GCW: Homecoming Night One Results: Nick Gage Vs. Matt Cardona

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- Kevin Gill and Dave Prazak on commentary as the ring announcer announces that GCW is home as we take it right away to our first match of the night.

Marko Stunt vs. Starboy Charlie

Marko takes some time to tie his hair up as the match gets going with Marko getting the crowd going. Marko does some flexing and goes chest-to-chest with Starboy. Marko with a quick hug as we get dueling chants supporting Marko and Starboy. Test of strength to start out but neither man can get an advantage. A "GC-dub" chant breaks out as Marko takes some time before locking up with Starboy as they got to a standstill.

Another lock up as Marko applies a side headlock. Marko tries a shoulder block, but Starboy stands tall and flexes. Starboy with a side headlock takeover. Marko frees himself as Charlie tries a shoulder tackle of his own, but Marko stands tall and flexes in front of Marko. Marko grinds on the top rope and gets off a quick shot to the mid-section. Starboy trying to quicken the pace, but they each go counter for counter.

Marko goes outside and goes for a sunset flip. Starboy rolls through, but Marko hits a crossbody and then a head scissors sends Starboy outside. Marko follows up with a tope suicidca! Marko gets Starboy back in the ring as he ducks a few clotheslines but gets caught in a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a one count. Starboy trying to keep the pressure on Marko. Starboy hits a backdrop suplex as Marko rolls onto the outside apron.

Marko catches Starboy with an elbow. He looks to shoot in, but Starboy catches him with a kick followed up by a leg drop for a two count. Starboy hits a suplex, cover, but Marko kicks out at two. Marko tries to fire back, but Starboy takes Marko to the corner and hits a few chops. Marko dodges a third chop and hits one of his own and then follows with a few body shots. Starboy counters Marko with a Snake Eyes then a German Suplex, cover 1-2-no!

Starboy places Marko on the top turnbuckle. He hits a high kick and goes up top. Marko sends Starboy down, but Starboy hits an enzuigiri. Starboy looking for a superplex on the outside, but Marko blocks it and kicks out Starboy's legs then hits a running dropkick sending then both outside. Marko grabs a chair and sets it up on the opposite side of the ring. Starboy tags Marko, but Starboy goes back at him and sits Starboy down and chops him.

Marko going up on the apron. He takes a running approach, but Starboy cuts him off and hits a running Death Valley Driver on the chair! Starboy sends Marko back to the ring and hits a second-rope Phoenix Splash, cover 1-2-no! Starboy calls his shot, but Marko slides out and hits a Death Valley Driver on the bottom turnbuckle! Marko and Starboy trade forearms. Now they trade right hands, but Starboy getting in rhythm.

Marko counters him and then hits a gutwrench suplex. He follows with a corner dropkick then an elbow drop on the back then a huge lariat. Marko going for Sliced Bread and hits, cover 1-2-no! Marko can't believe it as he sets up Starboy in the corner. He goes up top and misses. Starboy hits a shotgun dropkick and then a running corner dropkick, cover but only a two count.

Starboy sends Marko to the ropes and then hits a Michinoku Driver, cover and another two count! Marko with a forearm, spinning heel kick and then counter Starboy into a knee strike. Starboy recovers and tries for a powerbomb, but Marko counters into a Dragonrana pin for the win.

Winner: Marko Stunt

Post-match: Marko picks up Starboy up from the corner, gives him some words of encouragement as they both raise their hands. Marko thanks the fans, kisses the mat and catches a streamer as he leaves to the back.

Tony Deppen vs. Ninja Mack

The crowd is all in on both guys as we get "Tony Deppen" and "Ninja Mack" chants. Deppen tries to push Mack off lock ups, but Mack manages to get up each time. Deppen trying to go around Mack, but Mack still on his feet and one step ahead. Mack flips over the rope and tries for a tijeras, but Deppen gets on his feet. Mack takes his gloves off, but Deppen tells Mack to get serious. Some pushing back and forth as Mack continues to get back on his feet.

