The No Dark Order Episode (Being The Elite Recap)

Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Clips of The Young Bucks traveling to Miami, Florida. Nick says this week's BTE is already better because Dark Order isn't on it. They joke about fans finding them at the airport, but they had to run with Matt and Nick because they had to get to their connecting flight. Nick says he hates doing BTE for free on a weekly basis. "We do we do it still? Because, I dunno..." and cut to the BTE intro.

* Matt, Nick, and Brandon Cutler head to the mall for some Street Fight outfits. They pick up some new sneakers while there.

* Ryan Nemeth gets a mysterious gift of cream at his door. He has no idea who left it and calls some friends and family asking if they sent him it. He ends up trying it and goes a bit mad. On a typewriter, he write "Michelle" and "Cream" over and over. Nemeth reads the paper and says "Michelle's dead" as we see a bunch of creepy images.

* Leva Bates does confession with Ryzin and says she doesn't actually know what the Dewey Decimal System is. Bates hates being quiet, too, but she has to be a Librarian. Vickie and Nyla Rose judge Bates and give her a thumbs down. Fuego Del Sol is up next and whispers something into Ryzin's ear. Ryzin says he's sick and twisted! He boots him out of the room.

* Kenny Omega walks into The Young Bucks dressing room and sees they have shaved off their facial hair. Omega still has his hair and can't believe this! Matt said his wife wouldn't make love to him if he didn't shave it off. Nick said his kids told him to shave it. Omega says he created the company and is the face of the company, so if he sends out a group e-mail, they better read it! Omega seems to forgive them though. Nick says he'll grow it back. Omega stares off and says "this is my locker room, this is my business, you're just living in it."

* Peter Avalon and Leva Bates do a Spanish soap opera segment. Avalon tries to talk with Bates and apologize for what's happened lately, but she can't stay.

* While in the bathroom, Kenny Omega says if Matt and Nick were gonna cut their mustaches, he's going to do it, too. Omega is called out for TV, so he has to go. Matt randomly brushes his hair and stares at the camera.

* Clips of The Young Bucks' entrance for their Street Fight against Eddie Kingston and Penta El Zero Miedo.

* Young Bucks in the car, traveling home after their Street Fight. Nick asks Matt how he's feeling? "Terrible," Matt responds quietly. Matt says the canadian destroyer through the table didn't help his neck much. Nick says he's feeling pretty sore. Says he later realized a thumbtack was still in his leg when he got back to the hotel. Cutler tries to talk about why his back hurt and Matt tells him to shut up, he wasn't even in the match! Nick says he got put through a table? Matt says Cutler slipped and fell through a table. Cutler denies that. Nick again asks how much better BTE has been this week without any Dark Order. They realize they'll have to keep being on the show though if they keep Dark Order off it. They go to sign-off, but Matt sees the TV ratings just came in. Nick guesses one-million viewers! "Wednesday Night Dynamite was down seven percent," Matt says. "Oops," Nick responds. Quick cut to the outro animation.