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** Before tonight’s show, Steve Maclin defeated Suicide on Before The Impact! **

Backstage correspondent Gia Miller welcomes the Impact World Champion Kenny Omega and Don Callis as they arrive in the building. Miller wants to get Omega’s thoughts before his big contract signing with Sami Callihan. Callis answers for Omega by saying they are prepared for what could happen tonight, but they aren’t sweating it.

D’Lo Brown and Josh Mathews welcome fans to Impact Wrestling! We kick things off with singles action between Brian Myers and Jake Something!

Brian Myers (w/Sam Beale) vs. Jake Something

Jake Something gets the ball rolling by throwing Brian Myers around the ring seconds after the bell rings. Myers gets tossed to the outside. Something continues the onslaught by slamming Myers’ head onto the steel stairs. Myers spills to the outside again after getting clobbered with a huge clothesline over the top rope. Myers plants a suplex on top of the ramp.

Back in the ring, Myers lays on some body shots. Something tries to catch some air on the ropes. Sam Beale lays a slap on Something. Something catches himself and fights Myers off with two hammer fists, followed by a pop-up powerbomb. Something looks for a cover. Myers kicks out. Myers tries to end the match with a spike DDT. Is that enough? No! Something is still in this fight. Something heads up to No Man’s Land, where Myers is perched. Myers throws Something off and lands a pinpoint elbow drop for another near-fall count! Something sends Myers out with his Black Hole Slam for the pinfall victory!

Winner: Jake Something

– Now, Brian Myers must acknowledge Jake Something as a “professional.” Does he? No. Sam Beale runs with a blind attack on Something just before Myers utters the words. As Beale and Myers lay the hurt on Something, Matt Cardona’s music hits! He is back and in in-ring shape following his injury. Cardona comes out to help even the odds for Something.

Backstage: The Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo is proud of herself for letting Kimber Lee and Susan go. Later tonight, Purrazzo is going to lay out an Open Challenge Match.

Backstage: Gia Miller finds Sami Callihan sitting in the back. Callihan reminds everyone that in 9 days, Omega is going to step in the ring with “The Death Machine.” A security guard comes over and informs Callihan he is being arrested for assaulting Don Callis. Callihan can’t believe it. A bunch of guys from security come out and put handcuffs on Callihan and escort him away.

Open Challenge Match for the Knockouts Championship: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Lady Frost

Deonna Purrazzo traps Lady Frost’s arm with a wrist lock. Lady Frost reverses the hold. They reset. Lady Frost escapes another hold from Purrazzo with a perfect takedown. Purrazzo sends Frost in the corner and rains down a flurry of stomps. Flurry escapes the corner with a back elbow, followed by a roundhouse kick. She does miss an opportunity from off the top rope. Purrazzo traps Frost with a single Fujiwara Armbar. Frost taps but made a great effort to challenge The Virtuosa.

Winner & Still Knockouts Champion: Deonna Purrazzo

Post-Match: Purrazzo, sarcastically, thanks Lady Frost for coming out and accepting her open challenge. Moving on, she feels confident in whoever steps up to her for the title next. All of a sudden, Gail Kim’s music hits! What does the Hall of Famer have in store for Purrazzo?

Purrazzo begins by thanking Gail Kim for being such a pivotal icon in this sport. But she wants Kim to show her the same respect as she’s giving to her. Kim guarantees she’ll always respect Purrazzo. Kim wants to make it crystal clear that she is not out there to challenge Purrazzo for the title. Kim announces that at Slammiversary, The Virtuosa will find out her opponent that night. Kim warns Purrazzo that not only will Impact’s world change, so will Purrazzo’s.

Up next, the Impact Plus Moment of the Week. It’s Mickie James vs. Angelina Love from Slammiversary, 2011. 

At Swinger’s Palace: Alisha Edwards asks the rest of the Swingerellas how many hours a week they work for Johnny Swinger. One of them replies 180 hours a week. Chris Sabin walks in and gets ready to play a hand when Moose, out of nowhere, ambushes him.

Backstage: Chirs Bey explains why chose to align himself with the X-Division Champion Josh Alexander, Trey Miguel and Petey Williams. Bey says after Madman Fulton ruined his and everyone else’s shot at becoming the next contender for the X-Division title at Against All Odds, he realized he’d rather work with the good guys in the match. That way, it’ll give him the advantage.

W. Morrissey vs. Jason Page, Manny Smith and Deontae Evans

W. Morrissey wants Eddie Edwards to watch this match closely now that he accepts Edwards’ challenge to a match at Slammiversary. Manny Smith gets the wind knocked out of him after charging towards the big man. Jason Page and Deontae Evans also takes a brutal beatdown. Morrissey chokeslams Evans. Morrissey slams Page on top of the mat with a massive powerbomb. Morrissey stakes all three of his challengers and receives the pinfall victory.

Winner: W. Morrissey

Backstage: Gia Miller talks to Don Callis about Sami Callihan’s arrest. Callis informs Miller that Callihan did some damage to him and believes “The Draw” is a hazard to the company and to himself. He asks the production crew in the back to show the footage.

