Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match: Asuka vs. Naomi vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Nikki Cross vs. Liv Morgan vs. Zelina Vega vs. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Natalya vs. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Tamina Snuka

We go right to the ring as Greg Hamilton does the introductions. Out first comes Alexa Bliss, who stops and points up at the briefcase hanging above the ring. We see ladders all around the ringside area. Bliss removes her dress for a pop. Cole shows us how Bliss won the briefcase in 2018, but cashed it in that night during Ronda Rousey vs. Nia Jax, to win the RAW Women’s Title from Jax. Bliss stands still on the second rope now, staring straight ahead. Out next comes Liv Morgan, who skips to the ring and points up at the briefcase. Nikki Cross or Nikki A.S.H. is out next. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Natalya is out next, followed by her partner Tamina Snuka. They both carry their straps to the ring. Bliss is still standing on the second rope, near one of the corners, staring straight ahead. Zelina Vega is out next, followed by Naomi. Cole shows us how Naomi won the SmackDown Women’s Title from Bliss at Elimination Chamber 2017. Asuka is out last. We see how Asuka won the briefcase in 2020, on top of WWE HQ. Asuka has Kinesio tape on her shoulder.

Everyone goes for ladders or each other as the bell rings. Bliss is still standing watching. Bliss skips around the ring now for a pop. She stands under the briefcase and reaches up, to use her powers it appears, but Asuka slams her. Liv dropkicks Vega. Natalya takes out Liv. Cross with a tornado DDT to Natalya. Naomi with a Rear View to Cross. Tamina superkicks Naomi for boos. Tamina looks up at the briefcase. Bliss jumps on her back for a pop. Tamina slams her to the mat. Tamina levels Bliss with an elbow.

Tamina grabs a ladder and places it on the bottom rope in the corner, above Bliss. Tamina then slingshots Bliss under the ladder, hitting it face-first. Tamina gets booed some more as she stands a taller ladder under the briefcase. Liv runs up it and almost gets the case but Tamina tips the ladder with Liv and Zelina over. Tamina dominate Liv and Zelina, splashing them at once in the corner. Tamina stands a ladder up again but Asuka stops her. They shove each other. Asuka ducks a swing and unloads with strikes. Asuka with a Hip Attack to send Natalya off the apron. Asuka dropkicks Tamina and stops her from using the ladder. Fans pop for Asuka.

Asuka pins Tamina with ladder legs and keeps her down with them. Asuka climbs up but Tamina presses the ladder while under it on her back. Liv jumps on the leg and pushes it back down with Tamina under it. Liv with double knees to Asuka. Liv climbs up for a pop. Natalya tips the ladder over with Liv on it. Natalya may have just injured Liv’s leg now as Liv hops around. They have a tug-of-war for the ladder. Nikki gets hit with the ladder as she tries to attack both of them. Naomi and Tamina trade shots while Natalya and Liv hold the ladder for them. Tamina with a Samoan Drop to Naomi. Vega and Asuka pull Tamina to the floor. Vega with a hurricanrana on the floor. Asuka with a Hip Attack to Tamina into the barrier.

Natalya traps Liv in the corner with a ladder. Bliss takes Natalya out. Bliss creepily walks up the leaning ladder to Liv in the corner. Natalya slams her. Bliss laughs in Natalya’s face. Bliss slams Natalya face-first into the steel. Liv attacks but Bliss slams her and flips onto her. Bliss looks up at the briefcase as fans cheer. Bliss stands a ladder up now. Bliss climbs up but Vega climbs first. They meet at the top and Vega is terrified as Bliss just stares at her. Bliss is controlling Vega now with her powers. Bliss uses her powers to make Vega climb down the ladder. Bliss climbs back up but Natalya runs up behind her. Natalya powerbombs Bliss into the steel, then the mat.

Vega snaps out of it and goes for Natalya. Vega with double knees to Cross. Vega counters Asuka and slams her face-first. Vega stands on the bottom rope ladder and tries to superplex Liv from the top but Liv sends her into the ladder. Naomi takes out Liv and Vega for a big pop, using a powerbomb to Liv onto Vega on the bottom rope ladder. The champs double team Naomi now but she dropkicks them both. They try again but she hits a double Stunner using the rope. Cross fights in but Naomi slams her on a ladder. Naomi with a leg drop split to Cross. Naomi climbs up for a pop. Natalya pulls her off and sends her to the floor. Vega stops Natalya from climbing, jumping on her back, but Natalya pulls them both up the ladder.

Liv stops them from both getting the case after they have fingers on it. All three fall to the mat and the ladder tips over. Fans cheer them on. A big brawl breaks out in the ring now. Cross climbs a taller ladder on the floor. She poses and then flies into the ring, taking out the other 7 competitors with a big crossbody. Cross stands the ladder up under the briefcase now. She starts climbing but Bliss pulls her down. Cross hits her from behind. They face off and Bliss rocks her in the face. Bliss catches Cross with Sister Abigail but her own version of the move.

Bliss climbs up for the briefcase now. Natalya runs in and pulls her down to boos. Tamina and Natalya toss Bliss to the floor for more boos. Natalya follows and tosses Bliss into the barrier. Tamina and Natalya grab a ladder and use it to ram Bliss back into the barrier. They continue using the ladder on Bliss while she’s down. They stack a bunch of ladders on Bliss now. The others join in as Bliss is buried under a ton of steel. The crowd boos everyone as they bury Bliss under ladders at ringside.

Liv takes Nikki down at ringside and then climbs a ladder for the case as the others celebrate burying Bliss. Tamina stops her but Liv sends her into the corner with a hurricanrana. Natalya comes in and drops Liv. Natalya and Tamina have two ladders standing next to each other. Natalya climbs but Liv pulls her down. They tangle and Liv kicks Natalya face-first and slams her into the steel. Asuka and Vega bring a third ladder in now. Liv and Asuka take Vega down. Liv dodges a Hip Attack, then slams Asuka face-first. Liv climbs the middle ladder as fans cheer her on. Naomi climbs the other side of the ladder. Tamina and Natalya climb the other two ladders. Vega climbs up with Natalya. Asuka climbs up with Tamina.

All 6 are going for the case at the top of the ladders now. Cross runs in and climbs up with Liv on her side of the middle ladder. Cross unhooks the briefcase and stands tall with it while the other 6 Superstars brawl at the top of the ladders. They’re all shocked as Cross is announced the winner.

Winner: Nikki A.S.H.

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