Released WWE Superstar Calls Becky Lynch Her Inspiration

Former WWE Superstar Lana called Becky Lynch her "inspiration" while responding to The Man's tweet on Monday night.

As reported earlier, Lynch clapped back at Charlotte Flair's promo segment on WWE RAW, where The Queen said "Becky is home breastfeeding while I'm dominating the entire women's division."


Lynch tweeted:

Breastfeeding at home and still the most over woman in the division.

It's no secret that Lana and Lynch are friends. Earlier this year, Lana revealed that she received encouraging texts from Lynch on a weekly basis throughout the pandemic era.

"I get texts from her saying 'I'm so proud of you.' She texts me every single week," Lana told talkSport back in February. "I'm so thankful for that because when this whole pandemic started, I remember being so discouraged and I remember her telling me 'you're so strong. You're such a strong woman. Now you've got to be who you are. Keep on carrying this, keep working hard, harder than anyone else so we can bring the people back that we love so much' – and I remember those words [begins to cry].


"Hearing Becky say that about me. Every single day I start my morning like 'I'm strong, I'm resilient I'm durable – I'm going to keep going.'

"I just think it's so important the words that we use to people and that's such a great example of Becky giving me hope. Her texts and guidance every single week is just... I'm so thankful."

Lana's response to Lynch's tweet can be seen below: