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Welcome to NXT UK! We are joined by no other than the COO and founder of NXT, Triple H! He is happy to announce that on next week’s show, WALTER will put his NXT UK Championship on the line in a highly anticipated rematch against Ilja Dragunov. This leads right into their press conference.

WALTER – Ilja Dragunov’s Press Conference:

Assistant General Manager Sid Scala is hosting this press conference. The first question is asked to WALTER. WALTER is asked by a reporter from BT Sport about his dominant reign and how he sees this rematch playing out. In WALTER’s opinion, he believes Dragunov still isn’t mentally prepared to go up against a champion like him. He never mentioned that Dragunov lacks physical ability.

The second and third questions are directed to Dragunov about his mental state and how he’s been facing demons since losing to The Ring General back in October. As Dragunov describes the hurdles he’s faced since his massive loss, WALTER interrupts by saying he is redefining the sport, and Dragunov is nowhere near his level. Dragunov reveals that he respects WALTER as an opponent, but all he has left in him is hate. Dragunov gets up and walks towards the middle, and admits that he hates WALTER. He promises the NXT UK Championship will be placed in his hands next week. Both men talk amongst themselves, with WALTER turning beet red and breathing heavily.

– SUBCULTURE (Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster) is ready for their NXT UK Tag Team Championship opportunity next week!

Following the commercial break, we are set for tag team action!

Teoman & Rohan Raja vs. Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith

Ashton Smith and Teoman square off. Smith comes charging towards Teoman with a powerful shoulder tackle. Smith throws Teoman up against the ropes and lands a heavy punch to the gut. Smith continues the onslaught with a deadlift suplex. Teoman has had enough; he tags in Rohan Raja. Smith takes the same opportunity and makes to tag to Oliver Carter.

Raja dumps Carter to the mat seconds after getting themselves in the ring. Raja softens Carter up for Teoman. Raja makes a quick tag out to Teoman. Teoman cuts the ring off from Carter by tossing him around near his corner. Raja is back in for Teoman. Raja plants a vertical suplex and looks for the first pin in the match. Carter kicks out at two. Carter tries to get a few shots in, but Raja blocks them with a heavy hit before tagging Teoman back in.

Teoman starts to work on Carter’s injured arm (left). Carter escapes Teoman’s sight for a moment and was inches away from getting a tag made to Smith, but Teoman catches him and continues wearing and tearing down Carter’s arm. Luckily, Carter finds a way to escape and makes a legal tag to Smith. Smith lands a big clothesline on Raja, sending him out of the ring. Smith slams Teoman down on the mat and was so close to picking up the win, but Teoman kicks out by the 2.8 count. Raja slides back in the ring and hits a facebuster for a near-fall count. Carter is tagged in again by Smith.

Carter throws Raja into the mat with a suplex, followed by a perfect German Suplex. Cater looks for a pin. Raja kicks out. Carter comes flying off the ropes with an assisted high cutter! Will that be enough? No! Teoman takes Raja out of the ring before the pin. Raja plants another facebuster on Carter. He makes one final tag to Teoman. Teoman locks in a crossface on Carter. Carter taps out. Teoman and Raja pick up the win.

Winners: Teoman & Rohan Raja

– A-Kid demands another match with Jordan Devlin once he fully recovers from his leg injury. A-Kid wants to have a 30-minute Iron Man match with him. Sid Scala says he’ll see what he can do.

– Aoife Valkyre warns Jinny that she picked a fight with the wrong woman.

– Pretty Deadly is ready to face SUBCULTURE. They aren’t intimidated that Andrews and Webster were once former tag champions. They look forward to their clashing next week!

Up next, will Amale make history as the first French female women’s champion in WWE? We are about to find out!

