New WWE Set Update For Tonight's SmackDown

The new WWE SmackDown set is reportedly ready to go at the Toyota Center in Houston for tonight's live SmackDown on FOX.

It was reported by @Wrestlevotes that the new entrance stage looks like "a giant Tron" and will be very impressive for the fans watching at home.


It was also said that the same set, possibly with a minor difference, will be used for both RAW and SmackDown.

As noted, WWE Chief Branding Officer Stephanie McMahon spoke with Forbes earlier this week and discussed the new set, and technologies that the company will be using moving forward. Stephanie noted that the new WWE sets will utilize more digital and augmented reality integrations. Superstar entrances will be more dynamic and captivating thanks to a higher-resolution set used for the Trons. This will result in more of a theatrical presentation.

The ThunderDome era during the COVID-19 pandemic provided WWE with the chance to experiment with various technologies, including pyrotechnics, lasers, augmented reality and virtual reality. WWE plans to further incorporate those technologies into their production moving forward.


"We've learned a lot during this time utilizing these different techniques and we're really ready to merge the physical and virtual worlds in ways we never have done before," Stephanie said. "We're always looking to be slightly ahead of the curve. From a technology standpoint I think that we're constantly reinventing ourselves. While we were utilizing some of these techniques, I think the key learnings during Covid absolutely sped up the adoption of those technologies in this way."

Stay tuned for more.