Ronda Rousey wrote on her Instagram about how her pregnancy has been physically and questions she has as the delivery date draws near.

“I almost died when I was born — is baby gonna be okay?” Rousey wrote.

Back in April, Rousey announced she was four months pregnant, later revealing it was going to be a girl. In her post, Rousey thanked her husband, Travis Browne, and talked about how she couldn’t wait to meet her new daughter.

Rousey last appeared in WWE at WrestleMania 35 in a Triple Threat Match against Becky Lynch and Charlotte. Lynch won by pinfall over Rousey, claiming both the RAW and SmackDown Women’s Championships.

Below is Rousey’s full post:

“I cannot wait to meet this baby — to see what she’s like, how’s she’s uniquely her, how she’s like me and her dad. I’m dying to see the color of her eyes. What’s her laugh gonna sound like? When she clears her throat is she gonna do it same way me and my mom do? I wish I could say that pregnancy feels amazing, that I’ve never felt more powerful as a woman. But it feels more like my organs are being crushed by the miracle of life. I’ve never felt more exhausted, unmotivated, or aware of gravity.

“Some days I have to lay on my side for hours just to comfortably breathe. There’s no break, it’s a grind, I’m just trying to get through one day at a time. And holy hell what is all this s--t coming out of my nipples? How is it possible to feel hungry nauseous and bloated at the same time? This baby is gonna be some kind of superhero cause I swear she’s eating all my muscles. Has anyone seen my butt? I can’t find it. Honestly the looming task of giving birth is intimating as hell.

“I almost died when I was born — Is baby gonna be okay? I’m not so much afraid of the pain of labor as intimidated by the recovery. Am I gonna need a c-section? Am I gonna prolapse? Are my abs never gonna come back together again? Will I tear open to my butthole and dread pooping forever? It’s hard not to just hide and wait it out.

“Thank God for Mr. Browne. Not a day goes by without him telling me I’m beautiful, sexy, loved, and appreciated. He holds my belly to give me breaks from carrying, gives me bites of everything he’s eating, then drags me hissing into the sunlight when I wanna go full Gollum. He makes me proud to put on a swimsuit and show the world what I sometimes want to hide from myself. Baby in my belly, I’m already so in love with you, I’ll do anything for you — sign me up for a five year coelacanth pregnancy if need be. I’m not gonna lie and say even just a few months hasn’t been a pain in the ass — but you’re worth it all and more. Eat some muscles, dance on my bladder, split all the abs and buttholes you need to come safely into this world. Mama can’t wait to meet you.”