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Tonight’s the go-home show before Homecoming, which is live this Saturday at 8 PM ET on Impact Plus.

** Before tonight’s show, Steve Maclin and Trey’s Miguel’s match ends in a double count-out on Before The Impact! Maclin continues the fight on Miguel, but Petey Williams comes in and makes the save. Impact Officials have to pull all three of them apart. **

Backstage: Gia Miller is standing by Scott D’Amore’s door. There’s a rumor D’Amore has a big announcement to make tonight. She knocks on his door and he comes out. Miller mentions that D’Amore has been in the office all day with the doors closed. He says that is true. Tommy Dreamer comes into the frame and reminds D’Amore they need to start looking for Kenny Omega’s No. 1 Contender for the Impact World Championship. D’Amore is going to let Dreamer make that announcement and call soon.


D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker welcome fans to Impact Wrestling! We kick things off with “Switchblade” Jay White’s in-ring debut!

Non-Title Match: Impact World Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) vs. Jay White & Chris Bey

The fans are completely behind Chris Bey and Jay White’s tag name, “Bey-Blade.” They chant it their nickname as they make their way down to the ring.

Jay White and Karl Anderson kick things off. Anderson takes the NEVER Openweight Champion down to the mat with a side headlock takedown. The same things happen again. Back on their feet now, White plants a nasty chop on Anderson. White whips Anderson to the opposite corner and slams him with a big back elbow. White drags Anderson over to his corner and makes a tag to Chris Bey. Bey ups the pace with a perfect dropkick for only a two-count. Doc Gallows tags himself in.

Gallows tosses Bey into the corner and lays a flurry of kidney shots on the former X-Division Champion. Gallows hoists him up with a delayed vertical suplex. Gallows hooks the leg on Bey. Bey kicks out. Bey eats a massive boot in the corner. Gallows lands an elbow drop before bringing Anderson back in. Anderson slithers right in and makes the cover. Bey pops out. Anderson applies a side headlock on Bey. Bey sends Anderson to the ropes. Anderson connects a shoulder tackle that sends Bey off his feet. Anderson makes a hot tag to Gallows. Gallows sends Bey down with two big stomps, followed by a sidewalk slam for another near-fall.

Gallows punishes Bey with a flurry of elbow shots. Bey finds a way out with a high crossbody from off the top! Bey crawls over and tags in Jay White. Karl Anderson is also tagged in. White dumps Gallows and Anderson on their heads with double snap DDTs. White clobbers Anderson with a running European uppercut. White with the cover. Anderson stays alive with a kick out at two. Bey is tagged back in. Bey hoists Anderson up and slams him down on the mat. Cover. Anderson kicks out.

Gallows takes care of White on the outside. Anderson lands a short kick. Anderson follows with a clothesline in the corner. The Good Brothers set Bey up for the Magic Killer. White slides in and breaks it up. Bey gets caught by Gallows with a disastrous chokeslam. The Good Brother finally execute the Magic Killer on Bey for the pinfall victory.

Winners: The Good Brothers

Backstage: Fire ‘N Flava is on a mission to get their Knockouts Tag Team Titles back. Fallah Bahh steps in and invites Tasha Steelz to go to Homecoming to him. She accepts his invitation to take part in the King & Queen Tournament!

– D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker discuss what fans will see on tonight’s show and at Homecoming this Saturday.

Kaleb (With a “K”) (w/Tenille Dashwood) vs. Taylor Wilde

Both of them tie up. Kaleb tosses Taylor Wilde over the side and towards the mat. Kaleb looks for a cover. Wilde kicks out. Wilde charges over and positions herself in a hurricanrana. Kaleb drops her down on the mat again and goes for a second cover. Another near-fall count. Tenille Dashwood is having a good laugh on the outside and starts to taunt her. Wilde dodges a bullet near the ropes, and Kaleb gets caught in it. Now, Wilde lands a hurricanrana. In the corner, Wilde connects a big clothesline. Kaleb throws her off. Wilde fights back with a few midsection shots before eating a superkick. Kaleb thinks he’s won this match. No! Kaleb looks for his fanny pack. Wilde kicks it out of his hands. They take their fight to the outside. Wilde sends Kaleb down with a perfect tornado DDT. Back in the ring, Wilde hits a Frankensteiner near the corner before sending Kaleb out with her Wilde Ride finisher.

Winner: Taylor Wilde

Backstage: Although Jay White doesn’t think Chis Bey is ready to join Bullet Club just yet, he’s going to give Bey another chance to redeem himself.

