Chris Jericho appeared on Gresh and Keefe to help promote his new book, The Complete List of Jericho. During the interview, the AEW star touched on a couple different topics including his dream feuds and favorite tag partner.

Looking back on his career, Jericho wished he could have had feuds with Bret Hart, Owen Hart, and The Undertaker.

“I think the Hart brothers for sure. I’m talking about Bret Hart or Owen Hart,” Jericho said. “Both of those guys I never got to wrestle. Owen passed away before I got into WWE, and I wasn’t at the level to wrestle Bret before he got injured, before his career was done. But I think with our backgrounds and kind of growing up in the same area, and training the same way, those would have been a couple classic feuds. The other one is The Undertaker. I worked him a few times and we always had great matches, but we just never really had a long feud.”

Switching gears, Jericho was asked about who his favorite tag partner was over the years as he’s had plenty to pick from. Jericho didn’t hesitate to go with Big Show (aka Paul Wight).

“My favorite tag team partner of all-time — and you can see that in The Complete List of Jericho, I have my top ten tag team partners, etc — is always the Big Show,” Jericho responded. “We had a great time together, we were like an old married couple and argue with each other. It was like, ‘I can’t find my glasses,’ ‘Your glasses are on top of your head! Put them on so you can see,’ ‘Don’t tell me what to do!’ Great chemistry and just a great guy.”

You can check out the full interview below.

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