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– Excalibur and Taz welcome us to the 100th episode of AEW Dark. No time for banter as Excalibur takes it to Justin Roberts for our first match of the night.

– FTW World Champion Ricky Starks makes his return to commentary!

Chuck Taylor, Orange Cassidy & Wheeler Yuta (w/Kris Statlander) vs. The Wingmen (Cezar Bononi, JD Drake & Ryan Nemeth) (w/Peter Avalon)

Chuck and Drake start off this trios match as Drake catches Chuck with a massive shoulder tackle followed up by an arm drag, but Taylor responds with multiple arm drags of his own before locking Drake’s arm. Chuck tags in Yuta, but Drake escapes to his corner and tags in Nemeth. Yuta baits his foot and catches Nemeth with a dropkick for a two count. Nemeth with a knee lift as he sends Yuta to his corner. Bononi and Drake try to hold down Yuta, but Nemeth keeps hitting them.

Bononi and Drake go to attack Nemeth, but Avalon runs in to stop them. Yuta drops Avalon as The Wingmen run over to take out Orange and Chuck. Nemeth applies a hammerlock and handstands. Bononi tags in and keeps up the pressure on Yuta in the corner. Bononi with a hammer throw as he hits clubbing blows and chops on Yuta. Yuta flips over a back suplex and tries to tag out, but Bononi holds him off and hoss tosses him towards his corner.

Drake tags in and cuts the corner in half on Yuta. Drake lights up Yuta with a chop and tags in Bononi. Drake hits a Manhattan Drop, and Bononi hits a big boot for two. Nemeth tags in and tries to go for the Rude Awkening, but Yuta escapes and sends Drake and Bononi colliding. Nemeth drops Orange but runs into an enzuigiri. Chuck tags in and hits multiple clotheslines and then a tope con hiro on Drake and Bononi.

Orange tags himself in and goes to put his hands in his pockets. Nemeth tries to cut him off but is too late. Orange and Nemeth go back and forth. Orange running the ropes, goes over the top and hits a shotgun dropkick. Yuta and Chukc take out the other Wingmen. Yuta and Taylor hit elbows in the corner. Chuck hits a chokeslam, Yuta hits a crossbody and Orange hits a falling spalsh, cover 1-2-and Bononi breaks it up.

Yuta tags in, but Avalon’s distraction allows Nemeth to hits a dropkick. Drake tags in and hits a pumphandle slam, Drake hits a cannonball, Nemeth hits the Rude Awkening, cover 1-2-and Chuck and Orange break it up! The ring clears out as Drake goes up top. He misses, and Yuta rolls up Drake in a crucifix pin for the win.

Winners: Chuck Taylor, Orange Cassidy & Wheeler Yuta via pinfall

– Post-match: Avalon runs in and attack Yuta. He eats an Orange Punch and then an Awful Waffle. Then the gang gives the people what they want!

– Jack Evans is backstage and sends a warning out to PAC.

Jack Evans (w/Angelico, Isiah Kassidy, Marq Quen & Matt Hardy) vs. PAC (w/Alex Abrahantes, Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix)

PAC with a quick kick to the mid-section as he sends Evans to the corner. Evans escapes an arm drag, but PAC takes down Evans again with a kick. PAC follows up with a quick boot as he methodically works on Evans. Evans flips over a launch attempt and gets off two quick pins. PAC rushes in, and Evans catches PAC with an Indian deathlock. PAC sent outside as Evans slows himself down over the ropes, but PAC trips up and sends him falling hard to the ground.

HFO have words for PAC and Death Triangle come in to support. PAC launches Evans at the ringside railing while working the 10-count. Back in the ring, PAC goes for a cover but only gets a two count. PAC pressures Evans in the corner and launches him in the opposite corner keeping up his pace. Evans gets up boots in the corner, but PAC drives his boot at Evans. PAC sets up Evans up top going for a superplex. Evans fights out of it and sends PAC outside. Evans then hits a Sky Twister Press on the outside!

