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– Excalibur and Taz welcome us to this week’s episode of AEW Dark at the Petersen Events Center in Pittsburgh, PA as they welcome in the Rampage era. They take it to Dasha Gonzalez for our first match of the night.

Sam Adams & Skylar Andrews vs. 2.0 (Jeff Parker & Matt Lee)

Lee and Andrews start off this match as Andrews is forced into 2.0’s corner, and Parker tags in. Parker is caught in the opposite corner as he gets caught in a Russian leg sweep / dropkick combo for a one count. Lee blind tags in and plants Adams with a powerbomb. Lee drops Andrews from the apron as he keeps up the pressure on Adams.

Parker tags in as 2.0 cut the ring in half on Adams. Adams looking for an opening as he tags in Andrews. Andrews hits a big back elbow then an enzuigiri. Lee with a front kick as Parker tags in. Andrews working on Lee as 2.0 hit a running elbow, drop toe hold and an assisted elbow drop. Lee tags in as 2.0 hit 2 For The Show for the win.

Winners: 2.0 (Jeff Parker & Matt Lee) via pinfall

– FTW World Champion Ricky Starks joins commentary kicking off the show within a show “AEW Starks”.

Tay Conti vs. Rebecca Scott

Conti with the early advantage on the chain wrestling exchange. Conti hits a knee strike off the cravat. She then slaps Scott in the chest while holding her in a Dragon Sleeper position. Conti misses a double knee strike as Scott hits a series of stomps and elbow strikes. Conti grabs a hold of Scott’s wrist while Scott was trash talking. Conti hits a flurry of elbow strikes. She ducks a lariat and hits a series of judo throws. She maintains wrist control as she hits a tilt-a-whirl gutbuster. Conti then hits a pump kick followed up by the DD-Tay for the win.

Winner: Tay Conti via pinfall

– Thunder Rosa takes over for Starks on commentary.

Joe Keys & Spencer Slade vs. Brock Anderson & Lee Johnson (w/Arn Anderson)

Brock and Keys start off this tag match as Brock applies a side headlock and gets off a bodyslam followed up by a knee drop. A strong hammer throw from Brock as Johnson tags in. Keys with an elbow strike as Johnson elevates over the corner and catches Keys with a dropkick and follows up with an arm drag takedown. Keys forces Johnson in his corner as Slade tags in and hits a butterfly suplex. He follows up with a corner spear as Keys tags himself in and keeps up the pressure.

Keys hits a back drop suplex as Slade tags in and hits an elbow drop for a one count. Johnson gets a boot up in the corner and sends Slade to his corner. Keys tags in, but Johnson breaks free and tags in Brock. Brock with a series of strikes as he drives his shoulder at Keys in the corner. Brock picks up Keys and hits a back body drop. Johnson hits Keys with a thrust kick and Brock hits a DDT for the win.

Winners: Brock Anderson & Lee Johnson via pinfall

– Back to just the duo of Excalibur and Taz on commentary.

Matt Hardy (w/ Private Party) vs. Wheeler Yuta (w/ Chuck Taylor)

Hardy sends Yuta in the corner on the lock up and tries to get a cheap shot in, but Yuta ducks and applies a side headlock. Yuta with a cartwheel to avoid the back body drop as he works the left wrist of Hardy. Yuta baits in Hardy and catches him with a dropkick for a two count. Hardy reverses a hammer throw but eats a back elbow. Yuta misses a high crossbody as Hardy dumps him outside. Referee Bryce Remsburg tries to keep his attention on Hardy and Private Party.

Yuta is paying too much attention to Private Party allowing Hardy to hit a diving dropkick! Hardy slams Yuta’s head on the turnbuckle pads. He follows up with a dropkick, cover, but Yuta kicks out at two. Yuta fires in right hands, but Hardy applies a sleeper hold. Yuta looks like he’s fading, but he escapes and hits some body shots. Yuta applies his own sleeper and escapes a back drop. Yuta with a series of strikes, hits a Manhattan drop then an enzuigiri.

