Pete Dunne Issues Statement On Charity Auction After Winner Refuses To Pay

Earlier today, Pete Dunne issued a statement concerning his recent charity auction.

According to Dunne, the winner of the auction has no intention to pay for the ring gear. The winning bid was $5,000.

The gear was what the former NXT UK Champion wore during NXT TakeOver: In Your House (2021).

Dunne also shared that the eBay user sent messages to him that mocked wrestling.

The auction money was going to a children's hospice in the West Midlands.

Below is his full statement on the matter:

First I want to thank everyone that participated in the auction for their generous bids. We raised a huge amount of money for an amazing charity which is a hospice for children in the West Midlands, UK. The last bid being $5,000.

Unfortunately, the person who made the last bid had no intention of paying and sent us messages afterwards poking fun at wrestling being "fake."

I've attached the screenshots and the persons username. We have their name and address and when we got in contact with them on a social media platform we immediately received another from eBay from the same account claiming they didn't place the bid and to cancel the order.

I don't know what kind of individual it takes to poke fun at wrestling to the detriment of a CHILDREN'S HOSPICE but here we are.

I will leave my DM's open for the next couple of days; if you made a bid please message me and let's see if we can work out who had the highest bid before this idiot snuck in at the end.