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– Tony Schiavone and Eddie Kingston welcome us to this week’s episode of AEW Dark: Elevation at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, FL as Kingston is ready to get started, so we go to our first match of the night.

Renee Michelle vs. Red Velvet

Michelle clubs Red Velvet in the back as the bell rings. Michelle pressuring Red Velvet in the corner, but Red Velvet catches Michelle with a leg lariat. She follows up with a series of lariats and then a casadora bulldog. She hits a standing moonsault and opts to not cover as she hits the Final Slice for the win.

Winner: Red Velvet via pinfall

“Pretty” Peter Avalon (w/Cezar Bononi & JD Drake) vs. Capt. Shawn Dean

Avalon starts off quick with a kick to the mid-section. Dean runs the ropes and hits a lariat and follows up with a bodyslam. Dean then hits a suplex and then a powerbomb into a backstabber for the win.

Winner: Capt. Shawn Dean

Hikaru Shida vs. Tesha Price

Price unleashes a mean streak after handing out flowers. A bit of chain wrestling to start as Price gets full-mount position and lands a right hands. Shida reverses a hammer throw, feints a strike and hits a right hand of her own. Shida hits a knee buster, then a running knee in the corner, but Price knocks Shida down. Price traps Shida between the ropes and kicks her. Referee Bryce Remsburg admonishes Price, and Shida takes advantage. Shida hits a jumping knee strike followed up by a Falcon Arrow for the win.

Winner: Hikaru Shida via pinfall

– We see a clip from Dynamite last week with Daniel Garcia and 2.0. Garcia is set to face Fuego Del Sol on Dark. Garcia says he’s in AEW for the challenge. Garcia says Fuego has chosen AEW, but AEW hasn’t chosen Fuego. He talks about his Dynamite trios match against Darby Allin, and Garcia wants Allin in Pittsburgh and wants Tony Khan to book the match!

– Sonny Kiss and Joey Janela are out together. Janela takes out Kiss with a superkick! Janela takes out their planned opponents. The crowd chants, “You still suck!” Janela takes Kiss to the middle ledge and hits a piledriver! Janela smiles and gives middle fingers as a group of refs attend to Kiss on the outside. Janela walks out as the crowd boos as Kingston notes that if this is the Janela he knows, “AEW is in trouble.”

Brian Cage vs. RSP

RSP charges in, but Cage gets the upperhand. Cage showing off his agility and hits a dropkick. RSP escapes a fireman’s carry but eats a knee. RSP responds with an enzuigiri followed up by a bodyslam. RSP goes up top and misses a senton. Cage responds with a discus lariat and then a powerbomb into a F5 for the win.

Winner: Brian Cage via pinfall

Amber Nova vs. Jade Cargill (w/Smart Mark Sterling)

Cargill with a pump kick to start off this match. Cargill pump handles Nova and hits a facebuster. She hits Jaded for the win.

Winner: Jade Cargill via pinfall

Carlie Bravo & Cyrus vs. Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) (w/Marko Stunt)

Bravo and Cryus jump Jurassic Express, but Jungle Boy hits a lariat on Bravo. Luchasaurus sends Cyrus outside. Luchasaurus then hits a chokeslam on Bravo, and Jungle Boy locks in the Snare Trap tapping out Bravo.

Winners: Jurassic Express via submission

Lucha Brothers (Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix) (w/Alex Abrahantes) vs. Matt Sydal & Mike Sydal

Mike and Fenix start off this tag team match with a quick show of respect. Mike catches Fenix with two head scissors, but Fenix responds with a hard chop. Mike tries to knock Fenix off the ropes, but he maintains his balance and hits an arm drag. Mike and Fenix show off their lucha and yoga moves and shake hands and tag in Matt and Penta respectively. Penta drops “Zero Miedo’s” while Matt shows off his third eye.

Penta hits a spinning heel kick and then kick to the mid-section while Matt was trying to avoid Penta. Matt flips off the corner and hits an arm drag and then hits his own spinning heel kick. Matt gets on top of Penta’s shoulders and sends him outside with a rana. On the outside, Matt does a handstand on the apron, but Penta kicks him down. Back in the ring, Fenix tags in as the Lucha Brothers hit some combo strikes followed up by a combo casadora splash.

Fenix covers but only a two count. Fenix wraps Matt on the ropes and hits a strong chop to the chest. Matt escapes a fireman’s carry and hit a slice then a twisting moonsault for a two count. Fenix and Matt now exchanging strikes. Matt’s leg lariat takes both of them down. Mike tags in and goes around for a spike DDT, cover 1-2-no! Mike looking to keep the pressure going as he hits a split-legged Michinoku Driver, cover, but Penta breaks it up.

The Sydal’s hit double high kicks on Penta in the corner. Fenix meets them in the corner. Penta joins but gets dropped. The Sydal’s drop Fenix and hits a double Meteora from up top. Mike hits a tope on Penta. Matt covers 1-2-no! Matt going for a Shooting Star, but Penta drops him allowing Fenix to cover him for two. Fenix hits a springboard splash on Mike on the ramp! Fenix leaps up top and tags in Penta. Fenix catches a knee strike, Fenix sets up Matt for Penta to hit a missile dropkick on Matt’s “butthole,” and the Lucha Brothers hit a combo Fear Factor for the win.

Winners: Lucha Brothers (Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix) via pinfall