Yuta hits a back elbow in the corner and springboards off the middle rope to hit a shotgun dropkick, jackknife cover but only a two count. Hardy escapes a waistlock, and Yuta runs into a Side Effect, cover 1-2-no! Hardy calling for The Leech, but he goes for the Twist of Fate. Yuta escapes and hits a Samoan Drop, cover 1-2-no!

Yuta looking to go up top, but Hardy cuts him off as Yuta was too occupied by a potential distraction. Hardy looking for a superplex. Yuta sends Hardy down. Hardy favoring his ankle as Yuta hits a high crossbody, cover 1-2-no! Hardy saying his ankle his broken as Private Party stand on then apron distracting Remsburg. Hardy hits Yuta with his boot for the win.

Winners: Matt Hardy via pinfall

– Post-match: Taylor tries to alert Remsburg about the boot. Private Party jump Taylor as they and Hardy attack Taylor and Yuta. Best Friends music plays and Orange Cassidy walks out of the ramp! Cassidy hits the Orange Punch on Hardy! Taylor and Yuta drop Private Party leaving H.F.O. running away, and Best Friends wearing shades in the ring.

– Rosa back on commentary.

Penelope Ford vs. Masha Slamovich

Ford with a quick flip off the lock up as Ford and Slamovich go into some chain wrestling. Ford sends Slamovich to the corner, but Slamovich ducks a strike and rains in chops. Slamovich gets a boot up in the corner and hit an upkick. Ford slams Slamovich’s head on the middle turnbuckle. She then grinds Slamovich’s head on the ropes. Ford rains in boots in the corner, snapmare into a round kick to the back.

Slamovich dodges another kick, but Ford responds with a standing moonsault. Ford wrenches her leg on Slamovich while she’s on the ropes and then drivers her neck on the top rope. She then hits a dropkick to the back sending Slamovich onto the apron. Ford elevates over and hits a knee drop. Slamovich goes into some body drops, but Ford cuts her off. Slamovich rains in elbows, back fist and then a half-and-half suplex bridge 1-2-no! Ford with a fireman’s carry into a gutbuster. Ford then goes into a single-leg crab position and transitions into an Indian Deathlock tapping out Slamovich.

Winner: Penelope Ford via submission

– Post-match: Ford deals extra damage onto Slamovich. Rosa isn’t having it and leaves the commentary desk to come in for the save as Ford runs off.

– “AEW Starks” is back as Starks is back on commentary.

Kiera Hogan vs. Kris Statlander (w/ Chuck Taylor, Orange Cassidy & Wheeler Yuta)

Statlander overpowers Hogan on the collar-and-elbow tie up. Hogan not backing down from the power and height difference. Hogan avoids the boop, but Statlander cartwheels around and gets the boop off. Hogan with an elbow shot, but Statlander picks up Hogan. Hogan avoids a back drop and hits a kick followed up by a back elbow and then a running dropkick, cover, but Statlander kicks out at two.

Hogan hits a round kick while talking trash. Hogan running the ropes, but Statlander cuts off the casadora. Hogan tries a guillotine but can’t get locked in. Statlander counters it into a vertical suplex position. She has Hogan up for a long time as the crowd gets going, and Statlander hits the delayed vertical suplex.

Statlander hits a running uppercut then a running knee followed up by a Michinoku Driver for a two count. Hogan tries to get some offense going, but Statlander catches the crossbody. Hogan counters and hits a hanging neckbreaker. Statlander catches Hogan and lifts her up on her shoulders and drops her down. She then hits the Big Bang Theory for the win.

Winner: Kris Statlander

Post-match: Taylor, Cassidy, Yuta (with their matching track suits) and Statlander give the people what they want!

Chaos Project (Luther & Serpentico) & Cole Karter vs. Death Triangle (PAC, Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix) (w/Alex Abrahantes)

Luther throws Serpentico on Death Triangle kicking off this trios match. Luther directs traffic as Fenix is left alone in the ring. Chaos Project throw Carter in the corner, Luther throws Serpentico and Luther splashes all of them in the corner. Karter now alone with Fenix as he gets off some early offense. Fenix recovering as he drops Karter with a pump kick. Penta tags in, and the Lucha Bros. hit a combination of strikes and then a combo splash.

PAC wants in as he gets ready to work on Karter. Andrade El Idolo’s music plays and out comes Andrade, Chavo Guerrero and his group! Karter gets off a schoolboy 1-2-no! PAC deals with Karter as Death Triangle want Andrade to come to them. Andrade and his group leave as PAC gets back to work on Karter. PAC throws Karter to his corner as Serpentico looks to tag himself in, but Luther stops him and tells Karter that he’s ugly as he carries off Serpentico. Fenix hits a cutter and takes out Chaos Project with a tope suicida! Penta hits a Fear Factor for the win.

Winners: Death Triangle (PAC, Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix) via pinfall

Tina San Antonio vs. Nyla Rose (w/Vickie Guerrero)

Rose quickly starts off with a Spear. She then biels San Antonio across the ring, hits a hip attack followed up by a lariat. Rose hits a Beast Bomb for the win.

Winner: Nyla Rose via pinfall

– Post-match: Vickie has a mic in hand as she drops Rose’s t-shirt on San Antonio. Vickie does her “excuse me” gimmick as she tells everyone to “shut the hell up because I have something to say.” The crowd continues to boo as Vickie notes Rose beats every opponent in front of her. She says they’ll have their opportunity at the AEW Women’s Champion soon.

– Starks off commentary as Taz predicts Dark Order will disband in two weeks.

Andrew Palace, Bill Collier & RSP vs. Dark Order (Alex Reynolds, John Silver & 10)

Reynolds and Palace start off this trios match with a bit of chain wrestling. Reynolds with a crossbody then a missile dropkick. RSP tries to drag Reynolds outside. Reynolds fights him off, but Collier comes in with a spear! RSP tags in and starts to the cut the ring in half. RSP hits a release suplex as Palace tags in and keeps up the pressure as Reynolds tries to tag out. Palace hits a big backdrop suplex as Collier tags in and hits a press slam. Reynolds tries to fight out and ducks a RSP slingshot and a Collier boot.

Palace tags in, but Reynolds avoids him and tags in Silver who comes in with a series of lariats and then a back body drop. He hits a boot and then a German suplex on Palace and then on Collier! RSP then eats a brainbuster. 10 tags in and drops RSP outside. 10 hits a ripcord Diamond Cutter. Palacec hits a pump kick. 10 then assists Reynolds for a splash on Collier and RSP outside! Palace eats a spinesbuster, combo offense from Silver and Reynolds and then 10 taps out Palace with the full nelson.

Winners: Dark Order (Alex Reynolds, John Silver & 10) via submission

– Starks back on the commentary desk.

Frankie Kazarian vs. Brandon Cutler (w/ MT Nakazawa)

The bell rings as Cutler takes his time entering the ring. Cutler talks some trash as he runs away when Kazarian charges in. Nakazawa coaches up Cutler on the outside as referee Rick Knox starts the 10-count. Cutler back in the ring as he again escapes outside when Kazarian charges in. Cutler jogs outside as he continues to take his time. Nakazawa tries to distract Kazarian. Cutler tries for a cheap shot, but Kazarian is ready for it and chases Cutler outside and lands a right hand.

Nakazawa runs away to the front row as Kazarian goes to work on Cutler on the outside while working the 10-count. Kazarian hits a bodyslam and continues to the pressure back in the ring. Kazarian drops Cutler with a lariat as Cutler escapes to the ring apron. He gouges Kazarian’s eyes as he tries to go up top. Kazarian cuts him off and throws him down. Cutler trying to run away as Kazarian looks to suplex him back in.

