After ECW closed down, Rodney Mack made his way to WWE for a short run. Mack worked alongside legendary competitors like John Cena, Goldberg, Teddy Long and his wife Jazz before getting released just two years after he debuted.

Speaking to Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman on the The Wrestling Inc. DailyMack says he’s still confused by his release 17 years later.

“I have no idea, still to this day,” Mack said. “Jazz and I both were told, I think it was by Stephanie. She pulled us to the side and said that we had a job for life. We were great to be around. We were the two most believable people on the roster. All that stuff. I think it was three weeks later or a month or something, not precise, that we got fired. In fact, I think it was right before my birthday.”

Mack noted that the day he was released was the last day he had any communication with WWE.

“I had never made contact with them again since the last time that they released us,” Mack said. “I had no wish or want to work for them then, and I still don’t now.”

When he was there for his brief spell, Mack said he barely had any long interactions with Vince McMahon.

“I really did not speak a lot with Vince,” Mack said. “Just up and down the halls, the hellos and goodbyes, but I never had conversations with Vince that much. The few that I had everything was great.”

As for what he thinks is the reason for his release, Mack mentioned that it’s still something he doesn’t like to talk about.

“That’s kind of deep. I don’t really like to talk about it because I get emotional,” Mack said. “They just basically s–tted on us. Fired us for nothing, for no reason whatsoever. For me, this s–t wasn’t an overnight accomplishment. This a lifelong dream for me.”

Rodney Mack is the current SWE Television Champion. For more information about SWE please visit You can find Mack’s interview via the embedded players below:

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