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Chris Jericho vs. Juventud Guerrera (The 5 Labours of Jericho: Chapter 3)

Jericho must hit a top rope move to win this match. MJF on commentary. The last time Jericho and Guerrera met in the ring was 1999 (WCW). Guerrera goes right at Jericho with chops in the corner. Guerrera up top, hits a hurricanrana, and then…another one! Jericho out to the floor, Guerrera looked for maybe another, but just ends up kind of doing a seated senton down on Jericho. Back in the ring, Guerrera goes to the top, missile dropkick, cover, two.

Jericho back up and knocks Guerrera out to the floor. Jericho tosses him into the timekeeper’s table, then back in the ring. Jericho with a top rope crossbody, cover, two. Juvi gets back into the match and work over Jericho, stretching him out a bit. Guerrera charges, but eats a couple shoulder tackles. Jericho pops Guerrera, double ax handle off the top rope, cover, two-count. Jericho with a backbreaker, goes for a cover, but the ref lets him know he can’t do that, as per the match rules. Jericho then tears away at Guerrera’s mask.

Both guys end up on the top rope, Jericho blocks a hurricanrana and goes into the wall of Jericho, apparently this counts as a top rope move? Doesn’t matter as Guerrera gets to the rope for the break. Spinning neckbreaker by Juvi, thrust kick, pin, two. Juvi driver hits, cover, close three. MJF is getting so mad on commentary at the Aubrey Edward’s counting abilities. Juvi runs right into judas effect, Jericho makes his way up to the top rope, another judas effect! That will get the win.

Winner: Chris Jericho via Pinfall

– Post-match, Wardlow attacks Jericho from behind. He then picks up Juvi and gives him an F-10. He then throws a knee to Jericho’s face, putting him down. MJF on the mic, “I’m so sorry guys, did we ruin that moment for you?” Crowd yells “you suck!” He announces Wardlow is opponent number four for Jericho. He will be accompanied to the ring to make sure the match is called fair and square — MJF himself!

– Dasha thought she was supposed to talk with Death Triangle, but there’s no PAC, only Fenix and Penta. Alex Abrahantes thinks his ride got cancelled. Andrade showed up with Chavo right on time. Chavo says they didn’t say thank you for last week’s limo. Chavo asks them to join up, yes or no? Fenix says they don’t work for Andrade, or anyone. Penta says…no.

– Tony Schiavone talks with The Dark Order. He brings up no more tag titles for them. Hangman Page shows up to grab his drink and tries to leave. They say it’s been a whole week and couldn’t get a hold of him. Page says he cost them the tag titles and everyone says it’s okay! Page says he has to take care of his baggage on his own. Dark Order says they can help, but he passes. Page says for now, they are done, and heads out. Uno tells the group if that’s what Page wants, let’s give him some space.

2.0 (Jeff Parker and Matt Lee) and Daniel Garcia vs. Eddie Kingston, Jon Moxley, and Darby Allin with Sting

2.0 was previously known as Ever Rise in NXT. Allin and Garcia get things started, back and forth pins, no luck for either wrestler. Lee with the blind tag, and blasts Allin with a forearm. Lee runs into a kick, Allin makes it to his corner and Kingston tags in. “Eddie!” chant breaks out. Lee yells “you want to take a swing at me?!” He chops Eddie and ends up eating a bunch from his opponent. Kingston stomps away at him while Moxley just enjoys the view. Lee gets back into it and chop blocks Kingston. He’s able to tag in Parker, he keeps Kingston down until Garcia comes in and stomps away.