– The X-Division Champion Josh Alexander is looking for more challengers. EVP Scott D’Amore has an opponent for his this Saturday at Homecoming: Black Taurus.

Backstage: Gia Miller is standing by with the Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo. Miller asks “The Virtuosa” with her AAA and NWA Empowerrr matches coming up, is she biting off more than she can chew. Purrazzo says absolutely not. She’s offended Miller isn’t asking this sort of question to Kenny Omega. Purrazzo reveals that she will be in this Saturday’s King and Queen Tournament for Homecoming. She won’t reveal who her partner is.

Get your conga line ready! No Way will make his post-Slammiversary return in an eight-man tag team match next!

FinJuice, Fallah Bahh & No Way vs. Ace Austin, Madman Fulton, Rohit Raju & Shera

Fallah Bahh and Madman Fulton kick things off. Fulton is having a rough time hoisting Bahh up. Bahh shoves Fulton off and makes a tag to Juice Robinson (of FinJuice). Robinson comes in like a lightning bolt with a sturdy clothesline on Fulton in the corner. Robinson then tags in his partner David Finlay. No Way joins in on the fun with Bahh. Rohit Raju makes himself the legal man and breaks it all up. Shera is in for Raju and tosses Bahh into their corner. Shera makes a hot tag to Ace Austin. Austin hits a low kick on Bahh for a two-count. Bahh isn’t fazed by Austin’s strikes. Instead, it fires him.

David Finlay and Raju make their way into the ring. Finlay flies in like a firecracker with a running European uppercut. Shera breaks up the pace and looks for a suplex. Robinson comes in and saves his partner. FinJuice land a double dropkick on Shera that sends him to the outside. Robinson flies off the top onto Shera. In the ring, No Way throws Raju in the air and clocks him right on the chin. Madman Fulton runs in. Fallah Bahh hoists Fulton up. Austin breaks it up. Bahh eats a big boot and a drop from the middle rope. Austin dropkicks Bahh to the outside. Austin takes flight with a Fosbury Flop to the outside on everyone!

Back in the ring, Raju rolls up Finlay. Finlay pops out. Finlay catches Raju with his Trash Panda finisher. Cover. 1-2-3. David Finlay picks up a major victory for his team!

Winners: FinJuice, Fallah Bahh & No Way

Backstage: Gia Miller is standing outside of Kenny Omega’s door. She wants to get a quick word from him ahead of Tommy Dreamer and Scott D’Amore’s announcement. Don Callis answers the knock. Callis says since he’s in a good mood today, he’ll let Miller talk to Kenny Omega. Out comes the Impact World Champion. Speaking of the Officials, Tommy Dreamer steps in and reveals that in two weeks, there will be a Battle Royal to determine Omega’s No. 1 Contender for the title. Whoever wins will square off with Omega at Emergence. Omega and Callis are furious over this annoucement that they’re heading to the ring to settle this.

– A third and brand new vignette is shown for “The Drama King.”

Backstage: FinJuice says they’re recharged and ready to win back the Impact World Tag Team Titles again. Just as they’re getting fired up, Jay White and Chris Bey run in and lay the beatdown on them. White throws a moving production case towards Finaly, crushing him. White gets in David Finlay’s face and reminds him, “You can’t beat me.” These two are set to face-off at NJPW Resurgence for the White’s NEVER Openweight Championship on August 14.

The Elite Call Out Impact Management: 

The Impact World Champion Kenny Omega, Don Callis and The Good Brothers make their way down to the ring. The fans remind Callis that he got fired with a “You got fired” chant. Callis reminds them, “Real men don’t quit. They get fired.”

Back to their segment, The Elite are still riding high after Omega retained his championship against Sami Callihan in the main event of Slammiversary. But reality is now setting in after Tommy Dreamer informed them moments ago that Omega is going to have to defend his title again after this Battle Royal. Callis runs through all the past stars Omega has surpassed. Then, Sami Callihan’s music hits. “The Death Machine” has arrived.

Callihan informs the “Best Bout Machine” he isn’t done with him yet. He announces he’ll be in the No. 1 Contenders Battle Royal for a shot at Omega’s title again. Since he can’t wait that long, Callihan informs The Elite that next week, he is going to round up some guys, and they’re going to have a six-man tag team match. Callis chuckles. Just then, AEW’s Frankie Kazarian runs in and takes down The Elite! It looks like Callihan found one of his partners, but he does not like who Dreamer whispers will be his third partner.

