he was always there for Janela's big matches, and it was him that was getting beaten up while Janela was at "Mommy Milkers." Janela says he will bring in someone who will explain everything. Not his BFF like Sonny Kiss but his best friend Alex Marvez. Janela points to the door, but Marvez is not coming through. "He's a little shy. He's like a scare turtle."

Janela hides in the corner as he takes a phone call. Marvez appears to be in a Go Go Bar. Kiss isn't having it. Janela apologizes and takes blame. He doesn't want his "Bad Boy Summer" to become a "Sad Boy Summer" without Kiss. He talks about everything they've been through and how the fans love them. "I want you to be there for me, and I want to be there for you." Kiss says he has a choice. He can walk out of the door with his back turned.

They can settle everything just with a hug. Kiss turns his back as Baker encourages Janela to hug Kiss. Janela takes out a pair of sunglasses and hands it to Kiss. Kiss takes it, and Janela and Kiss hug. Janela and Kiss leave as Baker closes out tonight's episode of "The Waiting Room".

Abadon vs. Natalia Markova

Markova and Abadon trade waistlocks. Abadon cuts off Markova and hits a lariat. Markova catches Abadon with an over hand chop, but Abadon is still up and screams. Markova fires in more strikes. Abadon reverses a hammer throw and sends Markova face first on the bottom turnbuckle.

Markova counters Abadon in the corner, but Abadon is still up and lights up Markova in the corner with body shots. Markova counters Abadon in the corner and hits a hook kick. Abadon readjusts her head and goes for a lariat. Markova with the Matrix duck, but Abadon hits a splash. She follows up with a boot then a leg hook DDT for the win.

Winner: Abadon

Matt Sydal (w/ Mike Sydal) vs. Carlie Bravo

Sydal and Bravo size each other up as they feel each other out exchanging clean breaks and holds. Sydal with a takedown, cover, but Bravo kicks out at one, but Sydal keeps the pressure on after the kick out. Bravo elevates over the corner and and hits a few armdrags. Sydal trips up Bravo and hits a standing Mariposa for two.

Sydal applies a bow and arrow stretch. Sydal then stomps on Sydal's back. Bravo catches Sydal with a rolling elbow, roll up for a two count. Bravo fires in a few right hands, but Sydal drops Bravo with a spinning heel kick. Sydal follows up with chops. Bravo catches Sydal with a jawbreaker, cover 1-2-no! Sydal ducks a lariat. He misses a leg lariat but gets the second. He hits the Lightning Spiral for the win.

Winner: Matt Sydal

The Blade (w/ The Bunny & Matt Hardy) vs. Tre Lamar

Blade charges at Lamar with a huge boot in the corner. He lays in a flurry of stomps. Blade lights up Lamar with a huge chop. He goes back to pressuring Lamar in the corner. Lamar flips over a suplex. Lamar leaps over Blade and sets him up on the middle rope. He knocks him back in and hits a dropkick on the back of the the head. Blade with a knee lift as he tries to throw Lamar outside. Blade sends Lamar to the top turnbuckle.

Rising Gamengiri gives Lamar the advantage, but The Bunny grabs Lamar's feet giving Blade full control. Blade throws Lamar outside and gets the refs attention as Bunny takes some extra shots on Lamar. Blade goes after Lamar on the outside much to Hardy's approval. Blade covers, but Lamar kicks out at two. Blade hits a lariat, cover, but Lamar kicks out at two again. Blade applies a side headlock.

Lamar rises up and escapes. Lamar ducks a few strikes and hits an axehandle. He follows with a few combo moves. He gets sent over the tope. He spring in, out, hit to the mid-section and hits a top-rope crossbody, cover 1-2-no! Lamar goes back up top again. He misses a stomp. Lamar going for an O'Connor Roll. he rolls out for a bicycle kick. Lamar misses the elbow drop. Blade with a running lariat. Blade takes his belt off. The ref takes it away as Bunny slides in brass knuckles, and Blade knocks out Lamar with them and wins via cocky pin.

Winner: The Blade

Bear Bronson (w/ Bear Boulder) vs. Big Trouble Ben Bishop

Bronson and Bishop even on power on the lock up as they go back and forth. Bishop sends Bronson to the corner but offers a clean break. Bishop mocks Bronson calling for a test of strength. Bronson and Bishop lock up. They're even once again, but Bishop cuts him off with a knee lift. Bronson catches Bishop with a huge powerslam.