Out on the floor, Moxley and Garcia mix it up. 2.0 get thrown out to the floor. Sting stares them down. Lee kind of freaks out that it’s Sting! Allin clears him out with a huge suicide dive. Backs in the ring, Moxley gets the tag, double clothesline on 2.0. He hits a release german suplex on Parker, lariat, x-plex. Parker eats a spinning backfist. Garcia tries to sneak attack Moxley, but eats a paradigm shift, coffin drop by Allin, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston, and Darby Allin via Pinfall

– Video package looks back at the history between Brian Cage and Ricky Starks. With Team Taz around him, Starks says he will outshine Cage as the new FTW Champion. Taz throws in his two cents. Cage says he never even wanted the title and asks the question who better than Brian Cage? Nobody!

– Backstage, The Elite goofing around, shooting hoops. Doc Gallows wearing a Ric Flair-esque robe. Nick Jackson wonders if there is anyone else for them to face in the ring. Matt says there’s nobody left. Kenny Omega taunted Hangman Page about last week’s match and said when it came down to the end and that buzzer beater (Omega shoots a shot at the hoop and super misses) Page blew it! Omega then asks Cutler to cut down the net because they are retiring as champions! Nick does his crow (?) sound over and over as the group celebrates.

Christian Cage vs. The Blade with The Bunny

Cage goes right after Blade on the ramp. He beats Blade up a bit and throws him into the ring. Blade fights back and rips Christian’s shirt off. Blade bails out of the ring, Christian follows, but Bunny gets in his way. Blade tries for an attack from behind, Christian catches him with a punch to the face. He tosses Blade into the barricade. Christian goes up to the top rope, Bunny holds his foot. Lelya Hirch runs out and chases Bunny off (they are wrestling later tonight). Blade looks for a DDT, nope, Christian hits one of his own, cover, two.

Blade continues to work over Christian. He flexes and poses for a moment. He stomps away, then charges in, but Christian sidesteps as Blade flies out to the floor. Christian goes up to the top rope, leaps off and hits Blade. Christian a bit slow to get up after that move. They both get back in the ring and Christian pops Blade a couple times. Christian with a leaping sunset flip, cover, two. He lands a second rope diving uppercut. Looks for kill switch, no, but he pops Blade with a back elbow. Christian with a boot, tries for a swinging DDT, Blade shoves him away, spinning powerslam, cover, two. Blade with a kick to the midsection, Blade then tries to rip off the turnbuckle pad. Ref goes to fix it. Blade tries to use his brass knuckle, Christian catches him with a spear, cover, and that will end the match.

Winner: Christian Cage via Pinfall

– Video package of the rivalry between FTR and Santana/Ortiz. We see Wheeler’s arm get caught on the turnbuckle hook, which caused him to bleed a ton. Dax Harwood says he almost watched his friend bleed out, but they have one more match down the road. Dax says death couldn’t stop Wheeler, so what are Santana and Ortiz going to do?

– In the ring, Tony Schiavone introduces AEW Women’s World Champion Britt Baker (with Reba). Tony brings up next week in Pittsburgh, but also the reception she got right here in Jacksonville. Baker says this was where she became the champion. Before she can say anything else, out comes Red Velvet. Velvet gets in the ring, Tony asks her what brings Velvet out? Velvet tells Britt, “Red is not your color” and she wants a piece of D.M.D. Velvet with a little shove. Baker brings up beating Velvet in three minutes, but if she wants to challenge Baker, sounds good to her. Velvet says she’s 22-4 (7 straight wins) and isn’t enhancement talent any longer, and she didn’t have to cheat to get her victories. Baker reminds Velvet she’s now the champ and says it will happen at AEW Rampage next Friday, in Pittsburgh. Velvet sizes up the champ and throws a kick at her hand. Rebel tries to cheap shot Velvet with the crutches. Baker drops Velvet and stomps her to the mat. Baker then chokes Velvet a bit with it as her music plays. Baker holds up the title.

– Dasha talks with Andrade. Chavo stops him and says the Lucha Bros won’t work for him, but he has someone else. In steps, Fuego del Sol! Chavo tells Fuego has to shine Andrade’s shoes. He doesn’t want to do that, so Andrade boots him and throws Fuego into ta loading dock door. Chavo tells the Lucha Bros. if they keep working for PAC they will never be champions!

