Matt Hardy Jokes About WWE's Top 50 Tag Team List (Being The Elite Recap)

Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Travel day with The Young Bucks as they complain about "the marks" showing up again at airports.

* Matt and Nick head to Austin, Texas for last week's AEW Dynamite. They go to a mall and shop. Smoothie time. Slow-motion photo shoot with Kenny Omega.

* Kenny tries to shave with plastic utensils, but Cutler gets him to stop. The Elite is called to the stage for the show and they make their way out. We see Cutler's camera view of The Elite and Hangman Page/Dark Order segment.

* Ryan Nemeth sits alone in a room with a bunch of note cards and pieces of paper with writing on them in front of him. The camera pans to a TV that is just showing white noise. Back to Nemeth pouring cream into a funnel, which leads to a seemingly naked man that has the other side attached to his mouth.

* Backstage, Matt and Nick Jackson go to talk about their shirts, but get interrupted by Arthur and Trevor. Arthur makes fun of them for a few minutes before Trevor tells him to calm down. Trevor says they have been hired to handle Human Resources in AEW. Trevor says he has to because he has to go wrestle on Dark against Fuego del Sol. They leave. The brothers roll their eyes and decide not say where they get their outfits.

* Ryzin, Vickie Guerrero, and Nyla Rose (aka A.M.E.N.) do a cheesy sitcom-like intro, which leads to an announcer saying A.M.E.N. has been cancelled due to lack of funding.

* In a locker room, Matt, Nick, and Kenny talk with Matt Hardy. Hardy says he gets it's in the record books that Christian Cage beat him, but it never happened! He hasn't slept in 72 hours because of his new baby. Hardy brings up how The Young Bucks helped him out of the unprettier a few weeks ago and thanked them. He continues that they're his favorite EVPs and The Hardy Boys were once the best tag team ever, but The Young Bucks have surpassed them. They are future Hall of Famers! Nick asks about WWE's recent tag team list that named The New Day as the best ever. "Oh, that's just a WWE mark list. They have to put someone that's employed there," Hardy responds. Matt butters up Kenny about being the best. He then reads from a memo that was sent to him: "You are better than Roman Reigns, Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre, or Randy Orton! You are, by far, the number one guy in the industry." Omega whispers if he's better than Seth Rollins? Hardy confirms that question. Kenny appreciates the love, but wants to get some cardio in. Hardy then proclaims that he "stands with Kenny Omega." They leave as Matt randomly brushes his hair to music and smells a flower. Nick just watches on as the camera zooms in on him. Matt comes back for one more look and everyone laughs.

* Peter Avalon and Leva Bates do a segment together in French. Avalon thinks about Bates and feels like she's around him at the bar, but every time he looks, she's not there.

* Cutler finishes editing this week's BTE at home. He opens his bag and sees a creepy letter that reads, "Brandon, If you don't get us back on BTE, we'll show Matt & Nick the video. The blood is still on your hands. Love, Dark Order." Cutler looks up and says, "Uh oh...S***!"