Deppen avoids a high kick and takes down Deppen and follows up with a dropkick that sends Mack outside. Deppen leaps through as Mack tries to catch him by surprise darting back in the ring, but Deppen hits another dropkick. Mack with a flip out of the corner as he trips up Deppen and hits a splash for two. He hits a standing moonsault for two. Mack tries to follow up, but Deppen retreats outside. Deppen catches a PK and tries to throw Mack outside, but Mack finds his balance. Deppen with a kick to the hamstring has Mack compromised.

Deppen calls for a double backflip, but he simply does a trust fall for a one count. Deppen going at the ankle as he slows things down. Deppen dances in front of Mack in the corner as he hits a falling elbow drop. Deppen with a few slaps as Mack looks to build some offense. Deppen catches a kick and hits a few forearms. Mack trips up Deppen and hits a flurry of punches. Deppen cuts him off, but Mack with a back elbow then a corkscrew kick sending Deppen outside. Mack with a multiple handspring plancha!

Back in the ring as Mack lights up Deppen with a few kicks. Mack tries for a cradle pin, but Deppen wiggles out. Mack with a kick to the head for a two count. Mack tells Deppen, "f**k you," as he hits more kicks, but Deppen catches Mack in a STF. Mack tries to reach for the ropes and gets there breaking the hold. Deppen charges in the corner but runs into an elbow then a boot. Deppen hits an elbow, but Mack flips out of the corner off the hammer throw.

Mack favors his hamstring, and Deppen hits a chop block, but Mack fights through it and hits a German Suplex, Poisonrana then a Dragonrana for a two count. Mack going up top as he hits a 630 senton, deep cover and that allows Deppen reaches the ropes! Deppen cuts off Mack in the corner and sets him up for a knee strike. Deppen goes high risk, but Mack catches him with a Code Breaker! Mack tries for another 630 senton, but Deppen avoids it and hits a running knee to the head for the win as he runs to back.

Winner: Tony Deppen

AJ Gray vs. Nolan Edward

Gray and Edward felling each other out exchanging holds and counters. Gray hits a butteryfly suplex for a one count. Edward shakes off Gray and sends him outside and hits a tope con hilo! Gray going back on the opposite side after being brought back in. Edwards hits an outside corner moonsault. Back in the ring, Edward hits a frog splash for a two count. Edward keeping the pressure on Gray.AJ Gray vs. Nolan Edward.

Gray catches Edward with a leg lariat as he takes back control of the match. Gray lights up Edward with a chop and then he hits another for good measure. Edward still standing as Gray keeps the offensive going. Edward trying to show how tough he is as he hits a huge chop on Gray. Now the two trade chops. Gray hits a chop that sends Edward down, but Edward gets back up and takes his mask off. He takes his elbow pad off as they go at each other with a flurry of strikes.

Edward hits a northern lights suplex, bridge but only a two count. Edward with a cannonball in the corner. He stands up on the 450, but Gray catches him with a spinebuster then a powerbomb, stacked pin for a two count. Gray applies a STF, but Edward reaches the ropes.

Edward on the apron as he catches Gray with a sunset flip pin for two. He then hits a kick to the head as he tries to bring life back to his leg, but Gray catches him with a lariat for a one count! Gray and Edward back to trading strikes as he hits another lariat and hits one more for a two count. Gray hits a brainbuster for the win.

Winner: AJ Gray

Grim Reefer vs. 2 Cold Scorpio

Reefer and Scorpio taking in the dueling chants. A share of sportsmanship as Scorpio sends Reefer to the corner off the lock up. Scorpio dances as he offers a clean break. Reefer breaks out of a wristlock attempt, and Scorpio gives his praise. Scorpio applies a cravat, but Reefer with a single-leg takedown, but Scorpio counters with a flash pin for a one count. Reefer wants a joint break as he takes a drag.

Reefer offers Scorpio a drag. Scorpio obliges, but Reefer catches him with a spinning heel kick. Scorpio turns it around and hits a splash in the corner. Scorpio gets Reefer locked up as he takes a drag, but Reefer turns it around. They're both standing on the ropes as Reefer hits a Russian leg sweep and applies a crossface as Reefer is bleeding from the mouth.. He tries to go for the joint but drops it allowing Scorpio to gain the advantage.

