American Top Team’s Dan Lambert, UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal, and UFC Bantamweight and Featherweight Champion Amanda Nunes were in the crowd at tonight’s AEW Dynamite: Road Rager.

Initially, the trio was just shown being in the audience, but Tony Schiavone later attempted to interview them. Lambert took the mic and proceeded to explain that he was skeptical of coming to an AEW show because “AEW sucks.”

Lambert talked about how if he wanted to watch good wrestling, he’d have to go back to the 70s and 80s.

“Wrestling has gone downhill since the late 1990s and this product is unwatchable!” Lambert said while standing in the ring.

Lambert said he should have trusted his instincts instead of listening to Tony Khan trying to put over his product. Just as he said that, Lance Archer came to the ring and forearmed Lambert in the face, then proceeded to give him his finisher, black out.

Lambert has previously appeared in Impact Wrestling for a 2017/2018 feud between Bobby Lashley and Moose. As seen below, Tay Conti took a backstage photo with Nunes.