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– Tony Schiavone and Paul Wight welcome us to this week’s episode of Dark: Elevation at the Petersen Events Center in Pittsburgh, PA. Schiavone hypes up tonight’s main event, The Hybrid 2 vs. the Lucha Bros. and says they’ll be joined by Eddie Kingston on commentary later tonight.

Duke Davis & Ganon Jones vs. 2.0 (Jeff Parker & Matt Lee)

Parker starting off quickly with a dropkick. Davis gets him up attempting a treeslam, but he escapes. Lee tags in and holds off Davis to set up another dropkick from Parker, and they combine for a backbody drop. Lee with a quick deathlock as he appeals to the crowd and gets boos. Parker tags in and continues to work the right ankle of Davis. Davis using his power to escape and tag in Jones. Jones going to work on 2.0. He hits a double clothesline, but Lee gets off a drop toehold and sets up Parker for an elbow drop. 2.0 hit 2 For The Show for the win.

Winners: 2.0 (Jeff Parker & Matt Lee) via pinfall

Diamante vs. Julia Hart (w/ Varsity Blonds)

Diamante with a quick monkey flip off the lock up, but Hart responds with an arm drag as Diamante then trips up Hart. Hart transitions into a headlock. Hart then hits a shoulder block off the push up and then blocks an arm drag into a hip toss followed up by a dropkick for a quick count. Diamante rolls through and hits a Russian Legsweep. Diamante in full mount as she lays in punches. Diamante mocks Hart and the crowd as she keeps up the pressure in the corner.

Diamante hits an axehandle for two count. Diamante then with a snapmare into a kick to the back and the shoulder followed up by a fish splash for another two count. Diamante working an armbar, but Hart escapes with a few punches to the mid-section. Diamante goes for the hair, but Hart escapes and hits an arm drag followed up by a series of lariats. She hits a handspring lariat, back elbow and then a bulldog into the splits.

Hart with wrist control as she trips up Diamante and hits an standing moonsault for two. Hart charges in the corner and hits a forearm and tries for the bulldog again, but Diamante blocks it and throws Hart down by her hair. Diamante rips off the top turnbuckle! The ref goes to put it back on as Diamante goes to the opposite corner and grabs a chain from the middle turnbuckle. She wraps it around her hand and punches Hart with it for the win.

Winner: Diamante via pinfall

– Post-match: Diamante goes to deal extra damage to Hart. Big Swole runs in for the save! The refs try to hold back Swole, but Swole is ready for a fight. Diamante escapes to the ramp.

– We see a highlight clip from last week’s Dark: Elevation where Joey Janela turned on Sonny Kiss.

Joey Janela vs. Alan “5” Angels

Angels charges in and eats a superkick.  Janela throws Angels outside as he takes off his jacket and allows the referee to make the 10-count. Angels gets back in, but Janela throws him out. Angels recovers quickly and hits a Gamengiri, shotgun dropkick sending Janela outside, top suicida, back to the ring to set up an Orihara moonsault! Janela stuns Angels and goes to work on him on the outside. Back in the ring as Janela slows the pace.

Angels fights out of a chokehold but eats a back elbow. Janela hits a thunderous chop in the corner. Angels reverses a hammer throw, elevates over the corner, elbow strike and then a top rope cross body. Angels hits a rana, enzuigiri setting up Janela for This Is Gonna Suck. Angels a standing Sliced Bread, cover 1-2-no! Angels goes up top, but Janela runs underneath. Angels hits a forearm shot, but Janela hits one of his own. Janela bounces off the ropes and hits a lariat.

Janela reverses Angels and hits a brainbuster. Janela calling for the end as he goes for a DVD, but Angels pushes off and hits a s standing Spanish Fly taking them both down. Janela misses Angels in the corner. Janela and Angels trade pin attempts. Janela reverses an inside cradle pin into a lateral press and wins while pulling Angels’ tights.

Winner: Joey Janela via pinfall

Hikaru Shida vs. Kiera Hogan

Shida sends Hogan to the corner on the lock-up and offers a clean break. Shida then applies a side headlock off the second lock-up, but Hogan fights out of it. Hogan tries a shoulder block, but Shida doesn’t budge. Hogan grabs the hair and slams Shida in the corner. Back and forth with hair pulls and turnbuckle shots. Hogan gets the better of the exchange and unleashes stomps in the corner. Hogan circles around and hits a huge kick in the corner, cover but only a two count.