Bishop escapes another powerslam and fires in right hands. Bronson chops down Bishop and lays in forearms. Bronson ducks a lariat but eats a high boot. Bishop lays in stomps. Bishop places his big boot on Bronson's jaw as he keeps up the pressure. Bishop gets off a sideslam, cover, but Bronson kicks out at two.

Boulder pumps up Bronson as he dodges Bishop in the corner and lays in clubbing blows. Bronson takes a page out of Taz's book and tosses Bishop across the ring. He hits another high crotch suplex. Bronson lays in more clubbing blows before hitting a lariat then a sit-down senton for the win.

Winner: Bear Bronson

Marko Stunt & Fuego Del Sol vs. Baron Black & Ryzin

Fuego and Black start off this match jawing back and forth. They shake hands as Black catches Fuego in a side headlock before dropping him with a shoulder block. Black catches Fuego in mid-air. Fuego escapes and hits the tijeras then a flurry of offense. Ryzin and Marko tag in, and Marko charges in and applies a side headlock. Ryzin tries to escape and knocks Marko down and laughs at him. Marko catches Ryzin with a huge dropkick and tags in Fuego.

Fuego hits a dropkick off the drop down down from Marko for two. Black hits a knee to the back on Fuego setting up Ryzin for a chokeslam for two. Black tags in as they keep Fuego in their corner. Black hits his atomic drop / backstabber combo for a two count. Black prevents a tag out and tries for a Gori Special and gets it.

Fuego escapes and tries to tag out. Black stops him and hits a Manhattan drop then an exploder, cover, but Fuego kicks out at two. Fuego escapes a fireman's carry and hits the Stunner. He hits an enzuigiri then tags in Marko. Ryzin tags in but eats a leg lariat. Marko misses a Sliced Bread but hits a tijeras to drop Black.

Marko makes Ryzin crash in the corner as he hits a top rope elbow drop then a sliding lariat, cover 1-2-no! Marko and Fuego both going up top and hit stereo Orihara moonsaults on Black and Ryzin. Ryzin cuts off Marko up top. Fuego blind tags in. Marko reverses Ryzin in the corner. Marko hits a tope suicida on Black. Fuego hits the tornado DDT for his first AEW win!

Winners: Marko Stunt & Fuego Del Sol

Post-match: Sammy Guevara, Alan Angels, Griff Garrison and Dustin Rhodes come and congratulate Fuego on his first win.

Kris Statlander (w/ Orange Cassidy) vs. Viva Van

Statlander tries for a boop, but Van counters it. Statlander cartwheels around Van. Statlander spins around and boops Van. Statlander with the trip and the spinning leg drop for two. Van cuts off Statlander and gets off a combo of her own. She trips up Statlander and slaps her in the face.

She fires in a chop as she keeps up the pressure on Statlander. Statlander fighting back, but Van catches her with a leg lariat, cover, but Statlander kicks out at two. Statlander counters Van in the corner and hits a powerslam, and she gives Orange a thumbs up. Statlander lights up Van in the corner. Statlander with a hammer throw in the corner, running knee strike. She sets up Van on her shoulders and pancakes her. Statlander hits the scissor kick followed up by the Big Bang Theory for the win.

Winner: Kris Statlander

Varsity Blonds (Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison) (w/ Julia Hart) vs. Chad Lennex & Zachariah

Zachariah and Brian Pillman Jr. start this match off as they feel each other out exchanging wristlocks. Varsity Blonds in control early on with quick tags in and out showing off their experience. Zachariah tires to escape a hammerlock, but Pillman hangs onto it, until Zachariah reaches the ropes.

Pillman shuts down Zachariah's offense. Zachariah catches Pillman with a Manhattan drop then a dropkick, but Pillman cuts him off. Garrison tags in and hits a leg drop off the high boot from Pillman, cover and he gets a two count. Zachariah with a thumb to the eye gives him a chance to tag in Lennex. Pillman blind tags in and hits a dropkick off a spinebuster from Garrison.

Lennex stuns Pillman maintaining control. Zachariah tags in as Zachariah and Lennex cut the ring in half on Pillman. Lennex lays in a kick to the back. Zachariah gets knocked out of the corner. Pillman avoids Lennex. Zachariah tags in and drops a strike on Pillman preventing a tag out.

Pillman bounces off the corner and hits a crossbody on Lennex and Zachariah. Garrison drops Zachariah with a high boot. He drops Lennex with a back body drop. He hits a splash in the corner then a Falcon Arrow. He hits a rolling elbow, and Pillman hits a flying lariat for the win.

