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Andy Shepherd and Niguel McGuinness welcome fans to WWE NXT UK! We kick things off with some singles action between Nathan Frazer and Kenny Williams!

Nathan Frazer vs. Kenny Williams

Both men go straight into a collar and elbow tie-up. Kenny Williams escapes the back and sends Nathan Frazer face-first down on the mat with a waistlock takedown. Back on their feet, Frazer flips Williams down with a hip toss. Coming off the ropes, Frazer slams Williams down again with a perfect arm drag takedown. Frazer lands a well-executed dropkick in the corner before meeting Williams on the outside with a senton! Back in the ring, Frazer hooks the leg for a cover. Williams kicks out at two.

Williams plots and executes a nice chop block on Frazer. Williams continues working the leg he took out from that chop block. Frazer fights him off for a moment with a rollup. Williams escapes. Frazer catches Williams with another rollup. Same results. Williams misses a stomp. Frazer turns it around with a swinging neckbreaker! Frazer soars from off the top with a missile dropkick. Cover. Williams kicks out. Willaims catches Frazer with a facebuster. Cover. Frazer escapes at two.

Frazer stacks Williams up again for a near-fall count. Frazer quickly gets back up and hits a series of offense, including an enziguri. Williams gets the last say in this match after slamming Frazer’s shoulder into the ring post and hitting his Bad Luck finisher for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Kenny Williams

– We look back at Jordan Devlin – A-Kid’s main event matchup from last week. We are told that A-Kid is still not cleared to compete yet.

Backstage: Rampage Brown and Joe Coffey need to have a talk with Sid Scala.

– Meiko Satomura promises she’ll retain her NXT UK Women’s Championship against Amale.

Up next, Mark Andrews will be in a high-stakes match. If he wins, he will cement an NXT UK Tag Team Title shot for himself and Flash Morgan Webster in the future.

Mark Andrews (w/SUBCULTURE) vs. NXT UK Tag Team Champion Lewis Howley (w/Sam Stoker)

Both men lock up. Lewis Howley pushes Mark Andrews into the corner. Howley pats Andrews on the chest, taunting him and reminding him he has no chance to win. Howley blocks a hip toss from Andrews but applies the same move on him. Andrews catches Howley with an arm lock. Howley escapes and pins Andrews up against the ropes again. Andrews takes a little ride on Howley with a tilt-a-whirl slam before flying to the outside with a suicide dive!

Howley capitalizes on Sam Stoker’s distraction by shoving Andrews shoulder-first towards the ring post. Howley keeps the pressure on with a leg drop in the center. Howley with a cover. Andrews kicks out at two. Andrews and Howley lock arms and Andrews’ backslides. Andrews stacks Howley off. Howley escapes. Howley throws Andrews into the guard rail. Back in the ring, Howley pounces with a stomp to the upper body. Howley tightly wraps his arm around Andrews for a sleeper. Andrews rises to his feet and escapes with a few shots to the ribs.

Howley joins Andrews up on the ropes. Andrews pushes Howley off. Andrews looks for a moonsault. Howley catches him mid-air and slams him down on the mat with a textbook DDT. Both men trade blows in the center of the ring. Andrews connects an enziguri creating some space. Andrews counters Howley with a Canadian Destroyer! Cover. Howley pops free. Andrews hits a hurricanrana. Andrews goes for another cover. Sam Stoker comes up on the apron and distracts the referee from making the count. SUBCULTURE runs out and takes Stoker off the apron.

Andrews scales the ropes. Andrews comes crashing down on Howley with a shooting star press. Cover. 1-2-3. Andrews has earned a tag team title opportunity!

Winner: Mark Andrews

– Following a big title match last week, Jack Starz runs across Dave Mastiff, who praises Starz for facing Tyler Bate. Mastiff tells Starz to keep his head up.

Backstage: Tyler Bate is willing to defend his Heritage Cup Championship against Mark Coffey.

Up next, Blair Davenport (fka Bea Priestley) will make her NXT UK debut!

Blair Davenport vs. Laura Di Matteo

Both women go straight into a lockup. Blair Davenport throws Laura Di Matteo down on the mat. Davenport slams Matteo back down on the mat with a body slam. Matteo gets some offense in with a clothesline. Davenport cuts her momentum short with a double stomp from off the top. Davenport confidently hooks the leg for the pin. Matteo surprises her with a kick out at two. Davenport rains more strikes down. Matteo catches Davenport with a spiked DDT. Will that be enough? No! Davenport pops free at two. Davenport hits a springboard dropkick. Davenport ends this match with a brutal running knee strike. The former Gaijin prevails in her NXT UK debut!

Winner: Blair Davenport

Post-Match: After picking up the victory, Blair Davenport grabs a microphone and informs all the ladies on the roster, including Meiko Satomura, that she’s here and she’s ready to rule over them all.

– Aoife Valkyrie calls out Jinny.

– Sid Scala announces that in two weeks, WALTER will put his NXT UK Championship on the line in a rematch against Ilja Dragunov!

And now, the main event!

Trent Seven vs. Eddie Dennis

Trent Seven starts the match off by dominating Eddie Dennis with a round of shots. Dennis turns it around with a body slam. Seven returns the favor. Seven then flies out of the ring with a well-executed suicide dive. Dennis steals a play out of Seven’s textbook with a heavy chop. Dennis throws Seven back into the ring and hooks the leg for a pin. Seven kicks out. Seven fires up a series of chops. Seven looks for a drag suplex. Dennis holds onto the ropes. Seven lands an open hand chop on the back of Dennis. Seven goes for the suplex. Dennis turns around and catches The Founding Father of NXT UK with a big boot.

Seven continues hitting those massive chops. Seven plants Dennis with an Emerald Flowsion. Cover. Dennis kicks out. Seven continues to pull out all of the stops with a moonsault. Dennis rolls out of the way. Seven flops down. Dennis tosses Seven with a turnbuckle powerbomb. Seven catches Dennis with a dragon suplex. Seven comes off the ropes and eats a big clothesline from Dennis. Both men are down.

Slowing climbing back up, both men trade powerful forearms. Dennis grabs hold of Seven. Seven drops out of the back and connects his Seven Stars Lariat! Seven with the cover. Dennis kicks out. Seven hoists Dennis up for the Burning Hammer. Dennis escapes by latching onto the ropes. Dennis’ group Symbiosis comes out to watch this match up close. Seven sends Dennis crashing to the mat with an avalanche Emerald Flowsion! Seven hooks the pin. Symbiosis takes Dennis’ foot and puts it up on the rope. Seven runs out of the ring and takes Symbiosis out. Seven hits the Burning Hammer for the pinfall victory!

Winner: Trent Seven

Post-Match: Symbiosis slides into the ring and tries to beatdown Trent Seven. Tyler Bate runs out with nunchucks and keeps Seven out of harm’s way.

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!