Nakazawa holds onto Kazarian’s legs allowing Cutler to hit a splash for a two count. Kazarian tries to go after Nakazawa, but Cutler now in control of the match as he does some showboating as well. Cutler doing a lot of dancing as he misses an elbow drop. Kazarian going to work as he catches Cutler with a back body drop. Cutler gets a boot up in the corner. Kazarian cuts off the springboard and sends Cutler back in to hit a cutter.

Nakazawa jumps to the apron as Kazarian has Cutler pinned. Nakazawa rolls in the cold spray. Kazarian drops Nakazawa, and Cutler has the cold spray locked up, but there’s a delay as he sprays himself in the face! Kazarian taps out Cutler with the cross-face chicken wing.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian via submission

Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) & Varsity Blonds (Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison) (w/Julia Hart & Marko Stunt) vs. The Wingmen (Cezar Bononi, JD Drake, Peter Avalon & Ryan Nemeth)

Jungle Boy and Avalon start off this eight-man tag team match. The crowd is all behind Jungle Boy as Avalon catches him with a kick to the mid-section as he tags in Drake. Jungle Boy sends the two of them colliding. He hits a step-up rana and chops Nemeth and Bononi. Nemeth dropped with an arm drag, and Bononi dropped with a dropkick as Jungle Boy kips up. Pillman tags in as he gets the crowd going. Drake takes his time getting back to the ring.

Drake escapes a waistlock and absorbs a shoulder block. Pillman and Drake trade chops. Pillman getting the better of the exchange as Drake gets off a shoulder tackle but doesn’t get another as Pillman gets off an arm drag takedown. Garrison tags in as Varsity Blonds hit an assisted dropkick. Bononi with a kick blindsiding Garrison as Drake sends Garrison outside and distracts referee Aubrey Edwards.

Bononi drops Garrison on the apron. Avalon tags in as he goes to work on Garrison in the corner. Nemeth tags in as he looks to cut the ring in half. Drake tags in and hits a bodyslam for a quick count. Drake working a headlock looking to slow things down. Garrison fights out of it but runs into a back elbow. Bononi tags himself in as Drake and Bononi rock Garrison with a series of chops in the corner.

Garrison tries to fight his way out of the corner, but Bononi keeping the pressure going. Bononi takes a cheap shot on Jungle Boy as Avalon is the legal man after a Bononi pumphandle, cannonball from Drake, Hunk of Love from Nemeth and a splash from Avalon, cover 1-2-no! Garrison catches Avalon with a boot. Luchasaurus and Nemeth tag in as Avalon is thrown aside. Drake and Nemth dropped with lariats, and Bononi dropped from the apron.

Drake takes out Nemeth as Luchasaurus avoids Drake. Drake gets dropped by the Tail Whip from Luchasaurus. Pillman with a dropkick on Drake. Avalon thrown at Bononi on the outside by Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus hits a chokeslam. Jungle Boy, now legal, taps out Nemeth with the Snare Trap.

Winners: Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) & Varsity Blonds (Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison) via submission

Lee Moriarty vs. Dante Martin

The crowd showing their support for Moriarty in his hometown as Martin and Moriarty show some sportsmanship before the lock-up. The crowd now going back and forth in their support for both competitors as Martin gets control early on. Things start to pick up in pace as Martin catches Moriarty with a dropkick sending him outside. Martin feints a plancha and lands on his feet off the corkscrew off the apron.

Martin with a forearm to the jaw. Martin goes up top and jump off as Moriarty trips him up and kicks the arm. Moriarty hits a splash for a two count. Moriarty keeps the pressure on Martin’s left arm. Moriarty catches Martin with an arm drag and gets off a crucifix high pin for a two count. Moriarty misses the high splash, and Martin gets off a dropkick. Martin charges in the corner and gest sent on the apron.

He hits an enzuigiri followed up by a double springboard moonsault for a two count. Moriarty ducks a roundhouse kick and goes back to the arm. He hits a short-arm lariat for a two count. Moriarty keeping wrist control as he hits a knee lift. Martin reverses out and hits a roundhouse kick, leaps over the top of Moriarty for the sunset flip pin for the win.

Winner: Dante Martin via pinfall