AEW Reuploads Dark Episode Following Controversy Over Max Caster Rap

AEW received backlash on social media for Max Caster's latest rap that aired on this week's AEW Dark episode. While the rap was shown during the original airing, the episode was re-uploaded with The Acclaimed's entrance edited out.

The 100th episode of Dark, taped last Wednesday before Dynamite in Charlotte, North Carolina, saw The Acclaimed (Caster, Anthony Bowens) team with Matt Hardy and The Blade for an eight-man win over The Varsity Blondes (Brian Pillman, Griff Garrison), Matt Sydal and Mike Sydal. Before the match, The Acclaimed came out and Caster delivered his latest rap during their entrance.

The rap first included a reference to Olympian Simone Biles backing out of a recent competition due to a mental health issue.

"The Acclaimed kicking ass for miles, make you claim mental health like Simone Biles," Caster rapped.

Caster then delivered a line that referenced the 2006 Duke Lacrosse scandal, where three members of the Duke University men's Lacrosse team were declared to be falsely accused of rape in Durham, North Carolina.

"The Sydals gonna pay the cost, I'm gonna treat those bitches like Duke Lacrosse," Caster said.

Caster then made a reference to Julia Hart as he rapped, "The Blondes say they the best, but those dudes are faker than a PCR test. And what's that smell here in North Carolina? Oh wait, that's just Julia's... ooh!"

The PCR line is a reference to COVID-19 testing.