AEW Dark Results: Varsity Blonds And Dante Martin Vs. The Acclaimed And Ryan Nemeth

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- Cold open with Evil Uno and Stu Grayson in a stairway as Evil Uno previews their 10-man elimination tag tomorrow. Uno says they asked for tonight's match, and Grayson says they'll hurt their opponents and they'll prove that Dark Order is the best tag team, so The Elite better be watching.

- Taz and Excalibur welcome us to an "explosive" episode of Dark as they take it to our first match right away.

Red Velvet vs. Alejandra Lion

Red Velvet with a quick arm drag as she stirs it up. Lion gets a waistlock, but Red Velvet goes to the ropes to force a break. Lion slaps Red Velvet, then hits a kick and then hits driving knee strikes off the cravat. Lion hits a sliding dropkick but takes too much time on the cover and only gets two.


Lion stretching out Red Velvet and digs her claws on her back as she tries to escape. Lion hits a lariat in the corner and then tries to follow up with a double knee strike, but Red Velvet dodges it. She follows up with a double lariat, drop toe hold on the middle rope, double knee strike and then a standing moonsault. Red Velvet hits a kick to the mid-section and then The Final Slice for the win.

Winner: Red Velvet

- Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss are backstage, and Janela says they're back together and "focused." Janela says, "No more bad influences like Alex Marvez." Janela notes that next week is AEW Dark 100, and that will be the start towards the AEW Tag Team Championships as he calls out The Young Bucks. Kiss says Janela says it all, and Bad Romance will be on top.


Abadon vs. Killa Kate

Kate rolls under a collar-and-elbow tie up attempt a few times. Abadon hits a few knee lifts and just whips Kate across the ring by the hair. Abadon sends Kate outside and dives on her while hitting some ground and pound offense. Kate is sent head first on the guardrail and the apron. Kate sent back in as Abadon crawls over to her. Kate catches Abadon in a triangle armbar.

Abadon rolls her through and hits an uppercut. She follows up with corner spears. She charges through, but Kate dodges it. Kate smashes Abadon's head on the top turnbuckle. but Abadon is unfazed and hits a backhand while adjusting her neck. Kate hits a few forearms while the audience chants "eat her soul." Abadon catches Kate with a powerbomb, headbutt then hooks her leg for a DDT for the win.

Winner: Abadon

- We get a highlight from last week where Diamante cost Big Swole a match against The Bunny, and Swole agrees to Diamante's challenge.

Diamante vs. Big Swole

The bell rings and Swole charges in, but Diamante slides under the ring and takes her time getting back in. Back in the ring, Diamante tries for an arm drag, but Swole gets one of her own. Both tries another arm drag, but they each block each other. Swole hits a shoulder block. Diamante blocks a hip toss, but Swole counters and hits a big boot for a one count. Swole with a crucifix pin for two as Swole applies the body scissors.


Diamante gets a quick pin, but Swole also gets a quick pin off. Diamante sends Swole to the corner and hits a big chop and follows up with a heavy left hand. She starts dragging Swole throat first across the rope. Swole blocks a hammer throw and hits a flurry of punches, but Diamante lifts Swole onto the ropes and hits a lariat to the back.

Diamante keeping the pressure on Swole. Swole hits a few body punches to escape the corner, but Diamante charges in with an uppercut and then hits a running dropkick in the corner for a two count. Diamante working a nerve hold, but Swole gets a foot on the ropes. Diamante with a quick elbow drop as she follows up with a few clubbing blows and the applies a headlock.

Swole fighting out of it, but Diamante cuts her off. Swole ducks a Polish hammer and hits a few cross chops and then a headbutt after missing a few kicks. She then hits an uppercut, gets sent over the top rope and tries a sunset flip. Diamante blocks it, and sits on Swole while also grabbing onto the rope for the win.