PAC gets back in the ring first, and Evans manages to get in at the count of seven. Evans with a kick while backflipping on the ropes. He then hits a springboard Blockbuster, cover 1-2-no! PAC catches Evans with a huge lariat and follows up with a Liger Bomb, cover 1-2-no! PAC sets up Evans in the corner for the Black Arrow. Evans gets up, but PAC hits a forearm. He springboards in but misses, and Evans hits a poisonrana!

Evan rolls around PAC’s shoulder and gets off a backslide bridge 1-2-no! Evans hits a corkscrew roundhouse kick. He goes up top, but PAC cuts him off. PAC meeting Evans up top in the corner and hits a falling neckbreaker! He applies the Brutalizer, and Evans taps out.

Winner: PAC via submission

Post-match: Andrade El Idolo’s music plays, and he comes out with his business associate and Chavo Guerrero. Andrade and Chavo looking ready to fight as Death Triangle are waiting for them in the ring. Andrade and Chavo are standing on the apron, and Andrade is about to step in, but Chavo stops him and tells him not yet. They walk away leaving PAC disappointed, but Andrade tells PAC tranquilo.

– Red Velvet is backstage and says she’s on the hottest run in her career. She notes she’s back in the top five, which means she has one thing in mind, the AEW Women’s Championship. Red Velvet knows no one know “special order” like “the chef” Red Velvet, so she’ll see Dr. Britt Baker DMD “really, really, soon.”

Tay Conti vs. Kenzie Paige

Conti and Paige feeling each other out. Paige hits a shot to the mid-section and has Conti in a fireman’s carry, but Conti reverses it into different submissions and pinning predicaments. Paige catches Conti with the thrust kick and keeps up the pressure on her. Conti responds with a back elbow as she and Paige exchange blows. Conti with the advantage as she gets off a few judo throws. She now goes up top but jumps off to avoid the cut off. Conti hits a big boot, a running boot followed up by another running boot. Conti hits a gutbuster. She then hits the DD-Tay for the win.

Winner: Tay Conti via pinfall

– Jake Hager replaces Starks on commentary as he says it’s not over between him and Wardlow.

Fuego Del Sol & Shawn Dean vs. The Pinnacle (Shawn Spears & Wardlow)

Spears and Fuego start off this tag match as the crowd shows a lukewarm response for Fuego. Spears showing off his technical prowess as he mocks Fuego. The crowd starts wooing as Spears grabs ahold of Fuego’s wrist and tries to keep Fuego grounded. Fuego flips over a back suplex and hits a dropkick. He then hits a dropkick on Wardlow. Dean hits a dropkick, and Fuego and Dean hit stereo dropkicks sending Wardlow outside.

Fuego and Dean try for stereo tope suicidas, but Spears blocks Fuego, and Wardlow catches Dean and tosses him aside. Spears tries to bring a chair in, but Wardlow stops him. Spears hits the C4 and tags in Wardlow. Wardlow stares down Hager, and Hager stands up on commentary to stare him down back. Wardlow hits the F10 for the win.

Winners: The Pinnacle (Shawn Spears & Wardlow) via pinfall

– Back to the duo of Excalibur and Taz on commentary.

Hikaru Shida vs. Madi Maxx

Shida takes in the crowd before locking up with Maxx. She offers a clean break on the ropes as they lock up again with Shida applying a side headlock. Maxx escapes but eats a shoulder tackle. Maxx retreats to the corner feigning a shoulder injury. Maxx drags Shida to the corner, but Shida is quickly back up and hits a backbreaker followed up by a scoop slam sending Maxx outside. Shida grabs a chair and sets it up as a platform.

Shida tries to jump off the chair, but Maxx cuts her and slams Shida’s shoulder on the apron. Back in the ring, Maxx hits a backhand and goes to the apron to hit a running knee to the head, cover but only a two count. Shida catches Maxx with a flurry of forearms. Shida charges in, but Maxx covers her face. Shida slaps her in the face, smashes her face to her knee and then hits a running knee strike.

