Heath Slater Recalls Meeting With Vince McMahon Prior To Nexus Debut

Heath Slater made an appearance on Such Good Shoot to discuss numerous moments throughout his wrestling career. At one point in the interview, Slater recalled a meeting with Vince McMahon right before the Nexus debuted on the main roster.


Back in June of 2010, the Nexus (comprised of multiple NXT stars at the time, including Wade Barrett and Daniel Bryan) made their main roster debut by taking out John Cena, CM Punk, and others. The group also left the ringside area in shambles, which Vince McMahon requested at the meeting just prior to them going out to the ring.

"Well, they get us like halfway through the show," Slater said. "And they brought us back in Vince's office, man. And they were like, 'Hey, this is what's happening.' And it was like Vince, [Michael] Hayes, [John Laurinaitis], Dean [Malenko], Arn [Anderson], and Pat Patterson. Yeah, pretty much, you know, everyone that was involved. Vince each gave us our Nexus band. Handed it to us — I still got mine over here, the original. We got two originals from him. Like personally from him. And then they made us a few.


"But he says, 'Alright, this is the plan. Cena and Punk are gonna have a match. As soon as Cena gets put down, we're gonna have Wade come out and us through the crowd.' He's like, 'I want everyone to have that armband on and I want y'all to destroy everything inside the guard rails.' And we were like, 'okay,' and he was like, 'I mean, destroy everything. I want y'all to be a pack of wolves, a pack of hyenas, sharks in blood. If anyone gets in your way, take them out. All I ask is do not touch a fan and do not touch a camera.'

"And we were like, 's***, okay.' [Laughs] Thing is we had to keep with the secret. Like, it was literally like the first hour of RAW type deal. So we were just like, 'Oh, shoot!' Then next thing you know, once their match happened, they told us to get suited up. And they made everyone go to gorilla. So they didn't see none of us. And then next thing you know, it was like, let's light the fuse."

You can check out the full interview in the video below.