Reefer ducks a few lariats. Scorpio hangs his ground on the arm drag attempt, but Reefer applies a jack knife cover for a two count. Scorpio catches Reefer with a high kick and hits a flipping leg drop off the second rope, cover but only a two count. Reefer and Scorpio trade strikes, but they connect at the same time for a double down. Reefer gets up first, but he plays possum. Scorpio tries for a pin, but Reefer applies a crossface.

Scorpio reaches the ropes for a break. Scorpio sends Reefer outside. Scorpio sizes up Reefer and hits a running boot. Reefer back in the ring, but he hits a dropkick to keep Scorpio outside. Reefer hits a springboard splash! Reefer hits a headbutt, but Scorpio responds with one of his own. Scorpio lights up Reefer with punches.

He sets up Reefer on the top turnbuckle. He hits a thrust kick and tries for  a second-rope move, but Reefer catches the slip up and hits a DDT off the second rope for a two count. Reefer hits a Swanton Bomb for another two count. Scorpio with a few knee strikes followed up by a Pele kick. Scorpio going up top and hits Drop the Bomb for the win.

Winner: 2 Cold Scorpio

- Post-match: Scorpio celebrates by smoking a joint. He offers a joint to a downed Reefer and does some CPR to bring him back to up. The two hug and share respect.

- We get a Drew Parker promo video for our upcoming GCW Ultraviolent & BJW Death Match Heavyweight Title match. The light tubes, doors etc. are being set up in the ring.

- Shlak joins color commentary.

Alex Colon (c) vs. Drew Parker (c) (GCW Ultraviolent Title / BJW Death Match Heavyweight Title Match)

Parker and Colon exchange wristlocks, and Parker breaks free by smashing a light tube on Colon's head! Colon showing his toughness by breaking a light tube. Parker sent outside as Colon goes for a tope suicida while holding a light tube and clashes with Parker's light tube! Colon sits down Parker and smashes a light tube on another light tube set up on Parker's chest and blood city. Parker puts the breaks in the corner and uses the ring post to hit a Sliced Bread.

Parker picks up a few darts and uses Colon's back to hit a bullseye! Parker throws another bullseye at Colon's back and goes for one more for good measure. Parker takes out the darts off Colon's back as he takes it back in the ring. Colon throws middle fingers and sends Parker into the tubes on the ropes. Colon grabs a tube, but Parker blocks the shot. Parker takes it, but Colon trips up Parker smashing the tube on his neck. Colon breaks a tube and takes the sharp edges on Parker's eye!

Colon cuts up Parker's forehead and smashes the tubes on himself and smashes in half another tube. Parker places on the middle rope as he continues to slice up Parker. Colon hits some stiff shots, but Parker responds, and they trade forearms. Parker sends Colon to the tubes. He slings shots off the ropes and hits a cutter on the glass. Parker sets up a tube in the corner and looks for a coast to coast and gets it and smashes the bundle of tubes!

Parker follows up with a tope con hilo on the outside! Back in the ring, Parker goes up top. Colon swings tube at Parker to stop him. Colon sets up the tube platform as he meets Parker up top. Parker trying to block Colon as he hits a top rope DDT on the tubes! Parker covers but only gets a two count. Parker and Colon on their knees as they trade strikes. Parker ducks a tube shot but eats a half and half suplex.

Parker responds with a Death Valley Driver on the door, but it doesn't break! Parker tries to break the table, but Colon sends Parker to the door and it breaks, cover, but Parker kicks out at two. Colon hands Parker some tubes and hits a double knee strike on him, cover 1-2-no! Both men can barely stand as Parker is sent on the apron. Colon handed a glass object and a few chairs as he sets up the glass frame on the chairs.

Colon hits a headbutt, but Parker goes back at him as they trade strikes once again. Colon hits more headbutts and tries to get Parker in a fireman's carry, and he hits a Death Valley Driver on the apron! Colon dives through the ropes and hits a swinging DDT! Parker sent back in the ring as Colon goes up top. Parker cuts him off as he sets up the glass frame to his liking. Parker meeting Colon up top, but Colon fights back.