Winner: Diamante

Dark Order (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson) vs. Zach Mason and Warren Johnson

Grayson and Johnson start off this tag match as Johnson gets a fast start going, but Grayson with a knee lift followed by a hurricanrana. Uno tags in, and he whips Grayson onto Johnson in the corner and follows up with a boot. Mason hits a kick while Uno bounces off the ropes. Uno putting the pressure on Johnson in the corner as he avoids a splash, but Mason hits a lariat taking him down as Taz approves.

Mason tags in and keeps the pressure on Uno. Uno hits forearm shots on Mason and Johnson, but Mason cuts him off. Johnson tags in as he hits more body shots. Mason tags in and gives an assisted splash for Johnson then a boot for a two count. Mason applies a headlock. Uno rises up and escapes, but Mason cuts off the tag out. Uno turns it around and hits a suplex. Grayson and Johnson tag in, and Grayson shooting off the corner and hits a belly-to-belly suplex, Uranage, sends Johnson outside and then drops Mason.

Grayson then hits a tope con hilo on the both of them! Back in the ring, Uno blind tags in and catches Johnson off the leap frog attempt. Mason charges in and hits a high boot, Pele kick, back drop off the kick. Grayson hits a running knee into the piledriver from Uno for the win.


Winner: Dark Order (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson)

- We see highlight clips from The Acclaimed and Varsity Blonds rivalry.

- Max Caster rap highlights: "It's The Acclaimed y'all know the deal. The 2nd amendment should be repelled... I'm gonna rip Julia like Ezekiel Elliot's dog."

Dante Martin & Varsity Blonds (w/ Julia Hart) vs. The Acclaimed and Ryan Nemeth

Martin and Anthony Bowens start off this match as Bowens easily takes down Martin. Martin with a hip toss into a wristlock, but Bowens turns it around. Bowens blocks an arm drag, but Martin using his quickness to catch Bowens with a shotgun dropkick for a two count. Martin prevents a tag out and tries to tag in Brian Pillman Jr., but Bowens cuts him off and tags in Max Caster. Martin flips out of a double suplex attempt and tags in Pillman.


The Acclaimed run away and tag in Nemeth who gets arm dragged. Griff Garrison tags in and keeps Nemeth isolated as Varsity Blonds show off their teamwork. Pillman hits a back elbow, but Nemeth distracts referee Rick Knox allowing Max Caster to take out Pillman. Caster tags in and keeps Pillman isolate in his corner as The Acclaimed show off their teamwork. Pillman hits a chop in response to Bowens'. Bowens with a sleeper hold to cut off the tag out.

Bowens hits a northern lights suplex for a two count. Nemeth tags in as he sends Pillman to the corner as The Acclaimed hang onto him while Nemeth dances before hitting a corner spear. Pillman bounces off the corner and hits a crossbody on Nemeth and Bowens. Pillman sends Nemeth outside, and Nemeth takes out Martin, but Garrison goes to work sending Caster to the corner, sending Nemeth outside and hitting a boot on Bowens.

Garrison hits a splash on The Acclaimed and then gets a two count on Caster. Garrison flips over the back suplex. Pillman blind tags in. Garrison hits an elbow strike. Bowens hits a powerslam, thrust kick on Garrison. Martin hits a double moonsault. Caster misses the Mic Drop. Garrison roll up for two. Martin tags in and hits a top rope shotgun dropkick. Nemeth tags in but gets hit with a dropkick. Martin is whipped but jumps over the corner post onto everyone! Martin back in the ring as he hits his flipping Stunner for the win.


Winners: Dante Martin & Varsity Blonds

Post-match: Pillman grabs a mic. He mocks Caster's "yo." He says he knew Bowens would be looking for the mic because he knows The Acclaimed talk well, but their better on the mic, and that's why "we're the best tag team in the number one company in the world!" Pillman tells The Acclaimed to bring it as they trash talk before leaving while Excalibur says goodbye concluding this week's episode of Dark.