CM Punk possibly coming in has been a hot topic of conversation backstage in AEW over the past week after it was reported that he was in talks for an in-ring return, and was likely headed to work for the company.

It was just revealed last week that Punk has been in talks for his in-ring return. Fightful Select adds that at the time the story broke, it was believed to be a closely guarded secret. However, there were other media that had been poking around and were aware of the news, to a more expanded level than the parties involved actually knew.

There has been consideration and interest in Punk on AEW’s behalf since approximately last year, but there’s no word on if formal conversations happened that far back. AEW higher-ups have previously openly mentioned Punk possibly coming in, but as recent as a few months back, people on the AEW roster had not heard anything about Punk getting signed.

Regarding the ongoing Punk chatter backstage at AEW, wrestlers that have not worked with the former WWE Champion have been asking others about how he is to work with.

Punk signing with AEW still has not been confirmed, but multiple sources believe he is coming in, and people in WWE also believe that he is returning to pro wrestling with AEW. There have been rumors on Punk possibly debuting during All Out Week in early September near Chicago, but nothing is official as of this writing.

Stay tuned for more on Punk possibly signing with AEW.