Hogan doing some trash talking as she hits a dropkick sending Shida outside. The crowd is behind Shida as she runs in cutting off Hogan hitting a step-up enzuigiri. Shida charges in, Hogan tells her to wait, Shida hits a strike, running knee. Shida hits a missile dropkick off the second rope for a two count. Hogan escapes a bomb attempt as she and Shida trade strikes. Now they’re slugging away as Shida gets the better of the exchange.

Hogan with a big high kick, cover 1-2-no! Hogan doing more trash talk as she tries for a fisherman’s suplex, but Shida reverses it. Hogan tries to fight out of a suplex as Shida applies a front chancery and spins around slamming Hogan down. Shida ducks a kick, hits a forearm shot and then hits a Falcon Arrow for the win.

Winner: Hikaru Shida via pinfall

Lance Archer (w/ Jake “The Snake” Roberts) vs. Reggie Collins

Archer immeditely throws his opponent out as Justin Roberts makes his ring introduction and the pyro and music for Archer plays. Archer hits an apron bomb as he goes to the ring officially starting this match. Collins tries a few chops, but Archer is unfazed and hits a massive lariat making even Roberts cringe. Archer hits a Hellacoaster. Archer hits a chop in the corner and hits another. He sets up Collins up in the corner for the Blackout for the win as he immediately walks away and heads to the back.

Winner: Lance Archer via pinfall

Ray Lyn vs. Thunder Rosa

Rosa takes in the crowd support as she and Lyn start off with some chain wrestling. Lyn slams Rosa down on her head and talks some trash. Rosa responds with a chop and follows up with another. Rosa then hits an arm drag, front kick to the mid-section. Rosa sets up Lyn hanging on the ropes. She then charges in and hits a dropkick. Rosa hits a series of back elbows on the back of Lyn’s neck. Lyn floats over for a cover as Rosa kicks out and applies a rear-naked choke.

Lyn rises up and escapes with a snapmare. She then hits a series of kicks to the chest. Lyn applies a reverse figure-four. Rosa reverses it into an ankle lock. Lyn kicks her way out but eats a back elbow in the corner. Rosa hits a running lariat, elevated double knee strike then a corner dropkick. Rosa hits a butterfly suplex for a two count. Rosa hits the Fire Thunder Driver for the win.

Winner: Thunder Rosa via pinfall

PAC vs. Anthony Bowens

Bowens starts off with a kick to the mid-section as he and PAC start trading strikes. PAC staggers Bowens as Bowens out speeds PAC and hits a superkick. PAC rolls outside as Bowens sends him back in. Bowens hits an Olympic slam for a one count. Bowens hits few chops and hammer throws PAC into the corner. Bowens fires in strikes on PAC’s neck, cover, but PAC gets a foot up on the ropes. Bowens fires in more strikes for another one count.

Bowens talks trash as he hits a spinning heel kick, front kick but that wakes up PAC. Bowens tries to clam him down, but PAC hits kicks of his own and then a shotgun dropkick sending Bowens outside. PAC hits a top con hiro! Bowens tries to escape to the ramp, but PAC drags Bowens back to the ring as he slams him on the guardrail. PAC stalks Bowens as he goes up top and hits a missile dropkick for a two count.

Bowens tries to fire himself up. Bowens with an eye rake. He hits a flurry of strikes and then a brainbuster for a two count. PAC escapes a fireman’s carry and hits a release German suplex. PAC going up top as the fans want a Black Arrow. PAC hypes up the crowd but doesn’t give the people what they want as he applies a Brutalizer tapping out Bowens.

Winner: PAC via submission

– Eddie Kingston joins commentary!

Brian Cage vs. Joe Keys

Keys ducks a lariat and hits a front kick, but Cage responds with a lariat. Cage catches Keys and does some curls and throws Keys. Cage working on Keys in the corner. Keys rolls Cage through and hits a lung blower. Keys fires in right hands and hits an uppercut, but Cage hits a boot and then a German suplex. Cage hits a Death Valley Driver. Cage deadlifts Keys off the apron and hits a suplex followed up by a discus lariat and then a Drill Claw for the win.

