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Andy Shepherd and Niguel McGuinness welcome fans to WWE NXT UK! We kick things off with the first women’s match scheduled for today’s show!

Emilia McKenzie vs. Isla Dawn

Emilia McKenzie charges towards Isla Dawn in the corner and rains down a flurry of offense. McKenzie sends Dawn to the center of the ring with a massive slam. She goes for a pin. Dawn kicks out. McKenzie ducks Dawn’s attack and hits a powerful suplex for another near-fall. Dawn rocks McKenzie with a series of stomps and then a cover. McKenzie pops free. Dawn comes crashing on top of McKenzie with a double knee takedown for another near-fall.

Dawn rolls McKenzie up with a small cradle. McKenzie gets her shoulders up at two. Dawn tosses McKenzie right out of the ring right after and lands a big soccer kick from off the apron. McKenzie slams Dawn into the barricade and throws her back into the ring.

Dawn finds momentum with an enziguri. McKenzie responds with a cutter. Cover. Dawn kicks out. McKenzie scales the ropes and misses her mark as Dawn clocks her right in the face. Dawn catches McKenzie with a back driver. McKenzie evades Dawn’s finisher with a massive spear. Will this be enough? Cover. No! Dawn fights out at two. Dawn starts channeling the evil spirits that live inside her as she wraps her hands around McKenzie’s face. McKenzie turns it around with a triangle lock, followed by a perfect German Suplex. McKenzie sends Dawn down and out with a running double knee strike for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Emilia McKenzie

– We look back on last week’s main event that saw Ilja Dragunov qualify for another shot at the NXT UK Championship.

Backstage: Mark Coffey has something up his sleeve, and Wolfgang is going to find out what it is.

Coming back from the quick break, Tyler Bate will put his Heritage Cup Championship on the line in his first title defense next!

NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship: Tyler Bate (c) (w/Trent Seven) vs. Jack Starz

Round 1:

The first round begins with a lockup between the two opponents. Tyler Bate sends Jack Starz over his shoulder with a takedown. Bate keeps control of Starz with a tight wristlock. Starz finds an escape and tries to turn it into a leg sweep. Bate blocks it. Bate drops Starz on the mat with another takedown. Starz tilt-a-whirls but continues to stay grounded. Starz wraps himself around Bate in the fireman’s position. Bate sends him to the ground. Starz catches Bate with a rollup. Bate kicks out. Bate gets up on his feet and hits a dropkick. He looks for a pin. Starz kicks out. Neither man picks up a point in his round.

Tyler Bate: 0   Jack Starz: 0

Round 2:

Bate finds a way to trap Starz’s pin to the mat. Starz does not kick out in time. Bate picks up the first fall and point in the match.

Tyler Bate: 1   Jack Starz: 0

Round 3:

Jack Starz comes flying off the ropes with a massive clothesline. He then sends the champion up and over his head with a big slam! Starz lands a modified suplex. Starz looks for a cover. Bate kicks out. Bate hoists Starz up with an airplane spin. Starz returns the same maneuver on Bate! Bate stops it with a heavy uppercut. Cover. Starz evens the playing field with a fall!

Tyler Bate: 1   Jack Starz: 1

Round 4:

Starz traps Bate with a Boston Crab. Bate desperately crawls towards the ropes, but Starz pulls him away! Bate fakes Starz out with a sucker punch, followed by a rebound lariat. The champion continues the onslaught with a rolling wheel kick and his finisher, the Tyler Driver ’97. Bate covers Starz for one last time. 1-2-3. Bate retains his Heritage Cup Championship!

Tyler Bate: 2   Jack Starz: 1

Winner & Still NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion: Tyler Bate

Post-Match: Mark Coffey comes out to celebrate Tyler Bate’s win. What Bate didn’t expect was getting slapped by Coffey.

And now, a new era begins. The new NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura is here to address the WWE Universe!

Meiko Satomura’s In-Ring Segment:

Meiko Satomura begins her speech by saying what a big win this was for her, and now, she’s proud to call NXT UK her new home. All of a sudden, Nina Samuels’ music hits. Samuels comes out and issues a challenge for the title. Amale comes out and blindly attacks Samuels. She says no one wants more of Nina. She isn’t out to congratulate Satomura, either. Amale wants a shot at the title, and Satomura accepts it right after knocking Amale out with a punch.