In the footage, Callis is trying to control Callihan. Whatever Callis said caused Callihan to lose his temper, causing him to take a swing on Callis. The Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore steps in the frame and says tonight, there will be a contract signing, regardless if Callihan can be there or not.

Up next, we will see who will secure their position to face Fire ‘N Flava for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship!

No. 1 Contender’s Match: Susan & Kimber Lee vs. Rosemary & Havok

Rosemary and Susan are the first to step into the ring. Rosemary screams into Susan’s face, causing her to fall over. Rosemary picks her up and makes a take out to Havok. Rosemary and Havok land double clotheslines on poor Susan. Susan crawls over and tags Kimber Lee in. Lee comes in like a firecracker. She throws haymakers on Havok, but Havok doesn’t budge. Havok tosses Lee around. Havok then tags out Rosemary. Lee gains some advantage by landing a roundhouse kick on The Demon Assassin. Lee hooks the leg for a pin. Rosemary pops out.

Susan makes her way back in and slams Rosemary face-first into the top turnbuckle. Rosemary fights free and makes another tag to Havok. Havok lands two big boots on Susan and Lee in opposite corners. Havok drags Susan with her as she makes a tag to Rosemary. Rosemary lands a spear on Susan for the pinfall victory! These two dark entities have now punched their ticket for a shot at the Knockouts Tag Team Championship!

Winners: Rosemary & Havok

Tenille Dashwood Hosts “It’s All About Me” Segment:

Tenille Dashwood and Mr. Kaleb (With A “K”) welcome Jazz as their guest for this week. Dashwood lays it on thick to Jazz about how she ruined her chance of working with Rachael Ellering. Dashwood thinks Ellering and Jordynne Grace resolving their differences is absurd. She blames Jazz for all of it. Just as Jazz gets up and tries to walk away, Dashwood attacks her, sending her into the camera, which ends the show.

– Rachael Ellering and Jordynne Grace run in and help Jazz after her brutal ambush. Grace and Ellering want a match with Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb next week!

Rich Swann & Willie Mack Call Out Violent By Design:

Rich Swann and Willie Mack make their way down to the ring to call out Violent By Design for their cowardly mugging last week. They want VBD to come down to the ring so they can settle this. Instead of getting VBD, they get TJP and Fallah Bahh, who they were supposed to wrestle with last week. TJP believes Swann and Mack should go to the back and wait their turn for the titles.

TJP believes he and Bahh are the next contenders in line for a title opportunity. Seconds after TJP makes that claim, here comes VBD. As they make their way into the ring, The Good Brothers’ music plays, and they walk out.

Doc Gallows gives some sort of gospel on how they, the former champions, should be the ones on top. Well, Tommy Dreamer comes out. As the new official of Impact, Dreamer announces that all four teams will see themselves in a four-way match for the World Tag Team Championship at Slammiversary!

Karl Anderson vs. Rich Swann vs. TJP vs. Deaner

Following Dreamer’s announcement, he set up an impromptu matchup between one member from each team three teams who will be vying for a shot at the titles. This three-way match has spewed everywhere. Once things clear, TJP and Rich Swann are spotlighted. Swann connects a rolling clothesline on TJP, sending him out of the ring. Deaner slithers in with a perfect powerslam onto Swann. Both men exchange back and forth shots. They take their fight to the outside. Swann evens the odds with a senton from off the top, leading into a commercial break.

Deaner racks the eyes of Karl Anderson. Anderson rises up again only to fall back down again, courtesy of Deaner. Anderson misses a rolling elbow on TJP in the corner. TJP lands a running boot on Anderson to escape out of the corner. TJP hits the Detonation Kick on Anderson. Deaner was close to ending it all with a spike DDT. Anderson spins out of a DDT and turns it into a Gun Stun on Deaner. 1-2-3. That’s all Anderson wrote. The former tag champion dominates all the other challengers before their big clashing next Saturday.

Winner: Karl Anderson

Backstage: Kimber Lee and Susan are so disappointed they lost their title shot opportunity. Lee says she has a backup plan on how they can get back on track. Here comes Father James Mitchell. He asks Susan to join him in his office. Mitchell informs Lee he’ll do the best he can to bring Su Yung back, but he makes no promises.

Kenny Omega – Sami Callihan Contract Signing:

Earlier tonight, Sami Callihan was hauled off to jail. Therefore, he will not be there to sign his half of the contract. The Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore guarantees Callihan will be out in time to face Kenny Omega for the Impact World Championship. Since Omega and Don Callis are there, they make their way out to the ring so Omega can sign his half of the contract.

Omega takes a look at the contract before signing it. It looks good; he signs it. The lights start to flicker. We see footage from earlier on when Callis was brutally attacked by Callihan. But it wasn’t Callihan who attacked him; it was John E. Bravo playing the role of Callihan! The lights go out. The lights come back on. Callihan is standing in the ring with baseball in hand!

Callihan takes a swing on Omega. Omega fights back. Omega hoists Callihan up and mimicks Callihan’s “thumbs up, thumbs down” gesture. Callihan reverses and sends Omega crashing down on the mat with a package piledriver! Callihan reaches over and signs the contract. Then, he sends Omega right through the table. Callihan closes out the show with the Impact World Championship in hand. He stares Don Callis down. Callis is starting to look a little worried right about now.

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!