MLW Battle Riot III Results: New Victor Crowned, Cesar Duran & LAX Debut, More

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It's great to see fans in the audience at tonight's 2300 Arena in Philly! They go over the rules for this 40-Man battle. Information on it is available here

The show kicks off with Azteca Underground's owner and proprietor, Cesar Duran (fka Dario Cueto in Lucha Underground)! The fans all chant loud and proud in unison, "Lucha, Lucha," as Duran makes his way to the ring.

Cesar Duran's MLW Debut Segment:

Cesar Duran begins his interview by saying that he's heard the 2300 Arena is historic. The fans reply back with, "ECW, ECW." Duran follows it up by saying he's also heard Philly knows a lot about Lucha Libre, which begs the idea of if he should build the Temple there.

Duran shoots that idea down and calls the fans in attendance "imposters" because they aren't loud enough. He wants to hear his Believers in the audience. They all replay back with another "Lucha, Lucha" chant. Duran runs down the accolades he's achieved when he ran Lucha Underground.


Duran announces that his company, Azteca Underground, will promote fights here on MLW. He also reveals that after speaking with Court Bauer, owner and mastermind behind MLW, he will now be the official matchmaker for MLW! The fans go nuts with excitement! Duran then asks what matches do they want to see?

He says he has an idea. Before he can say what that idea is, Injustice's music hits. The MLW World Middleweight Champion Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver make their way to the ring. Duran says their interruption better be good because anyone who interrupts him suffers some severe consequences. Myron Reeds steps up to him, and Duran asks, "Who the f–k are you?" Reed introduces himself and Oliver. After, Reed declares their shot for the MLW Tag Team Titles.

We pan over to the screen that shows a countdown to reveal the last Open Draft entrant. It's LAX!

Konnan, Dammy Limelight (under the name Rivera), Slice Boogie and Julius Smokes all come out representing a new formation of LAX. Each takes the microphone and introduces themselves. Konnan gets in Duran's face and demands his guys get a tag team title shot against LA Park and Hijo de La Park. Jordan Oliver doesn't think LAX deserves a match before Injustice.


LAX and Injustice start to brawl. LAX throws Myron Reed over to the apron. Boogie and Limelight hit a brainbuster/double stomp combination on Oliver. Reed gets up and flies out of the ring, and continues the beatdown on LAX.

Commentators Rich Bocchini and Saint Laurent welcome fans back to MLW and Battle Riot III! LAX and Injustice are still carrying on their fight on the outside. Bocchini sends it over to Alicia Atout, who is backstage.

Backstage: Alicia Atout is staying in front of the tumbler that has all 40 numbers in there. Before the big Battle Riot, several stars will pick out their numbers. The first guy shown is newcomer "The Judge" EJ Nduka.

- CONTRA Unit interrupts Nduka's drawing. Each member of the violent stable promises they will hang their flag high and win the Battle Riot tonight!

After the commercial break, a trailer for MLW's newest show, "MLW Fusion: Alpha," is shown. This mini-series will begin airing next month!

Backstage: Alicia Atout is standing by with "Filthy" Tom Lawlor and Kevin Ku. They are both drawing their numbers. Lawlor assures he will become the first-ever 2-time Battle Riot winner tonight. EJ Nduka walks back in and makes his presence felt to Lawlor and Ku.


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And now, the moment we've all been waiting for: The Battle Riot!

The first and second entrants are Davey Richards (1) and "Filthy" Tom Lawlor (2).

Both men lock up in a collar and elbow. They change their offense with back and forth strikes. Davey Richards puts Tom Lawlor in an ankle lock, and Lawlor shimmies out of it. Richards traps him again in an STF. Lawlor bites Richards' fingers. The countdown begins, and the third entrant makes their way to the ring.

Entrant No. 3: TJP

TJP gets welcomed with a loud set of boos. In the ring, Richards has another ankle lock on Lawlor. TJP climbs up on Richards' back and puts him in an octopus stretch. Richards tosses him over and puts an ankle lock on TJP. Lawlor sneaks up behind Richards and puts him in a standing rear-naked choke. Lawlor and TJP create a temporary alliance and stomp Richards into a corner. The countdown begins. The next entrant makes their way out to the ring.


