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Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of 205 Live. We kick things off with a rematch between Asher Hale and Guru Raaj. Can Hale redeem himself from last week’s shortcomings, or will Raaj pick up a second victory over the diligent grappler?

Asher Hale vs. Guru Raaj

Both men for a lockup. Guru Raaj breaks it up. Asher Hale plants Raaj on the mat with a single leg takedown. Back on his feet, Raaj puts Hale in a tight side headlock. Hale drops to the mat and breaks it up with a front facelock. Raaj escapes and locks in a wristlock. Hale finds the ropes and rolls out.

Back in the ring, Hale gives Raaj a taste of his own medicine with a wristlock. Raaj fights free with a dropkick. Raaj keeps Hale grounded with another side headlock. Raaj sends Hale flying with a hip toss. Hale is back up on his feet. Raaj knocks Hale out of the ring with a clothesline from over the top rope. Hale plants a twisting corkscrew on Raaj. Hale continues the onslaught with another front facelock before tossing Raaj with a major suplex.

Hale goes for an Indian Deathlock and then turns it into a Muta Lock! Hale breaks the hold and continues to torment the newcomer with several thunderous kicks. Raaj starts to fight back with a flurry of forearm strikes. Raaj executes a kick to the back of Hale’s knee. Hale crashes down to the mat. Raaj looks for the first pin in the match. Hale kicks out. Hale rocks Raaj with a punch to the jaw. Hale gets the last say in the match with a twisting neckbreker and brainbuster combo for the pinfall victory.


Winner: Asher Hale

Up next, Jake Atlas will make his return to the purple brand in the main event!

Jake Atlas vs. Ari Sterling

Both men lock up. Jake Atlas ducks under and locks in a waistlock on Ari Sterling. Sterling rolls through and gets caught again. Both men exchange arm drags. Atlas goes up and around with head scissors. Sterling rises to his feet. Both men go back and forth with rollups. Sterling catches Atlas with an enziguri but walks right into a massive kick. Atlas goes for a second cover. Sterling kicks out.

Atlas wraps Sterling up in a body scissors lock. Sterling shoves Atlas’ shoulders into the mat. Atlas pops free at two. Atlas charges back with a big slam for another near-fall count. Sterling rocks Atlas with a clothesline. Sterling goes up and over and holds Atlas in a pinning position. Atlas kicks out. Atlas strikes Sterling and hooks the leg for another pin attempt. Sterling climbs out at two. Sterling trips Atlas into the ring and hits a running 450. His knee catches Atlas in the head. Cover. Atlas kicks out.

Sterling keeps the momentum going with a flatliner. Another near-fall attempt follows. Atlas decks Sterling with an uppercut. Atlas catches Sterling, who goes for a flying crossbody. Atlas turns it into a fallaway slam for a two count! Sterling has Atlas up on the top rope. Atlas shoves him off at first. Sterling flies right back over with a top rope Dragon Rana! Sterling perches himself up on the top rope again. He misses a 630 senton. Atlas tosses Sterling into the turnbuckles with a nice German Suplex. Atlas capitalizes with a cartwheel DDT, and that’s all he wrote.

Winner: Jake Atlas 

Post-Match: Jake Atlas and Ari Sterling shake hands before Sterling retreats out of the ring.

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!