Winners: Varsity Blonds (Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison)

Angelico vs. Prince Kai

Angelico and Kai feeling each other out to start things out. Angelico with a wristlock takedown as he poses in front of Kai. Angelico and Kai going back and forth as Kai catches Angelico with a dropkick. Kai tells Angelico to bring it. Angelico calls for a top wristlock, but he cuts off Kai and keeps up the pressure on him.

Kai goes under Angelico and gets a crucifix pin for two. He ducks a lariat and hits a neckbreaker for two. Angelico rolls on the apron. Angelico hits a jawbreaker on the apron. He hits a low enzuigiri and transitions over for the Navarro Death Roll and makes Kai tap out for the win.

Winner: Angelico

Post-match: Angelico continues to dance on the ramp even as his music gets cut off. Wheeler Yuta comes in for his match, and Angelico bumps him as he walks out.

Ryan Nemeth (w/ The Wingmen) vs. Wheeler Yuta

Nemeth with an easy takedown, but Taz points out that there is no points system in AEW. Nemeth drops Yuta again, but Yuta uses his quickness to hit a dropkick. Peter Avalon fixes Nemeth's hair as The Wingmen give Nemeth a pep talk in the corner. Yuta back on the offensive, but Nemeth cuts off Yuta in the corner and goes back in control.

Nemeth throws Yuta outside as The Wingmen mess around with Yuta's hair as Drake covers the ref's view. Nemeth with a hammer throw, hip shake then a corner spear, cover but only a two count. Nemeth going for a Rude Awakening, but Yuta counters it and gets off a stacked pin, 1-2-3! Yuta with with upset win.

Winner: Wheeler Yuta

Shawn Spears & Wardlow vs. Hunter Knott & Rosario Grillo

Wardlow starts off this tag match and shakes off a single-leg takedown attempt. Wardlow then shakes off a waistlock attempt. Wardlow caught with a jawbreaker, but he cuts off a double hammer throw. He absorbs a double elbow strike. Wardlow sends Knott outside, and he send Grillo to the corner.

Spears blind tags in and lights up Grillo in the corner. Wardlow tags in and whips Spears to the corner who hits a running knee. Wardlow just tosses Grillo all over. Wardlow hits a stalling slam. Grill with a back elbow on Spears in the corner. Knott comes in and lights up Wardlow, but Wardlow pops him up and slams him down. Spears takes out Grillo, and Wardlow has to tell him to calm down. Wardlow with a base jump back in the ring as he tags in Spears and allow him to finish the match. Spears hits the C4 for the win.

Winners: Shawn Spears & Wardlow

Tay Conti (w/ -1) vs. KiLynn King

King and Conti feel each other out to start things off as they exchange holds. Conti with a few judo throws into a pin, but King's legs are on the ropes. Conti offers a clean break. King goes around Conti and hits a lariat for a two count. King with a hammer throw to the corner. Conti evades King in the corner. She maintains a wristlock and springs up on the middle rope for a sunset flip.

The two trade pins. Conti catches a boot and slams King down. Conti with an arm triangle into a heel trip to apply the side headlock. King reaches the ropes. Conti tries to go over the tope in the corner, but King catches her and hits Snake Eyes. King with a cradle pin for one count.

King slams Conti on the turnbuckle and stomps on her. Conti bounces off the ropes, ducks a lariat but King with an axehandle, cover, but Conti kicks out at two. King hits a few elbows on Conti's back. She hits a sit-out powerslam, cover 1-2-no! King applies a Dragon Sleeper. Conti rises up and hits knees on King's head to escape.

King with a sleeper, but Conti counters with a jaw breaker and lays in elbows. She hits a few lariats then a ripcord knee to the gut. She hits a pump kick in the corner followed up by a running boot slide then another and one more. King rolls outside. Conti misses a PK. King catches another PK. King hits a sideslam on the apron! King covers, but Conti kicks out at two. Conti hits a flurry of forearms. King tries an O'Connor Roll. Conti blocks it. Conti lands on her feet off a hip toss and transitions into the DD-Tay for the win.

Winner: Tay Conti

- Dasha is backstage with the Varsity Blonds and Julia Hart. She asks them what's next. Pillman says it was great to go up against the Rhodes Wrestling Academy guys, but they're after the AEW Tag Team Titles. Garrison agrees.

Dark Order (Colt Cabana, Alex Reynolds, 10, Alan "5" Angels) (w/ -1) vs. Will Allday, Jason Hotch, Chandler Hopkins & Dean Alexander

Reynolds and Hopkins start off this eight-man tag. The two go back and forth matching each other move for move. Reynolds catches Hopkins with a dropkick as he was doing too much celebrating. Cabana tags in and ripcords Hopkins to Reynolds for an elbow strike. Hopkins tags in Hotch, but Hotch runs into a back body drop after some early offense. Cabana shakes off a chop and lands an open hand chop of his own.

Angels tags in. Allday tags in as Hotch rolls out. Allday and 5 showing off their quickness going counter for counter. Angels with a sliding knee strike to slow down Allday. 10 tags in and hits a fallaway slam off the dropkick from Angels. Alexander tags in and charges in, but 10 is in full control. Hopkins runs in and eats a powerbomb. 10 hits a spinebuster and tags in Angels, stands in everyone's way preventing them from running in as Angels hits a frog splash for the win.

Winners: Dark Order (Colt Cabana, Alex Reynolds, 10, Alan "5" Angels)

Jack Evans (w/ Angelico & Matt Hardy) vs. Mike Sydal (w/ Matt Sydal)

Evans on the offensive early on. Sydal uses his athleticism to gain control and slow things down a bit. Evans sends Sydal to the corner and lays the pressure on him as Hardy trash talks him. Sydal elevates over the corner and hits a dropkick for two. Sydal lays in chops on Evans. Evans catches Sydal with a corkscrew kick and pummels Sydal. He follows with Muay Thai knees, cover, but Sydal kicks out at two.

Evans hits a standing corkscrew for two. Evans sets up Sydal up top. Sydal cuts him off and sends him down. Sydal going up top and cartwheels around. He does a split and catches Evans with an enzuigiri. Sydal catches Evans in an arm presser. Evans reaches the ropes for a break. Evans and Sydal go around each other. Evans goes under Sydal pushes him to the ref, but Sydal avoids the ref bump, but Evans rolls up Sydal with a high stack backslide for the win.

Winner: Jack Evans

Red Velvet vs. Ashley Vox

Red Velvet gets off a side headlock takeover. Vox counters into a head scissors as Red Velvet and Vox trade flash pins. Red Velvet keeping the pressure on Vox with a series of arm drags then a leg lariat. Red Velvet lights up Vox with body punches in the corner. Vox ducks a final strike and hits a forearm then an enzuigiri. She lays in more strikes, cover, but Red Velvet kicks out at two.

Vox applies a head crank. Red Velvet rises up and hits a few body shots, but Vox cuts her off and hits a fisherwoman's suplex. Vox applies a fish hook, but Red Velvet counters with an elbow strike followed up by lariats. Vox sends Red Velvet outside. Red Velvet counters a spear with a knee lift then a split-legged boot, cover, but Vox kicks out at two. Red Velvet lays in some elbows then hits a huricanranna sending her to the middle rope. She hits a double knee strike to the back then hits the Chef's Kiss for the win.

Winner: Red Velvet

Eddie Kingston & Penta El Zero Miedo (w/ Alex Abrahantes) vs. Chaos Project (Serpentico & Luther)

Kingston and Serpentico start off this tag match as Serpentico big games Kingston. Serpentico hits a playful chop. Serpentico follows up getting the upper hand now. Luther tags in and keeps up the pressure. Kingston counters Luther in the corner and hits machine gun chops. Luther tries to maintain control, but Kingston bites Luther. Luther gains back control, and Serpentico tags in and hits a stomp.

Kingston lights up Serpentico with chops, but Serpentico gouges his eyes and applies a headlock. Serpentico hits a headbutt to prevent a comeback. Luther tags in and continues to cut the ring in half. Luther with a lariat, a few knee drops and then a tag to Serpentico. Luther uses Serpentico to hit a leg drop the bulldogs him onto Kingston. Luther slams Serpentico on Kingston, and Serpentico gets a cover, but Kingston kicks out at two.

Serpentico tries to set up Kingston in the corner. He manages to do so and goes up top. Kingston avoids a senton atomico and tags in Penta. Penta comes in and ducks a few lariats. He hits a floating backbreaker then sets Serpentico up on the middle rope, takes off his glove and chops Serpentico.

Luther kicks Penta on the back, but Penta drops him with a Gamengiri. Serpentico tries a huricanranna, but Penta counters it into a powerbomb, cover, but Luther breaks it up. Kingston drops Luther with the spinning back fist. Kingston hits a Saito suplex setting up Penta for the Fear Factor for the win.

Winners: Eddie Kingston & Penta El Zero Miedo

- Excalibur hypes up tomorrow's tag team title match at "Road Rager" between Kingston and Penta against The Young Bucks as that closes out a packed episode of Dark.