Entrant No. 4: Lee Moriarty

Lee Moriarty makes his leaping debut with a flying bulldog! Moriarty floats over on Lawlor and hooks the leg for the first pin attempt in the rumble. Lawlor kicks out. Moriarty then puts Lawlor in a Fujiwara armbar, while Richards locks in another ankle lock on TJP. TJP fights free and sends Richards on top of Moriarty. Richards shifts his focus over onto Moriarty and both men trade a few nasty shoves before stomping away on both Lawlor and TJP. The next entrant is on their way.


Entrant No. 5: Kit Osbourne

Kit Osbourne comes out using The Von Erichs theme music. The fans boo in disappointment. Osbourne slides in and stomps away on everyone.  Richards is right behind him. Richards lands a nasty midsection kick on Osbourne. Moriarty and Richards snap Lawlor and TJP's legs. The sixth entrant is about to appear.

Entrant No. 6: King Mo

King Mo takes the fight to Moriarty by sending him topsy-turvy with an exploder suplex. King Mo and Osbourne drag Richards from out of the corner, and Lawlor waits eagerly. Lawlor puts Richards in a single Boston Crab just before the next entrant arrives.

Entrant No. 7: Calvin Tankman

The "Heavyweight Hustle" slides in and lays haymakers on Lawlor, TJP and King Mo. Lee Moriarty lands a well-executed bicycle kick towards the jaw of Tankman. Tankman is pissed. Moriarty goes for the same kick again. This time, Tankman grabs and throws him towards the ropes and pops him with a huge spinning back elbow! Tankman and Richards have a staredown before Tankman lays into him.


Entrant No. 8: Arez

The luchador comes in with superkicks on Richards, Tankman and Osbourne. Lawlor slides in and receives the same brutal blow. Arez catches Moriarty with a falcon arrow! The fans approve of him! TJP decks Arez with an uppercut. Arez fights back with a deep arm drag followed by a perfect dropkick. Richards comes over and gives Arez a handshake, setting him up for a backslide pin attempt. Richards only gets a two-count on Arez. The next opponent is upon us.

Entrant No. 9: Gringo Loco

Gringo Loco and Arez square off. Arez tries to trap Loco in the corner, but Loco breaks free with some nice flips. Arez eats a big boot. Arez charges back with an enziguri. Loco plants Arez on the mat before going after TJP. Loco hoists TJP up on his shoulders and drops him down. Then, he climbs to the top rope and soars off with a beautiful moonsault. Loco hooks the legs on TJP. TJP kicks out.

Entrant No. 10: Zenshi

Zenshi springboards in and hits double Pele kicks on Osbourne and Lawlor in the corner! Zenshi lands a cutter on Moriarty before taking his business to Arez. He hits the same move on him and Tankman, but the "Heavyweight Hustle" catches him and puts him over on the apron. Zenshi springboards back into the ring and takes Tankman on a ride with a 619! Tankman tackles Zenshi, who flies over on top of the timekeeper's table! The referees are checking in to see if Zenshi's feet hit the ground.


Entrant No. 11: Aramis

Aramis takes Gringo Loco for a ride with a hurricanrana! Loco hoists Aramis up, and Aramis escapes with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors! Arez wheelbarrow's off of Aramis and hits a tornado DDT onto Loco! Arez and Aramis display some beautiful lucha libre exchanges. Loco breaks it up with a springboard cutter. King Mo applies a double foot chokehold on Osbourne and Lawlor.

Entrant No. 12: Alex Kane

"The Suplex Assisan" sends Arez out of the ring with a belly-to-back suplex and continues different suplex styles on the other athletes. Kane takes his fight to Tankman. Kane plants a nasty German Suplex on Tankman just before the 13th entrant makes their way out to the ring.