– In the ring, Tony talks with Hangman Page and asks him to clarify some earlier comments he made. The Elite make their way out to the stage before he can say anything. Page says he’s glad Matt and Nick Jackson are here. He has something he needed to clear up with them. The Elite get in the ring. Omega says he’s trying to find some self-worth and maybe make a plea to rejoin The Elite? Page says no that’s not what he’s trying to do. Omega says he thinks Page shares a lot with the audience, he’s a try-hard. He says when he thinks about what The Elite was what they are now, Page doesn’t fit in with them. “Cowboy, or not, The Elite does not have any losers in our group.”

Page ends up slapping Omega in the face and The Elite immediately jump him. Gallows and Anderson hit magic killer on Page. Dark Order run out, but Uno and Grayson tell them to stay back, just like Page asked them. Multiple BTE Triggers on Page. Frankie Kazarian runs out and tries to help, but he doesn’t last long in the ring. Cutler sprays him with cold spray, lol. Nakazawa tosses a basketball at him. Omega says he’s pissed now. He holds the title in Page’s face and says take a look at the thing he’ll never have! Omega blasts Page in the face with the title. The Elite’s music hits.

– Dan Lambert from American Top Team says he hasn’t forgotten what Lance Archer did to him a couple weeks ago. Lambert says you know what hurts more than taking a Black Out? The truth! Lambert says he’s returning next week, and is bringing back-up this time.

Miro (c) vs. Lee Johnson with Dustin Rhodes (AEW TNT Championship)

Johnson runs right at Miro, but gets dropped quickly. Miro with some big shots in the corner, and puts him to the mat with an uppercut. Lee tries to throw some shots, but they do nothing. Johnson with a kick to the knee, Miro tosses him to the apron, misses a strike and takes a few kicks to the face. Johnson tries for a second rope crossbody, caught, and slammed to the mat. Miro tries for game over, but Johnson quickly crawls out to the floor. Miro laughs at that move.

Miro working over Johnson for a couple minutes. Johnson finally counters with a DDT, but Miro just pops up…oh, no he drops down to one knee. Johnson with a few punches to the face, dropkick, basement dropkick, dropkick to the back sending Miro to the outside. Johnson with two suicide dives on Miro, he then flips down on Miro. Back in the ring, Johnson heads to the top rope crossbody, pin, one-count.

Miro with a release german suplex, Johnson lands on his feet and pops Miro with a couple thrust kicks. Miro finally tosses Johnson into the corner, misses a body splash, then a final kick puts him to the mat. Johnson makes his way to the top, frog splash, cover, two-count. Miro grabs Johnson by the throat, but he takes an enziguri. Miro with a leaping single-leg kick puts his opponent down. “Game over!” He locks it in this time and Johnson taps out.

Winner: Miro via Submission

– Post-match, smiles and says some words to Johnson. Dustin up on the apron. Miro celebrates with his title.

– Next Friday, AEW Rampage debuts at 10 pm ET. Excalibur, Taz, Chris Jericho, and Mark Henry to commentate.

– Tony Schiavone talks with Christian Cage. He mentions how Christian is undefeated in AEW and is the new number one contender for the AEW World Championship. Christian appreciates it and says the day he walked through the door in AEW, it’s to take back the title that was taken from him seven years ago. He says next week he’ll be on Dynamite and Rampage and he’s been known to stir stuff up. He asks Tony what’s better than being good? Elite.

The Bunny with H.F.O. vs. Leyla Hirsch with Best Friends

Winner gets a shot at the NWA Women’s World Championship, currently held by Kamille. Hirsch looking for a cross armbreaker, but Bunny runs out of the ring. Hirsch immediately hits her with a suicide dive. She gives her buddies a thumbs up and tosses Bunny back in the ring. She works over The Bunny’s arm, looks for the cross armbreaker again. Bunny stands up and gets a rope break. Both out on the floor, Bunny tosses Hirsch into the barricade, dropkick lands. Kamille is actually in the crowd and Bunny gives the title a look.