NXT UK Women’s Championship: Meiko Satomura (c) vs. Amale

Both women lock up. Meiko Satomura pushes Amale up against the ropes. Amale tries to fight back with a kick. Satomura grabs her leg and lands a stiff kick. Satomura takes Amale down on the mat. Amale reverses the lockup and starts to pull on Satomura’s hair. Satomura turns it around and looks for the first pinfall in the match. Amale kicks out at two. Satomura traps Amale in an abdominal stretch. Amale rolls through. Cover. The champion pops free.

Amale sends Satomura crashing into the turnbuckle, courtesy of a missile dropkick. That move only grants her another near-fall attempt. Satomura fights back with a kick to the gut for a near-fall attempt. Amale eats several more stiff kicks. The champ looks for another cover. Amale escapes. Amale plants a running boot in the corner, followed by a swinging breaker. Amale was seconds away from winning this whole thing, but Satomura pushes her off the pin.

Amale catches the champion with a pump kick. Satomura comes crashing in with a flurry of offense. Amale follows up with an exploder slam! Cover. Satomura kicks out! Satomura sets Amale up for the Scorpio Rising. Cover. 1-2-3. The Final Boss retains her hard-earned championship!

Winner & Still the NXT UK Women’s Champion: Meiko Satomura

BREAKING NEWS: Following their press conference earlier tonight, Ilja Dragunov and WALTER got into it backstage, causing WALTER to suffer an injury on his left hand. Therefore, WALTER vs. Dragunov II will not happen next week. We will keep you informed on this ongoing story in the days to come.

So far confirmed for next week:

* Pretty Deadly (c) vs. SUBCULTURE for the NXT UK Tag Team Championship

* Noam Dar will host “Supernova Sessions.” His guests will be Jinny and Joseph Conners.

And now, the main event!

NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship: Tyler Bate (c) (w/Trent Seven) vs. Mark Coffey (w/Wolfgang)

Round 1:

Both men lock up. Mark Coffey backs the champion up against the ropes. Coffey breaks the hold cleanly. They reset. Coffey applies a tight wristlock on Tyler Bate, sending him down on the mat. Coffey continues locking the champion up. Bate finds a way to escape with a bottom rope break. Coffey goes right back to another wristlock. Bate escapes and puts Coffey in a side headlock before breaking it with a shoulder tackle from off the ropes. Both men did a great job implementing catch wrestling during this match, but no points were awarded this round.

Tyler Bate: 0   Mark Coffey: 0

Round 2:

Mark Coffey continues the hold on Tyler Bate from the previous round. Bate finds a creative way to escape which sends Coffey out of the ring. Back in the ring, Bate catches Coffey with a rana that turns into a stacked pin. 1-2-3. Tyler Bate picks up a fall/point against Coffey.

Tyler Bate: 1   Mark Coffey: 0

Round 3:

Mark Coffey hoists Tyler Bate up and over seconds after the bell rings. He lands a Russian Leg Sweep and goes for the first cover in this round. Bate refuses to give Coffey the point. Coffey then rocks Bate with a heavy forearm, which knocks Bate’s out. Coffey gains his first fall/point in the match.

Tyler Bate: 1   Mark Coffey: 1

Round 4:

Mark Coffey drives Tyler Bate into the mat with a massive slam. Coffey looks for a cover. Bate kicks out at two. Bate reverses a slam from Coffey into a crucifix pin for a near-fall count. Bate hits a powerlifting exploder suplex for another near-fall! Bate sends Coffey flying with his airplane spin. Both men rock each other’s worlds with a double head clash just as the bell concludes this round. Neither man picks up a new point.

Tyler Bate: 1   Mark Coffey: 1

Round 5:

Mark Coffey continues the onslaught on Tyler Bate with another heavy slam. Bate turns it around with a rolling wheel kick, followed by a rebound lariat. Bate finishes Coffey off with his ’97 Driver for the pinfall victory!

Tyler Bate: 2   Mark Coffey: 1

Winner & Still the NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion: Tyler Bate

Post-Match: Both Tyler Bate and Mark Coffey shake hands after their hard-fought battle.

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!