Entrant No. 13: MLW Middleweight Champion Myron Reed

Alex Kane goes straight for Myron Reed as he enters the ring. Reed fights him off with Gamengiri! Moriarty grabs hold of Reed and hoists him up. Reed counters it with a stunner. Reed throws Moriarty over the top rope, but he lays on the apron. Reed and Richards use their feet to try and send Moriarty off the apron. Arez joins in. TJP sends Richards off of Moriarty. Zenshi was close to being kicked off, but Zenshi hangs on. King Mo clobbers Zenshi with a right, sending him out of the ring. But Zenshi flipped over. He is laying by the guardrail with his feet up in the air. They never touched the floor!


Entrant No. 14: Savio Vega

Vega brings a kendo stick with him and goes to town on everyone! The fans applaud him and egg him on to keep hitting everyone. Zenshi finds his way back up on the apron!

Entrant No. 15: Jordan Oliver

Jordan Oliver comes in firing kicks on Osbourne. TJP, Osbourne and Richards try and hoist Tankman over the top rope. Oliver makes a save on Reed, who flies out of the ring with a huge cutter!

Entrant No. 16: The Beastman

The Beastman is the first wild card in the match. Beastman and Tankman, the biggest guys in the fight, stare each other down before exchanging heavy forearm strikes. Beastman gets the final punch in. TJP tries to fight the big man, but he bites his forehead.

Entrant's 17 & 18: LAX's Rivera (Danny Limelight) and Slice Boogie

LAX brings out a shopping cart full of fun and vicious weapons. Rivera takes a trash can lid and goes to town on everyone in his way. LAX set up a table in the corner. Boogie destroys Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver with a spinebuster right through the table! Smokes (Julius Smokes) hands Rivera a kendo stick. Rivera smacks the tar out of Arez. Savio Vega is not a fan.

Entrant No. 19: Matt Cross

Matt Cross (fka Son of Havoc on Lucha Underground) makes his way to a crowd of cheers. In the ring, LAX double up and pin Savio Vega, who is the first man eliminated from the tournament so far. The fans are not pleased with that. Cross wastes no time in the ring. He's focused on getting his first elimination of the night on Aramis. Meanwhile, Zenshi hits a coast to coast! Zenshi, again, awes the masses with a 630 senton from off the top! Zenshi was moments away from getting eliminated. He hangs on with his right foot on the rope.


Savio Vega is eliminated. 

Entrant No. 20: Bu Ku Dao

TJP meets Bu Ku Dao on the outside. They rehash their rivalry that took place earlier this year. Dao propels TJP towards the guardrail. Tom Lawlor goes over the top rope but hangs on! Richards lands a nice kick sending Lawlor out of the ring for good. Lawlor's dream of becoming a 2-time Battle Riot winner is shot.

"Filthy" Tom Lawlor is eliminated.

Entrant No. 21: Marshall Von Erich

Kit Osbourne flies off the top rope and gets caught with a spinning Iron Claw from MVE. Marshall hooks the leg on Kit Osbourne, and he has been eliminated via pinfall. The Beastman finds himself in the same predicament as Osbourne was just in. The Beastman racks the eyes of MVE to break free.

Kit Osbourne is eliminated. 

Entrant No. 22: EJ Nduka

The towering judge runs in and clotheslines The Beastman over the top rope. The Beastman's feet touch the floor; he is eliminated. Nduka tosses Zenshi over the top rope. He holds on to the ropes. Nduka spears Gringo Loco right in half! Loco is also eliminated from the match at the hands of Nduka.

The Beastman and Gringo Loco are eliminated. 

Entrant No. 23: Kim Chee

Kim Chee makes his 28-year return to pro-wrestling on tonight's show! EJ Nduka gets his third elimination on King Mo. Kim Chee uses the club on Rivera but gets thrown over the top rope by Nduka. It was great to see him, although his time in the Battle Riot was short-lived. Arez also gets tossed to the outside by Nduka. Nduka hits a spinebuster on Bu Ku Dao just before the next entrant makes their way down to the ring.


King Mo, Kim Chee and Arez are eliminated. 

