Four Joshi wrestlers have tested positive for COVID-19, including Ryo Mizunami, who has made a handful of appearances for AEW. Most recently, she was won the AEW Women’s Championship Eliminator Tournament and lost to then-champion Hikaru Shida at Revolution back in March.

Mizunami is currently hospitalized after testing positive on July 26, according to PWInsider. She has since developed pneumonia from COVID-19.

Japanese wrestling promotion SEADLINNNG announced Nanae Takahashi and Honori Hana both tested positive on July 26, as well. Both are recovering at home. The rest of the roster has been tested, which all came back negative.

Ami Miura, who wrestles for ActWres Girl’z, also tested positive on July 27 after having a fever the night before.

SEADLINNNG and Sendai Girls have already postponed multiple shows over the last few days. Japan is currently dealing with another surge of cases as they are planning to expand their current state of emergencies to areas outside of Okinawa and Tokyo.