The Young Bucks Kick Dark Order Off BTE (Being The Elite Recap)

Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Peter Avalon having a drink at the bar as Leva Bates comes in. He hates his shirt and awkwardly takes it off as Bates comes over. Avalon apologizes for the book misunderstanding. She says it's fine as Alex Reynolds shows up and asks what they are talking about. They say, "books"...since they used to be The Librarians. Reynolds says Dark Order actually booked the bar for their monthly get together and casually asks the bartender if they have security. Avalon takes the hint and leaves. Reynolds looks at the door and chuckles, then starts talking with Bates.


* Clips from last week's Dynamite. The Young Bucks show off their new facial hair during their entrance. Highlights shown from their match against Eddie Kingston and Penta.

* Back to Reynolds and Bates flirting with a sad Avalon looking on from outside Daily's Place as it rains.

* EVP room, The Young Bucks are wondering what went wrong with their match against Kingston and Penta. Karl Anderson says they have to cheat more! They say it wasn't anything like that. Cutler then sprays the cold spray (cut to Cutler spraying Matt in the face at the end of the match). Matt then says they lost because of their new mustaches! Kenny Omega walks in and says he loved the idea. "Everybody looks so good!" Omega exclaimed. Omega says they feel real tough as Matt and Nick leave.


* Griff Garrison does confession with Ryzin and says he doesn't like his tag partner because he got a dog that craps everywhere, and also says his hair is better. Ryzin listens, eventually Garrison says he's going to go beat his partner up. Brian Pillman Jr. then does confession and says ever since Garrison changed up his shampoo, he thinks his hair is better. Pillman thinks the big guys are always looking down on him. Pillman continues that at least Garrison likes his dog (he doesn't). Ryzin says he's not here to judge, that's for Vickie Guerrero and Nyla Rose to do. Vickie wants to give a thumbs up, but Rose says thumbs down.

* Dark Order hangout, the group is looking at something they shot on Hangman Page's phone. He says he'll get a different lens and leaves. The Young Bucks show up to check out "the world famous Dark Order lair." Nick recalls the last time they were in this room they had to pay for a broken table. Nick says the group is starting to really piss them off though. The group said they wanted to let Omega know that Page should get a title match next. Nick and Matt accuse the group of digging up old emotions and messing Page up. Matt doesn't appreciate Dark Order trying to be friends with Page and going into business for themselves. Matt and Nick said they made Dark Order stars by putting them on BTE every week without receiving a thank you. Matt says the group might take over BTE, but they won't be taking over AEW. Matt says no more Dark Order on BTE! Nick tells them to go on Sammy Guevara's vlog. The group doesn't like that at all. Cutler walks away and Dark Order tells them not to go! Matt and Nick walk down the hallway and pass by Hangman Page. Page gives them a look, then hears all the commotion in Dark Order's room and goes to check out what happened.