WWE NXT Fan Says He Was Removed From TV Taping By Security, Tony Khan Comments

Longtime WWE NXT fan and online contributor JJ Williams says he was escorted out of last week's NXT TV tapings from the Capitol Wrestling Center at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando.

Williams, an official correspondent for the Wrestling Observer/F4Wonline.com website who often tweets notes and photos from NXT events, took to Twitter and said he was removed from the NXT taping due to his affiliation with the WONF4W website.

Williams noted that security took a copy of his ID, had him delete the photos on his phone from the taping, and then escorted him off the property. Williams added that his time and devotion will no longer be given to WWE moving forward. You can read his full statement below.

Last week's NXT TV taping was for this week's Syfy episode, and next week's Syfy episode. The show will return to the USA Network and a live format on August 10.

Williams, a pleasure to deal with any time we've worked together, has formed relationships with several talent over the years due to his online contributions, and he has developed a following of fans on social media.

Williams also attends AEW events when able to. AEW President & CEO Tony Khan responded to his tweets on the NXT incident, and said he looks forward to having Williams at next Wednesday's Homecoming edition of AEW Dynamite at Daily's Place in Jacksonville.

"See you at #AEWDynamite Homecoming, JJ! We're looking forward to your visit," Khan wrote in response to the tweets.

We have reached out to WWE for comment on Williams' statement, and will update you if and when they respond.

Williams' full statement and tweets can be seen below, along with the tweet from Khan:

"Last week I was singled out and removed from the tv taping due to my association with WONF4W. Security took a picture of my ID, had me delete the photos from my phone and escorted me off the property. My time and devotion will no longer be given to their company going forward. It was never my intention to be a problem or cause any issues for the promotion. None of my tweets were on the # yet I was told my social media was being monitored. A majority of those in attendance including media representatives were sharing results with no consequences. After purchasing tickets and attending events since 2014 this obviously hurts, all I ever wanted to do was encourage the talent and share my enjoyment of this show and genre. Despite this chapter closing, I still wish all my friends who work there the greatest success possible. If we have ever had any problems in the past or you just don't care for me please know that I hold no grudges or ill will towards anyone. I truly love watching, talking, and learning everything possible about wrestling and that will not stop. Thank you for reading."