Current plans call for Mustafa Ali and Mansoor to be a babyface tag team on the RAW brand moving forward.

Ali recently took Mansoor under his wing, offering to show him the ropes of the red brand. This week’s RAW saw Mansoor defeat Jinder Mahal by DQ after the referee stopped the match when Jinder would not stop stomping on Mansoor in the corner. Before the match, Mansoor said he appreciated Ali’s help, but he didn’t want Ali to interfere in the match with Jinder because he wanted to beat Jinder the right way.

This led to Ali turning his back while Jinder stomped on Mansoor in the corner for the DQ. After the match, Ali came into the ring and asked Mansoor what happened. Ali then mentioned how they can keep trying things Mansoor’s way, or try to do things Ali’s way now. WWE released a post-RAW video of Ali interrupting Mansoor’s interview with Sarah Schreiber.

Mansoor yelled at Ali for being arrogant and narcissistic, supposedly being his mentor but watching while he was attacked by Jinder. Ali pointed to how Mansoor told him to stay out of the match, and then gave him a choice.

“Look Mansoor, you can do things your way, or we can do things my way. That choice is yours,” Ali said as he walked off.

In an update, WWE is now moving forward with the idea that Ali and Mansoor will be a babyface tag team on the red brand, according to PWInsider. Mansoor has been a babyface for the most part for a while now, while Ali has played the heel. Now it looks like they are moving into being a full-blown babyface team.

It looks like Mansoor and Ali will go up against Veer and Shanky next week, or possibly Jinder teaming with Veer or Shanky. They have also recently feuded with MACE and T-BAR.

On a related note, John Morrison is now set to be a babyface on the RAW brand. This week’s RAW saw The Miz snap and turn on Morrison after a few weeks of tension between the two. Miz vs. Morrison was then announced for next Monday’s RAW.

In an update, PWInsider reports that this babyface turn is the new direction for Morrison. The angle on Monday’s RAW is not something planned to be a one & done deal that ends with Miz and Morrison getting back together where they started.

Morrison noted in a backstage RAW interview that the team is no more, and that he plans on “ending this thing when I get that double-crossing son of a b---h in the ring.”

Stay tuned for more backstage RAW updates. Below are related clips from RAW, along with