Adam Cole Removes WWE Link From Twitter, Cancels Twitch Stream

Adam Cole is reportedly becoming a free agent from his WWE contract today.

Cole has removed the link to his WWE Shop page from his Twitter bio. The link was still in his Twitter bio as of around 8pm ET on Thursday evening.

It looks like nothing has changed on Cole's WWE Shop page. There were some items marked down 25%, with other items not at a sale price. This is not out of the ordinary as many active and top WWE Superstars have items marked down at sale prices.

On a related note, Cole has canceled his scheduled Twitch stream today. He announced the schedule change earlier this afternoon.

"Hey Chugs Army....I'm very sorry but something has come up today and I won't be able to stream today [frown emoji] I really really wish that I could. But I will keep you all posted on when the stream will be Saturday! Love you Chugs Army and thanks for understanding as always [folded hands emoji]," he wrote to fans.

There's still no word on what Cole has planned for his pro wrestling future, but we will keep you updated.

Stay tuned for more.