– Su Yung has re-emerged, and she’s brought a new form of Kimber Lee with her!

Backstage: Brian Myers thinks he has a partner set for the King & Queen Tournament: ECW’s “Queen of Extreme” Francine. After finding out she was his second pick, she refuses to team up with him this Saturday. Myers is still partnerless at this point.

Rhino & Deaner (w/Violent By Design) vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack

Violent By Design take it to Rich Swann and Willie Mack before the bell rings. Swann and Mack get back up and find their footing as Swann hits a corkscrew from off the ropes and onto VBD on the outside.

Back from the commercial break, Rich Swann hooks the leg on Deaner for a pin. Deaner kicks out at two. Swann then lands a flipping leg drop for the same near-fall result. Eric Young distracts Swann by waving the VBD flag. Deaner sneaks up from behind and drops Swann down to the mat from off the top. Deaner looks for his first cover. Swann kicks out. Deaner makes a hot tag to Rhino. Deaner throws Swann towards the ropes. Swann comes flying off and eats a big shoulder tackle from Rhino.

Rhino lays in a flurry of strikes on Swann in the corner. Rhino drags Swann by his hair and makes a tag to Deaner. Deaner turns Swann inside out with a powerful power slam for another near-fall. Swann misses an enziguri but slips off and hits it before making a tag to Willie Mack. Mack comes in with a thunderous corkscrew tackle and powerslam. Mack continues the onslaught with a beautiful standing moonsault. But it still isn’t enough to defeat VBD. Deaner and Rhino join forces with a double neckbreaker for a near-fall. Swann makes his way in and connects a perfect springboard cutter. Cover. Rhino kicks out.

Rhino takes Swann for a little ride with a mini-Gore. Rhino leaves himself open for a 450 Splash. Swann comes crashing down and hooks the leg. 1-2-3. Swann and Mack prevail!

Winners: Rich Swann & Willie Mack

At Swinger’s Palace: Everyone is placing bets on Moose-Chris Sabin’s main event matchup tonight. Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green make their way in and sit at the table. It’s their date night. Since there’s an opening at the King & Queen Tournament, Alisha Edwards thinks two people from Swinger’s Palace should represent their fine establishment. W. Morrissey ruins the fun by warning Alisha that her husband, Eddie Edwards, will not return home the same after he’s done with him on Saturday.

Backstage: Gia Miller is standing by Eddie Edwards. Edwards is enraged that W. Morrissey came in and brought his wife into their feud. Edwards promise he’ll finish the job on Saturday. Tommy Dreamer steps in and asks Edwards if he’ll join  Frankie Kazarian and Sami Callihan next week in their six-man tag match against The Elite. Because Dreamer asked, Edwards, is in!

– D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker discuss this massive six-man tag match set for next week and also what fans can expect for Homecoming on Saturday.

And now, the main event!

Moose vs. Chris Sabin

The match is underway after the final commercial break. Chris Sabin and Moose tangle in rollups. Moose pops free every time. Sabin rolls through and puts Moose in a Figure Four. Moose makes his way underneath the ropes. Moose catches Sabin and swings him towards the steel stairs.

Back in the ring, Moose stays on top of Sabin with a foot choke. Sabin gets up and eats a massive dropkick! Moose then drives his knee into Sabin’s face. On the outside, Moose revisits the nasty chops he planted Sabin with at Slammiversary. Moose refuses to do another series of chops for the fan’s sake. Instead, he racks his eyes. Sabin ducks, leaving Moose to slam his hand into the ring post.

Back in the ring, Sabin connects an enziguri. Sabin looks for a cover. Moose pops out at 1! Moose wants Sabin to hit him. Moose isn’t impressed with Sabin’s strikes and yells out, “Is that all that you got?” Sabin turns around and smacks Moose with a superkick. Sabin continues the onslaught with a jumping DDT from off the top! But it isn’t enough to take Moose out of the match. Sabin hoists Moose up for Cradle Shock. Moose escapes and hits Lights Out for the pinfall victory. Moose and Sabin are now tied 1-1 in this rivalry.

Winner: Moose

Post-Match: Moose tosses Chris Sabin to the apron and celebrates his victory. Moose then turns around and finds himself on the receiving end of a high-flying crossbody from Sabin. Sabin drops down and rains in a flurry of punches onto Moose. Moose and Sabin’s fight spills to the outside. Impact Officials run out to break them up.

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!

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