Parker hits a superplex on the glass frame! Parker goes up top and hits a Swanton Bomb for a one count! Colon and Parker brawl. Colon hits a Uranage into his knee. Colon applies a Camel Clutch. Parker fights out. Barb-wire glass is brought in as Colon hits Parker with a tube. The barb-wire glass is being set up as both men go back up top. Colon going for a Spanish Fly, but Colon slides under.

Colon hits some punches, but Parker sets up Colon for a Cheeky Nandos Kick. Parker hits a Burning Hammer on the barb-wire glass! Parker covers 1-2-no! Parker going back up top and hits a Swanton Bomb on glass, cover 1-2-no! Parker applies a modified rear-naked choke, and Colon passes out!

Winner: Drew Parker, who is now GCW Ultraviolent Champion & BJW Death Match Heavyweight Champion

Post-match: Parker is given a mic. Parker says it's time for Colon to go to Japan for a rematch. Parker hands Colon the mic. Colon accepts the invite. Parker says he's not down as he says tomorrow he'll be taking on Jimmy Lloyd!

- Intermission time.

Shane Mercer vs. Atticus Cogar vs. Jordan Oliver vs. Brayden Lee vs. Dante Leon vs. Jack Cartwheel (Scramble Match)

The bell rings, and Mercer goes at Cogar right away. Leon is thrown out. Cartwheel drops Mercer outside. Oliver does a tope suicida on two guys. Lee and Cartwheel match each other counter for counter in the ring. They each do tope con hilos outside! They go back in the ring, but Cogar takes his chance to take them on. Cogar takes out both of them and does a tope suicida on Lee. Oliver meets Cogar face-to-face.

Mercer intercepts and drops both of them. Mercer hits a pop-up powerslam on Cogar. He then flips over Oliver. Oliver cuts off Mercer and hits a combo of strikes. Leon cuts off Oliver but ends up helping Oliver for a cutter on Mercer. Leon hits a cutter on Cartwheel and then a crossbody on Mercer and Oliver. Cartwheel in a vertical suplex position with Leon, but Lee hits a German Suplex knocking them both out!

Cogar cuts off Lee, but Cartwheel dropkicks Cogar outside. Leon cuts off Cartwheel on the middle rope. Leon sets up Cartwheel to Lee who dumps him outside. Cartwheel going for a Sasuke Special, but Leon hits him with a dropkick and hits a spinning plancha on everyone on the outside. Cartwheel hits the Sasuke Special on everyone! Cartwheel looks to set up Mercer, but Cogar cuts him off and goes to work on him.

Mercer going at Cogar, but Oliver goes over Mercer and hits a cutter on Cartwheel then another on Cogar after an assist from Mercer. Mercer now in control over Oliver. Mercer sets up Oliver in the corner. Oliver trying for a second-rope cutter, but Mercer counters it. Cartwheel and Lee go for double shooting stars but only Cartwheel hits it. Leon hits a swanton to break up a pin attempt. Everyone hits boots at the same time (kind of) knocking everyone down.

Leon going up top, but Mercer cuts him off with an enzuigiri. Mercer, who's been busted open, sets up Leon in a Gorilla Press. He does some lifts and throws him across. Cocky pin but Cartwheel hits a chop, and Mercer tosses Cartwheel onto Leon. Cogar and Mercer face-to-face. Cogar slips out of the Gorilla Press and reveals some skewers and places them on his head! Mercer is unfazed and presses Cogar.

Mercer blocks a cutter from Oliver and pulls off the skewers. Mercer on the second rope and hits a moonsault slam, cover but broken up by Lee and Cartwheel who get in a chop battle. Lee cuts off Cartwheel and hits a sit-out powerbomb, cover but only a two count. Cartwheel rolls out as Lee and Oliver are in the ring. Oliver hits the Cleopatra followed up by the Clout Cutter, but Cogar low blows Oliver and pins Lee for the win.

Winner: Atticus Cogar

G-Raver & Jimmy Lloyd (c) vs. Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner & Matthew Justice) (GCW Tag Team Title Match)

Lloyd gets things going with a dropkick on SGC followed up by a tope suicida on SGC! G-Raver hits a swan dove through the middle rope! SGC now showing color as G-Raver looks to bring out a door. Mance hits Lloyd with a chair as G-Raver looks for more stuff under the ring. Lloyd sends Mance back in the ring as he brings some weapons in. G-Raver going to work on Justice looking to open up his cut.

