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Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of 205 Live. Tonight, the purple brand makes history by showcasing the biggest and tallest competitors it’s ever had on their show. We begin with the tallest man to ever set foot in a 205 Live ring, Josh Briggs!

Josh Briggs vs. Asher Hale

The crowd is divided going into this match, with half of them chanting for Josh Briggs, while the other half is chanting for Asher Hale. Briggs comes into this with a full head of steam with a heavy slam on Hale. Hale stacks up the big man for just a two count. On the outside, Hale gets hit with a massive knee strike. Back in the ring, Hale blocks another slam from Briggs and turns it into an inside cradle. Cover. Briggs kicks out. Briggs drives Hale down on the mat with a sidewalk slam, followed by a splash. Cover. Hale kicks out.

Briggs traps Hale in the corner with several powerful elbow strikes, followed by a big boot. Briggs drags Hale out of the corner and looks for a lateral press pin. Hale escapes. Hale gains some fighting offense with several clubs on the spine of Briggs. Hale eats another big boot after Briggs leaps off the ropes. Hale hits a low missile dropkick and connects a single-leg whip. Hale’s onslaught continues with a tornado DDT. Cover. Briggs kicks out. Hale floats over and puts a crossface on the giant. Briggs breaks away but gets caught in two near-fall pin attempts. Briggs slides in with a clothesline from hell that sends Hale inside out and knocked out. Briggs picks up his first win on the purple brand!

Winner: Josh Briggs

-Earlier today, both Grayson Waller and newcomer Odyssey Jones exchanged some choice words ahead of their main event matchup!

– Before the main event, we take a look at the eight men revealed for the 2021 NXT Breakout Tournament.

And now, the main event!

Odyssey Jones vs. Grayson Waller

Grayson Waller tests the waters with a few low kicks on Odyssey Jones. Waller teases a Greco-Roman lockup before landing a kick to the gut. Waller follows it up with a side headlock. Jones throws Waller towards the ropes. Waller ricochets off the ropes and gets slammed with a shoulder tackle by Jones. Waller flies out of the ring!

Back in the ring, Waller looks for a single leg takedown but can’t get Jones down. Jones grabs hold of Waller and tosses him halfway across the ring. Waller opens the ropes, sending Jones crashing down to the outside. Waller meets Jones on the outside and throws him shoulder-first towards the ring post. Jones makes his way up on the apron by the 8th count. Waller catches Jones in between the ropes with a flying elbow! Waller uses the rope to his advantage again as he locks Jones up with a triangle hold. Following that hold, Waller traps Jones again, but this time with a guillotine. Jones escapes with a big suplex on Waller!

Waller tries to put Jones in another triangle lock. Jones, with one arm, plants Waller back down on the mat! Jones connects a powerslam. Jones picks Waller up and drops him back down on the mat with a full body press. 1-2-3, Jones dominates the former undefeated Superstar of 205 Live!

Winner: Odyssey Jones

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!