WWE's Contract With Hulu Reportedly Set To Expire Soon

WWE's contract with Hulu for next-day on-demand access in the U.S. to RAW, SmackDown, and other in-ring content is ending at some point in 2022, or as early as the end of 2021, according to Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics.

The report speculated Peacock would be a likely buyer as they already have RAW and SmackDown after 30 days as part of its WWE Network deal in the U.S. Peacock subscribers would then only have to wait one day, which would bring added value to the service.

Although considered less likely, it was also noted WWE could look to companies like Amazon or YouTube as a way to put pressure on FOX and/or NBCU to bid more aggressively when U.S. live rights are up in a few years.

No word on what type of numbers WWE could get, but next-day rights are likely a much smaller percentage compared to U.S. live rights.

WWE first teamed up with Hulu back in 2012.