Entrant No. 24: Zicky Dice

Nduka adds another elimination to his list as he tosses out TJP. Lee Moriarty lands a throat punch on Zicky Dice. Dice starts to cough up a pink streamer. Dice uses the streamer to knock Moriarty to the mat, same to Matt Cross. Nduka lands a heavy slap on Dice. Marshall Von Erich puts Dice in an Iron Claw.

TJP is eliminated.

Entrant No. 25: Kevin Ku

Kevin Ku turns his attention to Zicky Dice with some Muay Thai strikes. Ku then connects a brainbuster on Dice. Matt Cross tries to go for a flagpole press, but Nduka crashes in and sends him out to the floor, where he is now eliminated.

Matt Cross is eliminated. 

Entrant No. 26: KC Navarro

The Miami native rolls in and catches Kevin Ku with a big DDT! Calvin Tankman clocks Lee Moriarty with a big back elbow sending him down on the mat. Moriarty is eliminated. Nduka and Tankman toss colossal forearms to each other.

Lee Moriarty is eliminated.

Entrant No. 27: Lance Anoa'i

Lance Anoa'i comes crashing in with a big kick on KC Navarro. Meanwhile, Calvin Tankman and EJ Nduka topple over the top rope causing a double elimination. Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver drop the rope down, and LAX's Rivera and Boogie fall over. Those two have also been eliminated. Furious that they're out, Rivera and Boogie take Jordan Oliver and Myron Reed off the apron causing another double elimination.


Calvin Tankman, EJ Nduka, Rivera & Slice Boogie, Jordan Oliver & Myron Reed are eliminated.  

Entrant No. 28: MLW Tag Team Champion LA Park

"The Chairman" is here, and he brought a chair with him. LA Park takes a swing at Calvin Tankman in the ring. Wait a second: that's not LA Park. It's Tom Lawlor. Lawlor tried to weasel his way back into the match, but Marshall Von Erich sends him out again!

Entrant No. 29: Simon Gotch

Before Simon Gotch makes his way into the ring, Lance Anoa'i throws Davey Richards out of the ring. Anoa'i and Gotch duke it out. Gotch annihilates KC Navarro with a textbook brainbuster. Gotch hits Zicky Dice with a big uppercut in the corner.

Davey Richards is eliminated.

Entrant No. 30: Daivari

The second CONTRA Unit member makes his way into the ring. Daivari warps the CONTRA Unit flag around KC Navarro's neck and drags him around the ring before hanging him on the outside. Navarro fights free with a kick to Daivari's face.

Entrant No. 31: The Blue Meanie

Everyone in the audience lets out a big "bWo" chant. Daivari knocks Blue Meanie off his feet with a massive shoulder tackle. Daivari and Gotch join forces with a double stomp beatdown on the ECW original.

Entrant No. 32: Ikuro Kwon


Ikuro Kwon makes his long-awaited return back to the ring and helps his CONTRA Unit brother's out. The Blue Meanie distracts Kwon and sucker punches him in the face! Meanie tries to eliminate Kwon, but Daivari makes the same. Meanwhile, Zicky Dice gets eliminated.

Zicky Dice is eliminated.

Entrant No. 33: Ross Von Erich

Ross Von Erich lands a perfect takedown on Ikuro Kwon. Daivari and Kwon join forces with a beatdown on RVE.

Entrant No. 34: Josef Samael

The mouth of CONTRA Unit makes his way down to the ring with a spike in hand. He takes the spike and stabs Marshall Von Erich in the back of the head with it. Samael makes his way over to Ross Von Erich and gouges his eyes out. Samael sets RVE up with a swinging neckbreker and hits it. Samael goes for a cover, and Ross Von Erich kicks out. Samael hooks Ross Von Erich up in a camel clutch, and takes his spike and puts it in Ross' mouth.

Entrant No. 35: National Openweight Champion Alex Hammerstone

Alex Hammerstone goes straight for all of the CONTRA Unit members. The fans are pleased. Lance Anoa'i tries to go for a pin on KC Navarro, but Navarro kicks out after the second count.

Entrant No. 36: CONTRA Unit's Sentai Death Squad

The Sentai Death Squad each take their helmets and clock everyone that comes in their peripheral vision. The odds are stacked against everyone with so many CONTRA Unit guys in the ring.


