WWE Creates Website For Baron Corbin's CorbinFundMe Angle

WWE actually created a website for Baron Corbin's CorbinFundMe angle on last night's live SmackDown on FOX from the Toyota Center in Houston.

SmackDown featured a sad and disheveled Corbin coming to the ring for another promo on how he's lost everything else he has after losing his crown to King Shinsuke Nakamura a few weeks back. Corbin has lost his wife's car, his investments, his money, and is close to having his home foreclosed on.

Corbin then revealed his own version of a GoFundMe campaign, called CorbinFundMe, which was displayed on the big screen in the arena. He called on fans to donate a little bit of money to help pay bills, but made the mistake of insulting the Texas crowd. This led to Kevin Owens coming to the ring and laying Corbin out with a Stunner.

The website can be found at CorbinFund.com. The targeted goal is $100,000, and the fund description reads like this:

"Due to financial difficulties, this page is currently under construction. However, Baron Corbin finds strength in the ongoing support and prayers from the WWE Universe and looks forward to your donations soon."

The corbinfund.com domain is hosted on the WWE.com server, according to WHOIS records. The domain was just created earlier this week, on Wednesday, July 14 at around 8pm ET, and was registered for two years.

Stay tuned for more on the Corbin storyline. You can see video and photos from last night's SmackDown segment below, along with a look at the CorbinFundMe website: