Edge Admits Matt Hardy Feud Over Lita Was Difficult

As a special guest on The Kurt Angle Show, WWE Hall of Famer Edge spoke about his career and time as "The Rated R Superstar". The 47-year-old discussed the positives and negatives of the persona, and the time he hated the character the most. Edge noted that his next feud with John Cena was supposed to be short term, but ended up lasting for a long time.

"I think when everything with Matt [Hardy] and [Lita], I didn't enjoy any of that, that was hard," Edge admitted. "It was a position that I put myself in and thought okay, I made my bed, I just got to deal with this. Then I thought okay, we're here now, how can we pull a positive? Let's make some money. That's what we did, this is the situation, now let's try and get something good out of this pretty lousy scenario, the matches were [good] though because I loved working with Matt. When I got to John, we kind of got on the same page and he realized what I was out to do, which was just that, to make him superman.

"Once we both had that understanding, then we were off and running. I don't think that program was supposed to last more than 3 weeks. After WrestleMania 22 when I got to work with Mick [Foley], who was another guy who just did so much for my career, then they circle back to John and I because it had worked so well in those 3 weeks and ratings went up and all those things. Once they went back to us, I think we ran for like a year and a half after that, just night in, night out. It kept going and going. The only thing with John and I is we never wrestled one-on-one at WrestleMania, which is crazy. We worked everything else but."

John Cena made his return to WWE at Money in the Bank this past weekend to confront Roman Reigns after he defeated Edge. Cena's surprise return is expected to set up the main event of August's SummerSlam where he is rumored to challenge Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship.

Edge continued to talk about Cena, crediting his ability to adapt on the fly in the ring. The WWE Superstar said he and Cena would go out and feel out the crowd when they wrestled each other and made changes on the fly.

"John is very much a performer that likes to feel a crowd," Edge said. "I kind of liken him to Eddie Vedder [from Pearl Jam]. Eddie Vedder will drop a setlist for Pearl Jam, a different one every night and change it on the fly because he's feeling the audience. That's what John and I would do because you just don't know what an audience is going to do. To be able to think on your toes and to be able to go with your gut out there, that's what John and I did and that's fun."

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