WWE Teases Adam Cole vs. Kyle O'Reilly III

Adam Cole vs. Kyle O'Reilly III is set to take place soon.

This week's WWE NXT episode saw the feud between the former Undisputed Era members continue as O'Reilly sat down with Wade Barrett for an interview where he said he needs to get his groove back before beating Cole again. He also said Cole can't say and do the things he's done and just get away with it. O'Reilly finished the interview by declaring that he is the man who can and will finish Cole.

Cole later came to the ring for a promo, bragging on his Great American Bash win. Cole said he proved to the world he is better than O'Reilly, and that he is the greatest NXT Superstar in the history of the brand. He also said O'Reilly's initial win was a fluke and didn't count as that's how unsanctioned matches work. Cole continued to trash O'Reilly on the mic and warned that he should reconsider wanting the rematch because he will just get embarrassed again.

Cole then began talking about Samoa Joe, enforcer to NXT General Manager William Regal. Cole called Joe an overpaid security guard in a suit, and said he's not afraid of him. Cole said he'd call Joe out but Joe isn't man enough to face him, just like the rest of the locker room. That's when Bronson Reed interrupted. Reed insulted Cole and said now that he's lost the North American Title to Isaiah "Swerve" Scott, he has nothing to lose and all eyes are on him as people wonder what his next move is. Reed said since people see Cole as NXT's golden boy, he sees Cole as his golden opportunity. Reed then blocked a superkick and ran over Cole with a body block, sending him retreating to the floor. Joe then came out to referee the main event, staring Cole down as he walked past.

There is no word yet on when the Cole vs. Reed match will happen, or when Cole vs. O'Reilly III will take place. It's likely that Cole vs. O'Reilly will happen at the rumored Takeover event scheduled for SummerSlam weekend in late August.

As noted, Joe ended up getting attacked by NXT Champion Karrion Kross after last week's main event win over Johnny Gargano. The terms of Joe being hired by Regal last month were that Joe is no longer an active competitor, and he must avoid physical contact with NXT Superstars unless he's provoked. It remains to be seen if Joe has been medically cleared for competition, but last night's angle may be a sign that he is able to wrestle a match. You can click here for photos, videos and details on last night's show-closing angle. If Joe has been cleared, that opens the door for potential matches against Kross, Cole and other NXT Superstars.

O'Reilly defeated Cole in an Unsanctioned Match back at "Takeover: Stand and Deliver" Night Two during WrestleMania 37 Weekend. Cole won the rematch, a standard singles bout, at last Tuesday's NXT Great American Bash special.

Stay tuned for more on Cole vs. O'Reilly. Below are videos of last night's segments: