WWE superstar Drew McIntyre recently sat down for a virtual press conference to answer a variety of questions. During the conference the International Business Times’ Nissi Icasiano asked McIntyre about the company releases several wrestlers.

McIntyre admitted that seeing his fellow wrestlers released is never a pleasant experience. However, he also stated that this is an opportunity for a lot of the talents to go out and improve their craft. He notes that the world is opening back up and that the wrestling industry will be experiencing a boom.

“You know, when the releases happen, it’s a sad time,” admitted McIntyre. “We’re gonna miss seeing a lot of our superstars regularly every week (on) television. But at the same time, it is a huge opportunity. That’s the way I look at it.

“Perhaps some of the superstars that were released weren’t particularly happy with their position. Now, they have an opportunity to go out there and reinvent themselves and the world’s opening back up. The wrestling scene was thriving and will be thriving again very soon with live fans back in the building all across the world. And they’ll get the chance to go out there and try something different. Really make their own name and create their own buzz.”

McIntyre then proceeded to open up about what his mindset was when he himself was released from the company back in 2014. He says he was committed to fulfilling the images and goals he set for himself, and that other people began to take note.

“I was so fortunate that when I was released from the WWE, that’s exactly what my mindset was–I’m gonna put the image out that I see myself as, as opposed to what others see me as,” shared McIntyre. “Thankfully, it caught on. I was given a lot of opportunities outside of WWE to make my name and it brought me back to WWE and to the top of the mountain.”

McIntyre also notes that all of the talent that was released has the same opportunity that he did to go out and reinvent themselves. He said that if they work hard enough they could also eventually make their return to the WWE.

“There are so many talented individuals that just got released,” said McIntyre. “They can do exactly the same [as I did]. If they’ve got the work ethic and the passion, they’re gonna make it happen and I’ll see them all again one day.”

Drew McIntyre is currently set to participate in this year’s Money In The Bank match on July 18 in Fort Worth, Texas. The other RAW superstars currently set for the match are Ricochet, Riddle, and John Morrison.

H/t to International Business Times for the transcription.