Shida hits a snap suplex for a two count. Maxx catches Shida with a roll up but only a two count. Shida outrunning Maxx and hits a running knee for another two count. Shida sets up Maxx over her shoulder and flattens her. She calls for the Katana, and she hits it for the win.

Winner: Hikaru Shida via pinfall

Lucha Brothers (Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix) (w/Alex Abrahantes & PAC) vs. Chaos Project (Luther & Serpentico)

Fenix and Serpentico start off this tag match with a bit of a feeling out process. Fenix gets off a flash pin for a two count as Serpentico responds with a hurricanrana. Fenix matches Serpentico in athleticism. Luther comes in, and Penta tells Chaos Project “Zero Miedo”. Kicks are thrown. Serpentico tries for a tope suicida, but Penta catches him. Luther comes in for the save and whips Penta towards the ring post.

Serpentico catches Fenix with a sunset bomb for two. Luther tags in and gets whipped into Fenix in the corner. Luther isn’t pleased and slingshots Serpentico into Fenix. Luther with an armpit punch. Fenix hits a thrust kick on Serpentico. He then kicks Luther on the side of the head. Hook kick on Serpentico. Penta tags in and hits a crossbody on Chaos Project.

Serpentico accidently superkicks Luther. Penta hits slingblades on each member of Chaos Project. Penta hits a lungblower senton combo for two. Lucha Bros. superkick Chaos Project each. Lucha Bros. hit their stomp / Fear Factor combo on Serpentico and onto Luther for the win.

Winners: Lucha Brothers (Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix) via pinfall

– Max Caster rap highlights: “The Acclaimed kicking ass… claiming mental health like Simone Biles… The Bucks faker than a PCR test. [Another shot at Julia Hart]

The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster) & Matt Hardy & The Blade (w/The Bunny) vs. Matt & Mike Sydal & Varsity Blonds (Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison) (w/Julia Hart)

The teams go at each other right away as everyone brawls on the outside. Varsity Blonds are in the ring with Caster and go to work on him. The Sydals get in, but The Acclaimed cut off Mike. Matt comes in for the save and gain back the advantage for him and his brother. The Sydals sweep The Acclaimed and hit stereo standing presses for a two count. The Blade trips up Pillman, and Blade tags in and goes to work on Pillman.

H.F.O. and The Acclaimed now cutting the ring in half on Pillman. Pillman escapes out of the corner and tries to tag out. Pillman hits  a back body drop on Caster as Garrison tags in and takes out everyone. Garrison hits a big boot on Bowens. He then sends Caster outside. Garrison then back body drops Bowens and follows up with a splash in the corner and then a Falcon Arrow, cover 1-2-no! Matt tags in and hits some rough kicks on Bowens.

Mike tags in, and the Sydals hit stereo Meteoras, cover, but Blade breaks it up. Hardy tags in and hits a Side Effect on each Sydal brother. Garrison blocks it and drops Hardy. The Acclaimed go Eiffel Tower on Garrison and drop him. Pillman takes out The Acclaimed. Hardy hits a Twist of Fate on Pillman. Mike blocks it and hits a thrust kick. Bunny distracts the ref allowing Blade to hit Mike with the brass knuckles, and Hardy pins him for the win.

Winners: The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster) & Matt Hardy & The Blade via pinfall

Post-match: H.F.O. beat down on the Sydals. Jurassic Express run them off. Varsity Blonds and The Acclaimed are face-to-face as they brawl. Varsity Blonds combine to take them out.

Diamante vs. Leyla Hirsch

Diamante runs through Leyla, but Leyla responds trying to apply a cross armbreaker. Diamante escapes outside, but Leyla hits a tope suicida! Back in the ring, Leyla hits a double knee strike in the corner. Diamante, however, slings Leyla towards the middle turnbuckle and gains the momentum going to work on Leyla. She sends Leyla to the ropes and hits a back elbow. She then hits a splash for a two count.