Lloyd throws a chair at Mance as more chairs are brought to the ring. Lloyd and G-Raver now going two-on-one against Mance as G-Raver plants his boot on Mance's head on the door. Lloyd takes out a staple gun and staples Mance's tongue on the door! Mance tries to get up with the door. Lloyd and G-Raver hip toss Justice on the door freeing Mance the hard way! Justice finds an opening and throws Lloyd to the corner knocking G-Raver down.

Mance and Justice now going two-on-one on Lloyd as Mance hits his signature eye poke. Lloyd doesn't know where he is and hits a cutter on G-Raver, cover, and G-Raver kicks out at two. SGC now in control. G-Raver cuts off SGC's tag team combo. Lloyd sets up a chair, and Lloyd and G-Raver set up the doors. Justice blocks an Uranage attempt, but Lloyd helps him out, and G-Raver sends Justice through the door, double pin, but Justice kicks out at two. Mance hits Lloyd and G-Raver with a tag belt.

Mance pulls an Eddie Guerrero to make G-Raver think Lloyd hit him with the tag belt. Justice takes advantage of the argument and spears the two of them through the door, stereo covers results in stereo kick outs at two. Justice pulls out a barbed-wire door. Mance sets it up in the corner. Mance hits G-Raver with a chair shot to the head! Justice throws a chair at Lloyd. Lloyd blocks a double hammer throw.

Lloyd has Mance on his shoulders. Mance escapes as G-Raver is up top. Lloyd drops SGC, but G-Raver hits a top rope missile dropkick on Lloyd! G-Raver sits down outside leaving Lloyd by himself. Justice with a chair shot to the head, but Lloyd says "f**k you." Mance hits a knee on Lloyd while he's holding a chair. Mance sends Lloyd through the door, and Justice hits a top rope crossbody, double cover, new champions.

Winners: Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner & Matthew Justice) and now NEW GCW Tag Team Champions

Post-match: G-Raver goes to the ring and is given a mic. G-Raver mocks Lloyd and asks why he would ever want to hold a tag belt with him. G-Raver notes their reaching two years back to the "scene of the f**king crime" (G-Raver's injury). He says they'll end it in Chicago with a death match grand finale. Lloyd says he didn't want to have to do it, but G-Raver made him. "I'll see you in Chicago."

- Frontman Jah interrupts and says he sees himself as a big deal. A "shut the f**k up" chant drowns out Frontman Jah as Frontman Jah calls out Effy. Effy arrives with Allie Katch. Effy takes a mic and tells Jah-C to pay attention as the crowd chants "Effy". Effy notes he doesn't have to be on the poster unlike Frontman Jah because Effy is home, and "Effy is coming." Effy says he's more of a star than Frontman Jah and notes he's interrupting everyone from seeing Nick Gage. Effy tells Frontman Jah to leave or he'll have to deal with daddy.

Effy vs. Frontman Jah

Effy hits an atomic drop then a backbreaker as he blows farts on Frontman Jah's belly, which Jah does not like. Jah hits a chop then a leaping forearm to the corner. Effy dodges out of the corner, hits a hip attack, boot then wrenches Jah in the corner. Effy traps Jah on the apron with his crotch. Jah back drops him and hits a leaping flatliner for two. Jah keeping the pressure on, but Effy puts on the brakes in the corner, and Jah runs into him.

Jah blocks a blockbuster attempt. A "Let's go daddy" chant breaks out. Effy goes for the nipple, but Jah stands strong. Effy goes for a double nipple grab, but Jah stands strong again. Jah stands strong on the nipple bit and hits a DDT. Jah sets up in the corner and gyrates his hips. He leaps down and hits a pelvic thrust. Effy calls for another, and Jah obliges. Effy responds with a headbutt. Effy hits a suplex then a chokeslam, stacked pin 1-2-no!

Jah escapes a foreman's carry. Effy blocks an Unprettier and hits a boot. Effy goes up in the corner and hits a flurry of pelvic thrusts. He follows up with a running boot and hits Under the Rainbow, cover 1-2-no! Effy prevents Jah from reaching the ropes and taps out Jah with a reverse guillotine.