Back in the ring, second rope suplex by Hirsch on Bunny. Rose is sitting at ringside to check out the match. Kris Statlander has her eyes fixated on Rose now. Hirsch and Bunny throwing back and forth shots in the middle of the ring. Hirsch with a release german suplex, and another one. Hirsch with double knees in the corner, then stomp to the face, cover, two. She goes right into the cross armbreaker, but Bunny goes for a pin, two. Hirsch with the ankle pick, huge knee strike to the head, Hirsch with the moonsault press, misses it. Bunny with a boot to the face, death valley driver, cover, 1-2-no. Bunny looks for rabbit hole, Hirsch reverses into an armbreaker, Bunny tries to kick out of it, Hirsch switches over and Bunny quickly taps out.

Winner: Leyla Hirsch via Submission

– Post-match, Kamille makes her way into the ring to face-off with Hirsch. Huge size difference between the two. Kamille holds her title up as they jaw at each other.

– Mark Sterlings says people are probably wondering why Jade Cargill aren’t wrestling. They have been in Hollywood and doing plenty of work expanding the brand. They says they are back and she will be wrestling a match on Monday on Dark.

– Next week on Dynamite:

* Dan Lambert is returning with some mystery backup
* Christian teases stirring things up with The Elite
* Chris Jericho vs. Wardlow with MJF (The 5 Labours of Jericho: Chapter 4)
* Nyla Rose with Vickie Guerrero vs. Kris Statlander with Orange Cassidy
* The Good Brothers (c) vs. Evil Uno and Stu Grayson (Impact World Tag Team Championship)

Malakai Black vs. Cody Rhodes

This is Black’s in-ring debut. Black with a very cool entrance, no surprise there. Rhodes and Black get to work, both ending up in the ropes. Black with a big kick to Rhodes’ leg, then takes an elbow to the face. Rhodes looks for a figure-four, but Black with the eye gouge to get out of that. Black puts Rhodes down and applies a single-leg crab. Cody gets out of it, he looks for cross rhodes, but Black just up-kicks him in the face. Cody with a shot to the face, slowly climbs to the top, Black kicks him in the head and Cody goes flying through the timekeeper’s table!

Crowd with multiple “Holy s***!” chants and a “This is awesome!” chant. Black sits cross-legged in the center of the ring, waiting for Cody to make his way back in. Cody beats the count to get back in. Black with a wheel kick (black mass) to Cody’s face. He just puts his boot on Cody for the 1-2-3! Commentary can’t believe it!

Winner: Malakai Black via Pinfall

– Post-match, Black smiles and makes his way to the back. Tony heads out to the ring to talk with Cody (really?). Dr. Sampson checking on Cody as Tony heads in. Tony asks Cody if he’s okay and looks for a comment. Cody says legacy is a funny thing and when he got into wrestling he was a referee. He says time flies and he’s had so much fun. Cody makes his way up to one knee and Tony helps him up. Cody takes the mic and thanks Tony. Cody relives how he left WWE and then he met Nick and Matt. He said people laughed at them when they wanted to start a revolution. Cody says “this isn’t an alternative, we’re competition.” (Reference to Vince’s comments). Cody says he’s been able to carry the banner for these couple years, maybe some outside opportunities, and some EVP infighting has occurred (he loves them and will always be tethered to them). Cody calls Daily’s Place the AEW Amphitheater. Cody thanks the fans and tears up a bit. He then goes to take his wrestling boots off in the middle of the ring (hanging them up?!). Black makes his way back out and smacks Cody in the back with a crutch that the doctor had previously brought in. Black picks up Cody’s boot and smiles as his music plays. Commentary wondering if Black has retired Cody as the show closes.

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