Entrant No. 37: Kwang The Ninja

After a long hiatus from the ring, Kwang is back, and he brought nunchucks. He puts in the work on CONTRA Unit at first but then lands a whack on Ross Von Erich.

Entrant No. 38: King Muertes

"The Man of a 1,000 Deaths" has arrived. Blue Meanie gets misted by Kwang The Ninja. King Muertes takes advantage of this sudden shake-up by hitting a Straight To Hell on Blue Meanie for an elimination victory. Muertes then focuses on Alex Hammerstone.

The Blue Meanie is eliminated. 

Entrant No. 39: Gino Medina

Gino Median goes straight in with a pin on Ross Von Erich. Marshall Von Erich breaks it up. Medina rolls Marshall with an inside cradle. Ross breaks that up.

The Last Entrant Is: Mads Krügger 

Mads Krügger sends Lance Anoa'i out of the ring. KC Navarro also gets chucked over the top rope. Alex Hammerstone and Krügger rehash their rivarly. Both these giants tear each other apart before Krugger's right-hand jab gets the better of Hammerstone. King Muertes tosses Gino Medina over. Muertes hits another Straight To Hell on Kwang The Ninja. The Von Erichs return the favor on King Muertes with an elimination on him.

Lance Anoa'i, KC Navarro, Gino Medina, Kwang The Ninja, King Muertes are eliminated. 


Outside of The Von Erichs and Alex Hammerstone, everyone else in the ring is tied to CONTRA Unit. Hammerstone hits a clothesline on one of the Sentai Death Squad soldiers, and he gets eliminated. Hammerstone ducks out of the way from getting spiked by Josef Samael. Samael tumbles to the outside and takes his other Sentai Death Squad soldier down with him.

The Sentai Death Squad and Josef Samael are eliminated. 

Marshall Von Erich slams Ikuro Kwon out of the ring with an Iron Claw. Meanwhile, Ross holds Simon Gotch in the small cradle position. Gotch fights out at two. The Von Erich take turns kicking Mads Krügger in the corner. Krugger catches them in double chokeslam position. The Von Erichs tries to fight free, but they can't. Mads Krügger puts them out of their misery with a double clothesline to the outside. Behind him, Alex Hammerstone cleans house by eliminating Simon Gotch and Daivari.

The Von Erichs, Simon Gotch and Daivari are eliminated. 

It's down to the final two: Mads Krügger and Alex Hammerstone!

Everyone in the crowd goes wild and cries out for Hammerstone. Hammerstone hoists Mads Krügger up and slams him into the turnbuckles. Krügger breaks up Hammerstone's game plan with a massive slam to the mat.


Krügger connects some heavy punches in the corner. Hammerstone returns the same onslaught. Krügger chops the soul right out of Hammerstone. Hammerstone grabs hold of Krügger's wrist as he tries to apply a chokeslam. Hammerstone lays a pump kick. Hammerstone gets caught off the ropes with a full-nelson slam. Krügger goes for a pin. Hammerstone stays alive at two. Krügger plants a chokeslam for another pinfall attempt. Hammerstone lays in several more big hits before eating a massive boot that sends him flat on his back.

Krügger has Samael's spike. Hammerstone ducks a possible stabbing and hits a low blow. Krügger replies with a big clothesline. Krügger drops the spike. Hammerstone picks it up and stabs Krügger in the foot. Hammerstone then sends Krügger for a ride with a big back body drop! Krügger is resting on the ropes. Hammerstone charges forward with a powerful clothesline sending "The Black Hand of CONTRA" out of the ring! Alex Hammerstone wins the 2021 Battle Riot!

Winner: Alex Hammerstone

Hammerstone is now the No. 1 Contender to Jacob Fatu's MLW World Heavyweight Championship!

Post-Match: Hammerstone rips the CONTRA Unit Flag in half. Speaking of the World Champion, Fatu runs out and tries to get into the ring. Josef Samael and several other referees have to pull him back.


That concludes MLW Battle Riot III. Thanks for watching!