Winner: Effy

Post-match: Effy takes the mic and appreciates Jah for being a "pansexual soldier." He invites Jah to Effy's Big Gay Brunch. Jah kisses Effy, which means yes. Jah and Allie Katch share a kiss in the ring.

Nick Gage (c) vs. Matt Cardona (GCW World Title Match)

Gage hits a spinebuster to start this match quickly. Gage takes it Cardona in the corner, and he is given a pack of light tubes. Cardona smashes Gage to the turnbuckle and also smashes the light tubes busting Gage open. Cardona woo woos and hits the running boot. Cardona too much celebrating as Gage smashes a tube over his head. Cardona tries to run away, but the fans won't let him leave. Gage throws Cardona onto the chairs ringside.

Gage tells a fan to hold a chair, and Gage throws Cardona right at the chair. Gage taking Cardona around the ring, and he misses a chair shot, but he hits the action figures arranged ringside. Cardona in control as he throws Gage to the chairs, and he asks for a count-out, but there's obviously no count-outs, so he hits a plancha outside. Back in the ring, Cardona now has a light tube. He smashes a tube right on Gage's head.

Cardona grabs another tube and stomps on it. He then body slams Gage on the broken glass, cover but only a two count. Cardona hits a neckbreaker for another two count. Cardona gives the finger to the crowd as he takes in all the boos. He sizes up Gage, but he misses a punch, and Gage hits a DDT on broken glass. Gage sets up a chair on Cardona's chest and hits a corkscrew senton off the corner. Gage is given painted glass, and he sets it up in the corner.

He grabs a tube, but Cardona goes at Gage. He gets a two count off a boot. Cardona grabs the tube and hits Gage on the back. Cardona signals to the glass in the corner as he wrenches his knee onto Gage on the middle rope. Cardona taking too much time talking trash as Gage reverses an Irish Whip. Cardona puts on the breaks, but Gage hits a spear through the glass! Gage grabs more tubes and smashes them on Cardona's head.

Cardona is cut up all over his back, and Gage takes advantage with a tube shot to the back. Cardona wants to run away, but Gage grabs a broken rube and slices up Cardona's forehead. Gage has the pizza cutter! Gage more tube shots to the back. Gage sets up Cardona on the middle rope and uses the pizza cutter to slice up Cardona's forehead even more! Cardona mixing his tears with blood as Gage does more damage with the pizza cutter.

Gage takes the pizza cutter to Cardona's nose! The fans call for another tube shot, and Gage gives the people what he wants. He also gives the fans more of the pizza cutter. Gage now bites Cardona's forehead. Gage sets up two chairs. Gage does more damage with a broken tube. Gage sets up more chairs. Gage exposes Cardona's back and scratches it. Cardona set up below the chairs. Cardona hit in the head with another tube. Gage now obtains a sheet of glass that is placed on the chairs.

Gage setting up in the corner, but Cardona intercepts with a tube shot to the back. Cardona looking to superplex Gage back in the ring, and he hits it! Cardona hits a Tiger Driver on Gage, cover 1-2-no! Cardona, bleeding even more, signals for a Rough Ryder. Gage blocks it and hits the chokebreaker. Judas plays! A masked person comes in, and Gage takes him out. Gage hits a brainbuster on the chair.

It's not Chris Jericho and just some other person. Cardona hits a Code Breaker, cover 1-2-no! Cardona does a Jon Moxley impression as he tries for a Paradigm Shift, but Gage counters into a piledriver, and he hits another. Atticus Cogar and his crew come in, but Gage deals with them one by one. The numbers game gets to Gage. Ricky Shane Page comes in! He tells them to back off, but they won't accept it.

Cogar splash RSP. RSP and Gage go at Cogar and everyone else. RSP and Gage hit stereo chokebreakers. RSP hits a low blow! Cardona with a pack of tubes and lights up Gage with multiple tubes. Cardona hits the Rough Ryder for the win, and the fans immediately throw trash in the ring.

Winner: Matt Cardona & now NEW GCW World Champion

Post-match: Most likely to avoid a riot, Cardona runs off with the belt leaving Gage in disbelief in the ring, and that's it for part one of Homecoming.