Winner: Brian Cage

Serpentico (w/ Luther) vs. Sammy Guevara

Sammy starting off strong with a couple of strikes. Serpentico ducks a chop and rolls outside. Sammy avoids Luther and sends Serpentico into Luther. Sammy still in control as Serpentico cuts him off when entering back in the ring. Serpentico with a hammer throw. He hits a rana into a dropkick. Serpentico mocks Sammy as he throws him outside. Serpentico tries to spin around as Luther tries to throw Sammy into the guardrail, but Sammy reverses it.

Sammy back in the ring as he flips around and hits a dropkick. Serpentico cuts off Sammy’s kip-up, but he gets it off. Serpentico hits a step-up enzuigiri and then a back suplex. Luther calls for headbutts, and Serpentico obliges. Luther continues to bark out instructions, and Sammy is thrown outside. Luther gets extra shots off as Serpentico distracts the ref. Sammy ducks a chop as Serpentico hits his hand on the post.

Sammy hits a high knee. Back in the ring as Serpentico hits a leaping flatliner. Serpentico hits a stomp on the apron but accidently hits a tope suicida on Luther. Sammy hits a tope con hiro on Chaos Project. Serpentico hits a thrust kick, but Sammy gets off a high knee and hits the GTH for the win.

Winner: Sammy Guevara via pinfall

– Post-match: Shawn Spears blindsides Sammy! Tully Blanchard gives Spears a chair as Spears looks for the kill. Spears looks for a C4 on the chair, and he hits it. Spears sits on the chair hovering over Sammy.

Katie Arquette vs. Jade Cargill (w/ Smart Mark Sterling)

Arquette tries a lariat to start off, but Cargill is unfazed and hits a flatliner and kips up after. She hits a boot sending Arquette to the corner. Arquette avoids a lariat and hits a few strikes, but Cargill responds with a pump kick. Cargill slingshots Arquette to the ropes. She then hits a back elbow and splash in the corner. She follows up with a pumphandle facebuster. Cargill then hits Jaded for the win.

Winner: Jade Cargill via pinfall

The Hybrid2 (Angelico & Jack Evans) vs. Lucha Brothers (Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix) (w/ PAC & Alex Abrahantes)

Angelico and Fenix start off our main event as a “Zero Miedo” chant breaks out. Fenix and Angelico with some chain wrestling to start off. Fenix looking for a single-leg crab as he transitions into a cloverleaf. Evans comes in and breaks it up. Angelico applies a full nelson. He transitions into a wristlock as Fenix kips up to reverse it. Angelico twisting around for an arm drag as Fenix and Angelico trade flash pins and kip ups.

Angelico kick slaps a handshake as Penta and Evans tag in. Kingston and the crowd go crazy for Penta. Penta tags off his glove and tosses it to Abrahantes who catches it. Penta gives Evans the Zero Miedo. Penta with a dropkick to the head as Evans tried to handspring. Evans escapes the corner and hits a corkscrew kick sending Penta outside. Penta avoids the baseball slide and hits a Gamengiri as Evans tried to handstand on the apron.

Fenix tags in, and the Lucha Bros. with some combo offense. Fenix hits a chop. Evans elevates Fenix on the apron as Angelico trips him up with referee Bryce Remsburg (if that’s his real name) distracted. TH2 now cutting the ring in half on Fenix. Angelico with a Gori Special as Evans as a Muta Lock, and Angelico kicks Fenix for a two count. Angelico with a Delfin Clutch, but Penta kicks Angelico in the head.

Evans tags in as he hits a stomp off the Angelico back body drop. Evans hits a standing Phoenix Splash. Angelico tags in as Fenix fights off TH2. Evans hits a superkick, but Angelico hits a knee lift. Fenix over the apron as he superkicks Evans who tried to trip him. Fenix leaps in through the ropes and hits a rolling cutter! Penta tags in and hits slingblades on TH2. He hits a low kick on Angelico, superkick on Evans, rolls through Angelico to hit a DDT on Evans and then a superkick on Angelico’s head.

Fenix tags in and hits a springboard dropkick on Angelico, cover, but Evans breaks it up. Evans hits a high kick and tags himself in. Evans up top but eats a superkick. The Lucha Bros. calling it as they hit a stomp into a Fear Factor as Fenix hits a tope con hiro on Angelico, Penta covers Evans for the win.

Winners: Lucha Brothers (Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix) via pinfall