Diamante now grabbing ahold of the arm and cuts off Leyla’s escape attempt. Diamante with a strike in the corner as she tries for a corner dropkick but misses. Leyla tries to grab Diamante out of the corner, but Diamante wants a time-out. Leyla quickly hits a backdrop suplex and then hits a lariat. She then walks the ropes and hits a springboard moonsault, cover, but Diamante puts her foot on the rope.

Bunny runs in and throws a chair. Big Swole cuts off Diamante from grabbing the chair. Leyla hits a release German suplex and then a running knee strike, cover 1-2-no! Leyla transitions into the cross armbreaker and taps out Diamante.

Winner: Leyla Hirsch via submission

Post-match: Big Swole looking for some revenge as she brawls with Diamante. They make their way up the ramp as Diamante runs away with Swole behind her.

Jon Moxley vs. Brick Aldridge

Aldridge takes out Moxley right away starting this match. Moxley going on the offensive as he hits a lariat and then throws his shirt into the crowd. Moxley hits multiple round kicks, but Aldridge catches Moxley with a dropkick. Aldridge hits a chop in the corner and biels Moxley across the ring. Aldridge hits a shoulder breaker and applies a top wristlock. Moxley escapes and hits a few quick punches. Aldridge cuts him and hits a corner laiat.

Moxley follows him for one of his own in the opposite corner and chops Aldridge down. Moxley sets up Aldridge up top. Moxley hits the superplex as he signals for the end. Aldridge blocks the Paradigm Shift, but Moxley escapes a Gorilla Press and applies a rear-naked choke and taps out Aldridge.

Winner: Jon Moxley via submission

Penelope Ford vs. Reka Tehaka

A bit of chain wrestling to start as Tehaka drops Ford with a shoulder block. Tehaka blocks a hip toss and hits one of her own. Tehaka hits an arm drag and then monkey flips Ford out of the corner. Ford goes at the knees and hits a lariat. She mounts Tehaka and lays in shots. Ford chokes out Tehaka on the ropes and then slams Tehaka’s neck on the ropes. Ford then hits a shotgun dropkick while Tehaka’s on the middle rope, cover but only a two count.

Ford hits a back handspring elbow followed up by a running boot and then a German suplex for another two count. Tehaka hits a series of right hands, but Ford gets Tehaka on her shoulders. Tehaka escapes and hits a headbutt. Ford sweeps Tehaka’s legs, and she applies a Muta lock and taps out Tehaka.

Winner: Penelope Ford via submission

– Jade Cargill and “Smart” Mark Sterling make their way out to the ramp. Sterling says they were busy, but they wanted to add some star power for Dark’s 100th episode. He says the submissions they got over the past week were horrible. Cargill talks down to the people. Sterling says they signed on with Nocking Point Wines. Sterling says he’s starting to become a wine sommelier. He mocks Charlotte using wine language. “The Jade Brand remains focused on professional wrestling… you can’t wait for what’s next” because as Cargill finishes, “I’m that b**ch!”

Eddie Kingston vs. Dante Martin (w/Darius Martin)

Martin using his quickness early on. Martin stops himself from a tope con hiro in style as Kingston paces around the ring. Kingston back inside as he slows things down. Martin picking things back up with a high kick and a springboard dropkick for one. Kingston cuts off Martin with a knee lift. Kingston follows up with a suplex for a one count. Kingston lights up Martin with a chop, but Martin going around the ropes. Kingston simply knocks Martin down.

Kingston running the ropes, but Martin cuts him off. Martin hits a double springboard moonsault, cover but only a two count. Martin looking for his floating Stunner, but Kingston catches it and hits a half-and-half suplex. Martin ducks the spinning back fist, but Kingston goes back to it and hits it for the win.

Winner: Eddie Kingston

– Kingston picks up Martin showing his respect for him as Excalibur signs off for the 100th episode of AEW Dark.

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