News On Internal WWE Reaction To Jimmy Uso’s DUI Arrest

WWE SmackDown Superstar Jimmy Uso is currently a trending topic on social media after his latest DUI arrest on Monday night.

As noted, Uso was arrested and booked in Pensacola, Florida on charges of DUI, speeding and running a red light. You can click here to read our original report on the incident, along with his mugshot photo.

WWE officials are reportedly not happy with Uso, as expected. It was noted by @Wrestlevotes that at least a few "high level people in power are extremely disappointed and legitimately pissed off" at Uso for this latest arrest.

This is Uso's second DUI arrest in the past two years, and his third alcohol-related arrest since early 2019. It was noted that "this many times isn't a mistake or bad luck. It's personal judgment," and that's not good.

Uso is currently featured in the main SmackDown storyline with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, but there's no word yet on how this will impact his status with the company.

Stay tuned for updates.