During his recent appearance on The Wrestling Inc. Daily, former WWE Superstar and current SWE Fury Television Champion Rodney Mack reflected on his time as part of Teddy Long’s Thuggin’ And Buggin’ Enterprises stable.

The faction comprised a group of African Americans who felt they were being held down by “The Man.” As part of the race storyline, Mack often competed in a “White Boy Challenge” on RAW, where he would squash white wrestlers.

However, Mack’s undefeated streak in the White Boy Challenge ended on the June 23, 2003 episode of RAW when he was defeated by Goldberg in under 30 seconds.

According to Mack, Goldberg didn’t want to end his streak.

“It was great to work with Goldberg,” Mack recalled. “Bill’s a great guy, I remember I was one of the first guys he met coming through the locker room in WWE. We just hit it off right off the bat, but it’s really easy to do that since Bill’s a great guy. You know, he didn’t really want to do it [end the streak] at the time. But I’m like, ‘I’m not in position to make a decision on that.’

“Bill stood up for me a lot. I have nothing but great things to say about him. I wish we could have worked a proper angle or program together, because I really think he and I could have drawn some money together.”

When asked by Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman as to why Goldberg was opposed to ending the White Boy Challenge, Mack said: “No, he didn’t. He said there’s no reason to do this.”

Speaking further on his run in WWE as part of Thuggin’ And Buggin’ Enterprises, Mack thanked Long for teaching him the ropes of the wrestling business.

“I learned so much from Teddy,” Mack said. “The reason he’s so knowledgeable is because he’s done a lot of everything in the business. By having him as a manager, life was so easy. All I had to do was show up to work, Teddy took care of everything. I just had to be there, and he was always great.

“Yea, the White Boy Challenge was his idea. It was a blast, but it was also a lot of hard work because of the tempo and pace. I had to deliver five minutes of straight funk every single time. But overall, it was great. I ended up making some friends from that time, and helped out a few young guys as well.”

Mack is presently a prominent title holder in Long’s promotion, SWE. When asked to speak on his experience working with SWE, Mack praised the environment that Long has helped build.

“I have never felt so much at home in any locker room, ever,” Mack stressed. “Because Teddy is such a great person, he’s always been about helping people. He always has been. Maybe that’s why he’s so successful.

“He’s so full of knowledge, and there’s never a dull moment with him. It’s good to have a lot of veteran talents from WWE here, we’re like a family and are all working towards one common goal.”

Rodney Mack is the current SWE Television Champion. For more information about SWE please visit SWEFury.com. You can find Mack’s interview via the embedded players below:

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