Backstage: Joe Coffey and Rampage Brown are still trying to cover from their colossal main event last week.

– We hear from Blair Davenport (fka Bea Priestley). The former STARDOM star is here in NXT UK!

Up next, a reforged Aoife Valkyrie looks to secure a victory following her major upset against the new NXT UK Women’s Champion, Meiko Satomura.

Aoife Valkyrie vs. Mila Smidt

Mila Smidt traps Anoife Valkyrie’s leg. Smidt takes Valkyrie down with an arm lock and goes straight for a pin. Valkyrie kicks out at two. Valkyrie holds on to Smidt’s arm before coming off the ropes with a huge dropkick. Valkyrie cartwheels her way out of Smidt’s control and lands a flurry of palm strikes. Smidt counters with a bridged pin for another near-fall count. Jinny is out watching this match very closely. Valkyrie isn’t distracted as she hits a spinning heel kick. Valkyrie scales the ropes and lands her famous leg drop. Valkyrie hooks the leg on Smidt. 1-2-3. That’s all she wrote; Valkyrie gains an impressive win!

Winner: Aoife Valkyrie

– Kenny Williams has an important message for Nathan Frazer. These two are set to settle the score in a matchup soon.

– After a verbal confrontation on today’s show, Trent Seven and Eddie Dennis will collide in singles action next week!

And now, the main event! Two of NXT UK’s best hybrid wrestlers will square off to determine who’s the best at what they do!

A-Kid vs. Jordan Devlin

Both men go straight for a collar and elbow tie-up. Jordan Devlin pushes A-Kid off of him. They reset. Devlin drops A-Kid down on the mat with a perfect takedown. A-Kid turns it around with a leg scissors. A-Kid was close to getting a pin. Devlin slid out the back and got up in time. Both men continue their ground game as A-Kid applies a front facelock on the Irish Ace.

A-Kid finds a way to keep Devlin grounded with a perfect rana/pin combination. Devlin pops out at two. Devlin tosses A-Kid out of the ring as they both tangle in a Greco-Roman lockup. A-Kid lands face-first on the outside. A-Kid slides in by the 9th count. Devlin goes straight for a pin. A-Kid kicks out. Devlin lands a double foot stomp before cranking A-Kids neck. Devlin sends A-Kid up towards the ropes and lands a nasty punch to the spine of A-Kid. Surprisingly, that punch lights a fire under the former Heritage Cup Champion.

Devlin knocks any sort of momentum A-Kids had with a slingshot cutter. A-Kid holds on to Devlin’s leg and connects a fisherman buster/pin combination. Devlin finds a way out at two. A-Kid holds Devlin in a guillotine. Devlin finds his way up. Devlin gets his knees up in time before A-Kid hits a standing shooting star press. A-Kid applies another lock on Devlin. Devlin backs his foot up to the bottom rope for the break.

A-Kid was so close to putting a sleeper hold on Devlin, but his arm is too weak for him to lock it in fully. Devlin crashes into A-Kid with a massive Spanish Fly from off the ropes! Both men trade very brutal forearms. A-Kid gets the last punch in, knocking Devlin down to the mat! A-Kid digs deep with a suplex. He holds on and lands another one. Devlin comes off the ropes and rocks A-Kid with a nasty headbutt.

A-Kid soars out of the ring with a Tope Suicida! Devlin uses the bottom rope to his advantage as it snaps on A-Kid, causing him to spill to the outside again. Devlin continues to inflict more pain by sending A-Kid knee-first onto the unforgiven steel stairs. They make their way back into the ring.

Devlin looks for Devlin Side. A-Kid reverses it with a Canadian Destroyer! Devlin traps A-Kid’s injured leg with a single Boston Crab. A-Kid escapes! A-Kid tries to go for his octopus stretch, but he can’t fully lock it in because of his knee. Devlin finds a way out and bends A-Kid’s knee forward in an unbearable position. A-Kid, in excruciating pain, taps giving the Irish Ace the pinfall victory.

Winner: Jordan Devlin

From all of us here at Wrestling Inc., we wish our Canadian viewers a happy Canada Day and to our American viewers a safe and enjoyable 4th of July weekend!