Former WWE Million Dollar Champion Virgil plans to get involved in the ongoing DiBiase – Cameron Grimes – LA Knight storyline on WWE NXT… if the money is right.

During his recent appearance on The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Virgil was asked if he’d like to visit the Capitol Wrestling Center and make his first-ever appearance on NXT.

“That would be wonderful for me,” Virgil said. “But, the money gotta be right out and big. I love big money, because I love big Olive Garden, and you need big money to buy big Olive Garden. And I also love big booties.”

When asked by Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman if WWE had contacted him Virgil said: “Everyday, they do. Yes, they call me everyday. They want me to be their head trainer.”

Earlier in the interview, Virgil was asked if beating DiBiase for the Million Dollar Title at SummerSlam 1991 was the highlight of his career.

“Not really, my career was already made,” Virgil replied. “I mean, they knew I was the King of The Meatsauce. You can’t f–k that career up. I was King. It might be a Top 10 moment for someone else, but for me, it was another walk in the park.”

Virgil proceeded to send out a warning to current Million Dollar Champion LA Knight.

“LA Knight, listen, I’m the Dark Knight of Madness. There’s meatsauce all over me. I’m laying in a tub right now, and they’re pouring meatsauce on me,” said Virgil while pointing to his meat grinder sitting on the counter.

Virgil added, “I got rid of my Hall of Fame ring for a meatsauce grinder. I’m eating at Olive Garden right now. That’s why I’m the King.”

When asked how he got involved in the Meatsauce Madness mobile game Virgil said: “I’m a hustler. I’m a doer. I love videogames but the one thing I love is Olive Garden. And I love the f–k money. All the f–k money is where all the kids come around for gaming. They come around to play games with me, I’m a gamer.

“My priorities are money and meatsauce.”

You can download Meatsauce Madness via the App Store on your iPhone HERE.

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